Express Lanes for the Privileged Class – Randal O’Toole

Express Lanes for the Privileged Class – Randal O’Toole

let’s start out with this this whole
thing out these uh… hot elaine’s high occupancy
vehicle listed turn into high occupancy to poll lanes which is a fancy way of saying i get you pay more to use the lane where
you don’t have to goes slow with the riff raff the
high-speed line is pay a little extra lexus elaine’s or
a fine idea randell two randall all tools as senior fellow at the cato institute
officer almost including the vanishing on will be on the other urban myths catered out her krista website on the line with us a rental uh… so wayy sure did any state knows first of all the the
nine states have have at the same place california colorado florida georgia
minnesota texas utah in washington they let rich people drive faster for a
price this makes no sense seriously saying
that you know if you if you pay a little more of four he he had foreign the the the
uh… you know if you took the fire department they’ll come faster i mean is it dot we have this thing called the
commons were at least at the level of the stuff that we all
collectively own like our roads world treated equally well uh… you know the tragedy of the
commons is a big hit overuse and when you have a comment uh… and in
terms of the highway that gives heavily congested and you get stuck in traffic but your quote here are usually use the
hotly but in fact studies show that everybody needs to get to work on time
sometimes are prepared for california under the hot lady caught nine dollars
to use it and they interviewed people who were not
rich and they said they might babysitter charges me five
dollars per child per minute if i’m late so it’s worth it for me to pay nine
dollars to avoid being a couple minutes late there’s a real babysitter story and
i was the one that you guys are pushing and if you get a quote gerhard in the
tragedy of the commons you should breed the peace his you know that this
would defy that back what what gary harding when he wrote
that back in the sixties uh… uh… his point was that this is the tragedy collins is
not it’s not overgrazing it’s it’s the abuse of the commons by very wealthy
people that’s the tragedy commons is is is
somebody come in and saying giao yeah we’re going we’re gonna make we’re gonna
separate out our own little piece of this an exploited to the benefit
everybody else that you may have an occasional person
who’s trying to get home to pay the babysitter but the vast majority of people who are
here there’s a lot as you know as you well know randall there a lot of people
this country for home spending an extra thousand
dollars e_r_ monterey year as a case may be to be able to travel in luxury in their
alexis and i have to see hangover the riff raff is frankly no big deal why should i hide the pain for the cost in in terms of everything from from
uh… eminent domain taking that land in the first place the building of the
highway construction the highway which were all paid for to the protection of
the highway the police the fire the emergency services why issue all of us
be paying for that so that we have a special lane that rich people pay a
little extra for and they could drive sixty or seventy miles an hour instead
of twenty or thirty or forty well i actually think that all waiting
to be told because tolls will allow the that
highway owners to nature of the left the roads never get congested and i think it’s worth it for everybody
could not have to deal with congested traffic but there is allot of resistance to
tolling although i am so right now the the idea is if we build new elaine
clutched told the new lanes and have those lane of behind conducted
to other people have it right gracie’s hannah socho it it was sort of a grocery
store you can buy hamburger ole man you know when you go to comply with the russians
celebrate the comments page should really start of the comments and it the the choices people make are based on
uh… their own particular concern grocery stores inc lo these jurors are
not part of the comments are not essential to life liberty the pursuit of
happiness the reason for which this country was established the the reason why we created this
country was to define and protect the commons i
get the libertarians like you believe that there should be no a transportation
commons i’m assuming that you also don’t think that we should have all you know
rail systems that are there uh… you know our railroad should be owned by the by the government and technology and
privatize the whole thing right well you know it yesterday rector at our
card talk president to comment on your derek hardened and i don’t think you was saying what
you’re saying is that of how the tragedy of the commented that
if you have a comment is going to be over you one example he was using was here is a
close look at how much you want to take things that don’t have
to be a common to recommend to a comment about this on top a good thing that we have a lot of
things are going to be overused and died and and harvard without overuse now
here’s for the record this tragedy a common sonya pillars of of of the last time off is is no way to win
an argument rental really isn’t and and that they had his whole plan the
tragedy comes in and then it what what has been made many many times is that if the commons is free lol then does and he was out of the boston
commons impede bringing their there she per there did their powers in there that eventually some is an echo along
with the giant heard and say okay i’ll use this in basically boca raton
starlight well i a m persuaded anybody everybody
together what over you that if you had twenty people were killed murdered
people or two thousand people have access to it they’ll if you’ve got a little bit too
much well his his pace or is it your sense of the commons year arguing with
shall be no regardless if we don’t have some which person coming it and running
ten thousand cars we at least person in their own
individual cartoon because of their problems the highways are overuse and their heavily congested at cost billions of dollars a year cops hundreds
of millions of dollars of wasted fuel here at least all kind of air pollution
uh… anything we can do to relieve congestion is a good friend and the best
way to relieve congestion by labor’s people have their online variable polls no i don’t i don’t disagree with you
actually that putting a toll road will discourage people from using that and does reduce the use of atm-card
encourage things like carpooling but saying that and and in fact this was the original h
o the rationale which i support of the everybody pretty much supported which
was a if you have two people were three people are more in your car then you can give in travel in this
faster lane here at the pay anything for that you have to you have to be a part
of the community you have to you have to to agree to the social standard you’re
saying though that to hell with the social standard whoever’s got the most
money gets the best perks not a matter of who has the most money who’s going to spend the most part your
priority you have to get somewhere on time today risk-taking opportune started private
part of my crop ovr we’re not talking about they fixed all
we’re talking about a variable now we’re talking about the special air we’re not
talking about the entire highway the pic period and if we can just randall we’re talking
about a special a not the entire highway idealized and i think it works better
with the entire highway but what about it but all of it if we have a special elaine that allows recalling traffic all the time
experience show without special and x all lots of traffic off api i’m told by
solo of the rich using their own special lane will trickle down to us by reducing the consumption for all the
rest in ok got randal o’toole senior fellow at the cato institute a veteran grant thanks for that month

22 thoughts on “Express Lanes for the Privileged Class – Randal O’Toole

  1. Is there a way to get this whole hour? I really enjoyed all the talk about Spiritualism and stuff. I checked the livestream and yesterday's show is missing.

