Episode 4: Make a Contact List of Sales Leads in 35 seconds

Episode 4: Make a Contact List of Sales Leads in 35 seconds

good morning my name is Raj at
Goodman lanten introduce you to a new extension called
the GL Chrome extension developer Chrome browsers now in front of you you see a
list which is a b2b target list for salespeople in this case the company
which approached just wanted to target tourist attractions in London this kind
of list which has the venue name the address phone number is waiting email
addresses social media links and description about the company can take a
good between 30 to 30 hours to produce and that is time consuming but guess
what this list is producing 35 seconds that’s like 35 seconds and that we did
this event he our Chrome extension and then on obviously you can see over here
the tourist attractions but you won’t you don’t want this you want the actual
information of this company so you simply go to Google Maps and you click
on the information so now you’ve got all these lists over here simply download
the extension and click on it and then you will get a chance to click on start
new search set select all then you go to the next page this is the bottom over
here and exactly the same click on select all then is exactly the same
thing again and then you click on select all once again similar this way you can
have all the attractions that a simply click on add results enter your email
address and so I’m going to enter over here my my corporate email address and
also I will include their evil dresses as well so if you consent now it will do
some thinking and we then actually did about
two minutes or so there will be an email in my inbox which will give me the
information so let’s wait for that to come through right so the email has now
come through divine box I’m going to click on download results it will then
ask the download results and I’m going to click on open there you go we’ve got
all the information that obviously this thing suitable formatting and day
what your entire list here that all the immigrants is using the contact you can
engage with these people on these social media sites you can call them if you
want to we can just send them an email as a a group email twisting things like
MailChimp so that gives you an overview of how we
produce a list of those attractions in London this could be done for literally
anything manufacturers in Orlando right you to farmers in Japan all you do is
just download this Chrome extension through the to the web store or go to
our website Goodman Lantern calm and click on GL Chrome extension and that’s
all you can do this I hope you enjoyed the video and I look forward for the
user to thank you bye

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