Every Real Estate Entrepreneur NEEDS to Hear This!

Every Real Estate Entrepreneur NEEDS to Hear This!

You want raving fans staying in every
single one of your properties every single night I’m hoping to create raving
fans out of you this goes back to your visualization you’re dreaming what you
want to do where you want to be who will be your ideal client consistency is the
key how often do we say certain things all I’m gonna do this and then we don’t
do it well it’s because you haven’t really embedded that as a priority your
mind is saying I want to do it you don’t prioritize it and therefore you don’t
take any action the only thing you have to think about is taking that first step
because after you take that first step your body takes over you will not hang
out on the fire and you will just take the second third fourth and fifth
prioritize what your dream is what your dream life is take comfort in the safety
that you’re doing it for the right reasons start to think differently what
scares other people is interesting to me I do not want to be part of the crowd I
do not want to be part of the herd I do not want to follow what everyone else is
doing if you’re following what everyone else is doing you’re just taking the
market price if you’re setting your own trend you have more risk perhaps but I
think it’s actually much more reward leaders take action leaders take action
you follow your gut and you do it and maybe the first time it’s really risky
you don’t really believe your gut but then you learn from it you can get
confidence and then the second time it’s easier and the third time is easier so
you need to develop that framework there is absolutely zero reason that not every
single person in this room can’t make changes you have to be opportunistic you have to
make your own destiny you have to take control of the situation I’m teaching
you how my mind works I’m teaching you how to build portfolios I’m teaching you
how to think about risk I’m teaching you how to generate wealth maximize wealth
reinvest that wealth you may not get it right the first time
I failed more times than I care to repeat but through those failures I’ve
learned every single time you

10 thoughts on “Every Real Estate Entrepreneur NEEDS to Hear This!

  1. Keep Up The Great Content! Hitting The Bell and Looking Forward To More Vids šŸ™‚

  2. Brilliant video, a while new direction. Great cuts and script. Well done!

  3. Good vibes šŸ¤™šŸ¾

    Richard, Iā€™m taking the next step. Farm stay retreat on the river.

  4. Quality video edit right there, congrats to Charles! And quality content as well; played the video for my new business parter, and now we are ready to goooo! YES!

  5. Changing how your mind thinks.


    If you've never read rich Dad poor Dad. I'd seriously have a hard time thinking of another book that made more investors.

    I believe Richard will agree on this.

    Two things, follow Richard and read Rich Dad.

    Huh, funny how both have Rich in them šŸ˜‰

  6. awesome video, thank you for making and sharing. you have changed my life, from the first video i watched the fear of starting a airbnb, quitting my job to pursue airbnb because of you, your videos guided me. thank you for existing and changing lives

  7. Very powerful video, gave me shivers thinking about moving forward with out STR's! Great Work!

  8. Amazing video Richard! So motivational. Charles, you did it again! Fantastic content

  9. Fantastic video!

  10. Better than Joel Osteen! šŸ˜‡šŸ‘

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