Export Express Loans from SBA

Export Express Loans from SBA

FINAL Export Express Video Script
March 2013 Many American entrepreneurs think their businesses
are too small to compete in the global economy. But in fact, 97 percent of all exporters are
indeed small businesses! To help you become an exporter or expand your
exporting business, SBA’s Export Express program offers eligible small businesses up
to $500,000 in financing. Export Express is the simplest, and quickest, export loan product
SBA offers. You work directly with your bank to obtain the loan. And with an acceptable,
qualifying application, SBA may approve it in 36 hours or less. You can use Export Express funds for any export
development activity, including financing specific export orders or expanding production
facilities. You can also purchase equipment inventory or real estate, and translate product
literature and web content to foreign languages. It’s also the only U.S. government loan
that funds participation in foreign trade shows or trade missions. There are specific eligibility requirements
for Export Express loans: The loans must help you enter or expand into new or existing export
markets. And your small businesses must generally be in operation-but not necessarily exporting-for
at least a full year. Applying for an Export Express loan is a simple,
four-step process. Contact your existing lender to determine if it provides SBA Export Express
loans. Submit application materials and SBA’s Borrower Information Form to your lender.
If your request is approved, the lender will submit eligibility information to SBA. SBA
will review your information and, if approved, guarantees the loan within 36 hours Visit www.SBA.gov slash export express to
learn more about how SBA can help your small business succeed in exporting.

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