Ep. 75: Real Estate Agent Cold Calling Tips

Ep. 75: Real Estate Agent Cold Calling Tips

Hello everybody. Thank you for coming to this week’s video
blog. My name, Robert Rico, California Realty Training. Nice to see you, again, hope you’ve been well
this whole week. Glad you came. Again, we want to bring some great education
to you. Take it with you. Take it into your career, your real-estate
career. Make things happen, huh. If we can give you one bit of information
that’s going to make you better, if I were you, I’d take it. Today’s topic, what do we do when it comes
to cold calling and how do we handle it? What do we offer somebody? Ready? This is actually a pretty good topic. It’s a very important topic for you because
the name of the game is what? Prospecting. Prospecting. And, what’s the third? That’s right, prospecting. Prospecting is the name of the game, which
means you gotta talk to people. If you don’t like people, you might be in
the wrong business. You get that? You gotta like people. And you know what? More importantly, the people gotta like you. So you gotta ask yourself, “Am I a likable
person?” I like to use the example of, if you were
able to take yourself out for a cup of coffee, would you have a good time? And if the answer is, “I don’t know,” then
you might want to work on your personality some. I don’t know, work on being a little bit more
outgoing. Because people like that. Let’s go back to the cold calling. How important is cold calling? Are you kidding me? It’s huge. If you’re going to cold call, even door knocking,
the same thing, when you’re going to come up to a complete stranger and call them, or
knock on their door and say, “Hello, let me into your world.” That can be pretty scary. And the reason it’s scary is because most
of us don’t like rejection. And, typically, when you call somebody who
doesn’t know ya, or knock on somebody’s door who doesn’t know ya, chances are they’re going
to slam the door on you. Or hang up on ya. And who the hell wants that? Nobody wants that. What I’d like for you to do. If you were smart, this is what you would
do. Now, the typical agent will pick up the phone
and say, “Hello, Mr. Owner. I just want to know if you want to sell your
house?” Which is a very abrasive approach. It’s a cold approach. Think about that. “Hello, Mr. Owner. My name is Robert Rico with ABC Real Estate
Company. Just want to know if you want to sell your
house. You don’t? Thank you for your time. Bye.” You’ll probably make 300 phone calls, and
every single one would say what? “No,” and hang up on you. What have you offered? You simply have called and asked them a question
and they simply said, “No.” And they hung up and went on with their life. My recommendation is this, whether you’re
door knocking, or whether you’re cold calling a complete stranger, offer them something. I’m not talking about offer them a tangible. I’m not talking about offering them a magnet
for the refrigerator. I’m not talking about offering them a new
pen with your name on it. I’m talking about, if I were you I’d offer
them something that they’re going to grab, and actually read and say, “You know what? I’m kind of interested in this information.” Before you go out there and make your calls,
or before you go out there and door knock on these stranger’s doors, if I were you,
I’d go back to your office and I’d print up a few comps. A few comparables. A few houses that sold in the area that you’re
going to target. Find a few comparables of houses that have
sold in the neighborhood that you’re going to plan on targeting and take that with you. “And this just has information on homes that
sold in your area. I thought you might be interested as to what’s
going on. The real estate activity in your neighborhood. Here you go.” And chances are they’re going to take it into
their home. And chances are when they get there, and sit
on their recliner watching the ball game, chances are they’re going to probably take
a look at it and say, “I wonder what’s going on in my neighborhood when it comes to real
estate.” And if you were to place your information
at the bottom of that page, chances are they might call you if they’re ready to pull the
trigger. You gave them some information that they’re
probably going to read. “Hey. I didn’t know so-and-so’s house down the street
sold. I remember it was for sale. It sold for two million dollars? Mother of mercy, maybe I should put mine on
the market.” You’ve put that doubt in their head. That bit of information that maybe should
call you. When it comes to cold calling, same thing. “Hello, so-and-so. My name is Robert Rico with ABC Real Estate. Just wanted to let you know that I ran some
comparables in your neighborhood. Just thought you should know, your house is
worth about 1.5 million dollars, in general. I ran some comps. If you are interested in selling your house,
I’m here for you.” Give them the information. That would be a great way to start a discussion. They might say, “Are you kidding me? My house is worth 1.5? Whoa!” And then, you can say, “I can bring the exact
number if you’d like, tomorrow. Three o’clock sound good for ya?” It’s a way to lead into a conversation. If you simply call and say, “Hello. My name is so-and-so from ABC Real Estate. Would you like to sell your house?” That approach has completely no, no, nothing,
nada value. Has nothing of value. Give them something to think about, huh. Give them a taste of something. And if they like how it tastes, they’re probably
going to want the whole thing. I hope this helps you. Give them the gift of information. All right? Again, my name Robert Rico California Realty
Training. Glad you’re coming to these video blogs. All we want to do is, of course, make you
more comfortable and get you off on the right foot when it comes to your career, huh. All right, good. If you have any questions, leave them down
below in the comment section. Hey! I’m always rooting for you! All right? If you haven’t already, subscribe to our channel. Have a great day. We’ll see you next week.

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