ERA Express Sell Program | ERA Grizzard

ERA Express Sell Program | ERA Grizzard

you might have seen an ad you might have even received an offer in the mail guaranteeing the sale of your home in as
little as 30 days those offers might seem tempting but if it’s a guaranteed
sale program that you’re looking for it’s so critically important to know
that there are options out there available to you some options that could
actually dramatically impact how much of that hard-earned equity that you put in
your pocket hi folks I’m Gus Grizzard with ERA Grizzard Real Estate and I
am super proud to introduce ERA’s Express Sale Program with this program ERA will
purchase your home you won’t have to pay any Commission and better yet you won’t
have to pay any closing costs once you accept ERA’s offer your home
could close in as little as 30 days that way you can skip the whole process of
open houses people touring your home so you can focus on the next chapter of
your life another big advantage of our program is it is backed by the
reputation and longevity of ERA Real Estate ERA Grizzard Real Estate we’ve
been locally owned and family operated for over 50 years and the best part of
this process is that you will be accompanied by an ERA Grizzard
professional throughout the entire process so if you’d like to learn more
about the ras express sale program or ERA’s flagship program the Seller Security
Plan where if we don’t sell your home ERA will buy it we want to hear from
you so make sure you reach out to your local expert the ERA Grizzard REALTOR
and let us help you with your Real Estate needs

One thought on “ERA Express Sell Program | ERA Grizzard

  1. I love the marketing strategy. As with all “We will buy your home programs” a seller will have to take a low offer for any company to buy their home. This can work for a seller who has to sell quickly but for this to work for a broker with heavy operating costs they need to represent them as a buyer agency once their home is sold. Numbers never lie and profit has to be made.

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