Estate Agent Training – Preston Baker Academy | Real Estate UK

Estate Agent Training – Preston Baker Academy | Real Estate UK

Okay, so you probably have never heard of
the Preston maker Academy and you might even ask the question why does an estate
agent need an academy? So today I’ll be chatting to Nicky who’s the head of the
Preston Baker Academy to tell us a little bit about it and what we’re
trying to achieve. Well the goal at the end is to have a
team of trained estate agents that have gone through an intense program, that have probably joined us from a non-industry background but ultimately their goal
is to get into an estate agency role that’s their ambition, they want to
succeed and have a career path and I think that’s that’s the thing. People
that come through our business have a better success rate if they work their
way up from the bottom and we want to now become grow our own negotiators from
day one, take them outside of the branch and have them in an intense program
in our head office. It’s a 12-month program and as I say at the end of it we’re
looking for individuals that can just cut it the minute they get to a branch. When someone
lands from another estate agent they look at us like literally like we’re
from Mars okay, don’t they? But you want me to do what? You know you want me to be
on the phone chasing down prospects organizing these viewings proactively,
why don’t I just wait for Rightmove and Zoopla to send me the leads?
We’re not like other estate agents, we are passionate about being proactive, we’re
passionate about having really high standards. One of the things which I have
really strongly is that I don’t think there are many kids who finish school,
and say to Mum and Dad you know what I’ve always dreamed of becoming an
estate agent and it’s an amazing job it’s amazing career you get to deal with
people you get to see the ugly side of life you get to see the wonderful side of
life you know and what I want to do and what you want to do together is you want
to change, you know the way that kids and parents view estate agents and mortgage consultancy as a career if at the end of this program we’ve got local schools
saying right, you need to try and get into the Preston Baker Academy it’s gonna
to be rigorous it’s gonna be tough it’s not gonna be easy. For us, it’s not a job,
it’s a profession isn’t it, you want to train highly skilled professionals in a career path. If we want this to be the industry and the business to make a real positive
difference at the points in people’s lives, then we need to make sure
that the quality of the people coming through is better. So I’m really excited
about it and if anyone would like to be involved in the program
we’ve got an entry which is going to be very very soon and long may it continue
on I’m sure Thank-you

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