Evergreen Realty Real Estate Agent Training and Mentoring Programs

Evergreen Realty Real Estate Agent Training and Mentoring Programs

Welcome top Evergreen Realty HomeSmart. I’m Sarah Piazza the recruiting and marketing manager and I’m Lisa Schultz the Chief Operating Officer. We talk about training and mentoring, the great thing about our training program is we don’t try to know everything about everything. We bring in the experts. The
experts in their field to train our agents and on top of that we have an
outstanding mentoring program. We only allow our mentors to be mentor
if they’re very passionate about what they’re doing. So our mentoring program is off the
charts and the reason is, it comes from the heart. We care about our agents and we only
allow people to mentor our agents who really care about our agents and making them successful. And we also tailor our mentoring to our agents. Instead of putting our agents into our box we train them and create what’s best for their business. This is a business built on passion
and we take that passion and put it into everything that we do including our training and mentoring programs. One of the great things about our mentoring program is that we choose agents who really have a heart for service. Agents who have done well in their business and now they want to give back to the people that they are mentoring. We don’t just stick our newer agents with a busy agent who doesn’t really have time
teach them. We want our mentees to get something out of
it, and we want them to come out of their experience mentoring confident and feeling like they really can go out and conquer the real estate world.

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  1. Lisa and Sarah you look great! Some of the best mentors around!

  2. Отличный канал и хорошее видео! Спасибо. Давайте дружить странами!

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