  2. I meant "Yesterday's Show…" sigh. Sorry… I hab a code.

  3. "Studies show that people need to get to work on time sometimes."
    Nooo shit?

  4. Libertarian ideas are only suited for egalitarian societies with equal distribution of wealth.

    However that society has never existed and Capitalism has always led to aristocracies.

    Paying say $5 a day to someone making 50,000 is a lot, but to someone making 5,000,000 it is not even worth thinking about.

    Suddenly people with less money are less mobile and have less oportunity and quality of life.

    We should be investing in transportation systems for all, not superhighways for the rich.

  5. These conservatives argue against taxes and they are now arguing for this. A toll is worse than a tax.

  6. America, land of the rich and destitude. I never imagined I'd witness the fall of America in my life.

  7. Is that a phone in the background? Turn it off

  8. Get your trickle down private road usage… LOL

  9. It's simple economics: when you make more money you get more perks – in clothing, in your house, in your vehicle.

  10. Think about the road in the same terms you view the library.

    In the library, you often are forced to wait in an online queue to receive a requested item.
    It is only dependent upon the time and date that you made the request.

    Would you accept a proposal to allow people to pay more money to let them skip ahead and get the book before the others?

    Roads and other similar infrastructure are not like the things you mention. These are things we share in the cost of building and using.

  11. And where do we put these roads? There's only so much land. Oh, we just cut down a few million more trees, displace a few thousand more homeowners. Yeah, brilliant idea.

  12. Randy O' Toole is a dirty piece of shit. I am a truck driver. And tolls are a rip off. The taxes we pay for the roads are astronomical. Tolls do NOT relieve congestion. Matter of fact they are just as congested. So you are paying extra to sit in congestion.

  13. Toll roads just pad the pockets of special interests. First you pay licence fees etc. Then a fuel tax. Permit fees. Then you pay AGAIN at the toll. They are double dipping. Then if you break down the tow company haha to have a contract with the toll road. So your choices are limited. This is EXTORTION.

  14. They also need to stop putting HIGHWAY funds into their GENERAL funds. To make their budgets look good, and then claim they don't have enough funds for the highways. A truck Base Plate(license) plate costs 2,000.00 a YEAR! Per truck. Rich or poor you shouldn't have to pay a TOLL. You already paid your tax when you buy fuel. So you have to run two lane roads when there is a perfectly good four lane highway because it's a TOLL road. I 80 in PA is kept up better than I 76. I 80 is not a TOLL road.

  15. His ultimate goal is that highways in general should be tolled. Taxes, especially gas taxes are an increasingly obsolete way to finance a highway system. It used to be efficient but now better gas mileage and the fact that the money is being pilfered on the federal level means a road may never get built in your state.

  16. Underground or elevated above it.

  17. He does live out in rural Oregon. But I don't think he's a moron. He's spent the better part of his life studying land use planning and campaigning for property rights on behalf of people because he is a property owner.

  18. I doubt it. According to the Onion. 98% of Americans support the idea that other people should use transit. It's absurd. The problem with any mass transit system is that for most people it doesn't go where you want it to or at the time exactly when you need it. Rail transit is obsolete, freight no. For 40 years cities have built lines and in the present they're rusting and now they're broke with no money for rebuilding let alone refurbishing.

  19. Subway is a train genius. 150 European urban areas had some form of rail transit, compared with 30 in the United States. Americans, 85% of travel is by auto. Europe 79%. the share of European travel on rail declined from 1.4% in 1980 to 1.1% in 2000. Despite many times more money subsidizing rail they get almost no noticable benefit. Buses; way cheaper but for the most part rail is outdated concept for moving people but good for freight giving America's rail system a competitive advantage.

  20. Unlike publicly owned transit systems, vanpools & jitneys operate 24 hours a day and receive absolutely no subsidies from any government agency. San Juan had an entirely private transit of buses and cars called publicos providing door to door service. Left wing gov. spent 2.2 billion on public rail and bus outlawed the private providers, pissed off the populace and eventually voted out of office and the publicos resumed.

  21. Its a carpool lane not a privileged class lane. But dont get me wrong, they are trying to get us out of our cars, and have plans to do so. The new super highway is being built to accomplish this, and is almost complete.  They need to connect the Pacific corridor to this super highway and this is most likely why they will be holding Jade Held 15 from Texas to California for 8 weeks. Night time military drills my ass. They will either do some soft type of martial law or just be land grabbing under eminent domain. Where is this lane he speaks of in California? Did he say 90$ or 9$??? @thomhartmann 

  22. Randal O'Toole can suck my brown eye, till he chokes, he is an illuminati fkboy

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