Even When life Gets In The Way, I Know I Have Real Estate Investing As A Fall Back

Even When life Gets In The Way, I Know I Have Real Estate Investing As A Fall Back

Rodney Rhodes and I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana. I’ve been in real estate since 1987 working
and taking care of a family, going to school and in the military, but I’ve never lost my
relationship with my desire to buy and sell properties, you know, to, you know, to have
a free time lifestyle, you know? After buying lots of courses and things like
that, I thought that it would be best if I got with someone who was local in the area
and after doing some research and then I think I did about two years’ worth of due diligence
and I would actually call Joe and he would answer the phone. And so, I’m a truck driver by trade, of course,
and I went into being a real estate investor. Got my license and all those types of things. And then after joining Joe’s course, being
in the Mentor Program, excelling in that personally, personal growth, and actually doing some deals
and networking with lots of investors and gave me the confidence to, and the mindset
to know that I could always do real estate any time, you know, I wanted to. Life gets in the way and went back to driving
a truck for a while and Joe was always there. Just recently I repositioned myself to get
back into real estate investing and came to one of the weekends, the two-day buying events,
I was able to come to a two-day buying event for free because I was already an alumni,
or a mentor student. I’m grateful for that. It has become my fallback, other than my,
you know, we think our regular jobs, or what we’ve been doing for years, and we try to
branch out and do something else is usually are fall back. But this has, you know, has become my fall
back. So any time I want to make some money I know
I can get a refresher course. I don’t know, it’s kind of like Wednesday
night prayer meeting or something. You know what I mean? It’s like one time during the, four times
during the year where you can come back and get started and make it happen. And it’s never too late to, I can’t think
of how to say that, you know, you can always start over. Online. I did a lot of research online, asking questions,
and, you know, Google and YouTube and things like that. Being a person who is very interested in real
estate and always looking at real estate information. It’s getting harder and harder for a person
to do it by themselves and actually make, you know, what they need to make. And the automation is not, is not cheap. But it is effective, you know, and, you know,
outsourcing and things like that require a certain amount of, you know, income. And if you’re trying to do this full time
and you’re not good at it, you know, you’ve got to get good, you know at the negotiating
and business management side. The business operations side. To have it be a lifestyle versus a hobby or,
you know, self-employment or anything, it’s just a lifestyle, but a mindset, like, just,
yeah, my goal is to be able to retire but then not, I don’t want to retire. I just want it to be, I just want to enjoy
what I do and I enjoy doing real estate. Yeah, yeah, full time, but not as a job, as
a way of life. The biggest influencing factor – freedom. Family, you know, there’s several. And then seeing other people struggle, wanting
to help other people understand how decisions affect outcomes, how we think and the decisions
we make affect our reality. Oh, yeah, my experience here has made, helped
me see a lot of different things in a lot of different areas. It’s all relative, like Einstein said. What I learn here is applicable in home life,
my, you know, my work life, and, you know, in all aspects of, you know, how to go about
doing things. It’s important to continue to educate yourself
and surround yourself with educated people because they say the five people you surround
yourself with, your life will be a reflection of that group of people that you hang out
with the most. And I’m glad to be associated with Joe Crump. He knows me by name and that’s, that feels
great. I would advise people to work on their self-image. That way when they come to get together with
people like this, they’re not looking down on themselves. Because it affects how you go about believing
your own credibility when you’re doing this business. Because even if you have a bad situation and
you go to do, to deal with someone who doesn’t know that and you project, you project that
and they don’t care about that, they just want to know if you can do the job, that if
you can help them. You have to not bring your baggage into your
new thing and you’ve got to look forward to a better outcome in your own situation as
you help other people. You’ve got to believe in what you’re doing,
too. Believe in what you’re doing, enjoy what – make
sure it’s something you love. Do what you love. The money won’t necessarily always follow,
and they say, do what you love the money will follow, but your ability to monetize that,
you know, and not be pulled away from the enjoyment. Thanks Joe!

5 thoughts on “Even When life Gets In The Way, I Know I Have Real Estate Investing As A Fall Back

  1. Great video! Thanks Joe!

  2. Got the Automarketer a few days ago. I've spent close to 7k on a mentor and other programs. I'm so excited to have the Auto marketer and to get the ball rolling finally. Thanks for all you do Joe.

  3. Hey Joe I'm doing a potential land contract with the seller and she asked when am I going to take possession of the property should I shouldn't I tell her after closing sorry if this comes off as a stupid question

  4. Hey Joe I am interested in your 6 month mentorship program,are you still mentoring?

  5. Hey joe I want to start with your auto marketer. Does it include any kind of contracts or do I have to figure it out?

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