Ep. 69: How To Break Through The Newbie Status As A Real Estate Agent

Ep. 69: How To Break Through The Newbie Status As A Real Estate Agent

Hello everyone. Thank you for coming to this week’s video
blog. My name is Robert Rico, California Realty
Training. For those of you who are just tuning in for
the first time, we try to bring you some great advice, some great education, so that when
you start off your real estate career, because many of you have already, or are about to,
or are soon going to be realtors, are much more confident in this field of real estate. We try to bring you some good stuff to you
so you can relax, take it in, soak it in, think about it, and take it on to your real
estate career. Got it? This is the deal. This week’s topic, it’s a good one, and I’m
sure all of you are going to relate to it, it’s how do you get past that newbie status
in a real estate career? Think about that. How can you break through that newbie status
in your real estate career? It’s really, really interesting. A lot of us, we join a new career, and when
we get started with something new, we’re not the most confident, right? We’re nervous, we’re excited, whatever it
may be, it doesn’t have to be real estate. Your first time roller skating, your first
time swimming, your first time surfing, your first time anything, it’s a little exciting,
but it can be a lot of nerves. That’s the same thing with real estate. I understand. I’ve been there, done that. You get your license, you’re excited, you
get ready to go out and kick the world’s butt, but you’re not quite confident yet. I’m going to tell you this. It starts off with self-confidence. You see, if you’re self-confident in yourself,
your clients will, very simply, they will detect that from you, and then they’ll want
to hire you. Now sure you haven’t done any deals yet. We get it, we understand that. I’ve been there, done that, but one things
that clients understand is that if you are self-motivated, if you are self-disciplined,
if you are personable, if you have all these qualities in one, and are determined to help
the client, they will give you an opportunity. You see, skill only takes you so far. When you get started, we’re all skilled, we’re
all typically trained, and we know how things roll. We know the contracts, the yada yada yada. But a lot of us don’t have that self-confidence. Or if we do have that self-confidence, guess
what we lack? We lack that work ethic. We lack that work ethic. It’s not that we don’t know what we’re doing,
we just don’t do what we’re supposed to be doing. Think about that. Let me give you a quick story, a real quick
story. I’ll try to make it quick. When I was a kid, I used to play baseball,
and one year my father had me play soccer. I was just a kid, eight years old. I hated soccer, but I was good at it. On our team, we had a lot of kids, and I was
the one that made most of the goals, if not … I made a lot of goals. I was a natural athlete, especially at soccer,
but I hated soccer. Didn’t want to play it, I just wasn’t into
it. My heart and soul wasn’t into the game, I
wanted to get out of here and go home and watch TV. I was a kid, what do you expect? Anyways, I’m out there lollygagging here,
lollygagging there, made no goals. I didn’t care if we win or lose, it didn’t
mean anything to me. My father, from the sideline, gave me a look. He gave me a look like, “What are you doing? Your better than that. Are you kidding me?” He gave me the look like, “You better get
your act together.” It was enough to motivate me to say wham. Whether it scared me, or reminded me, whatever
it was, it was enough to get me to move. Soon after that, as soon as he gave me that
look, the game was almost over, we were losing three to nothing. The game was almost over, we were losing three
to nothing. There were maybe three minutes left in the
game. The ball comes to me, now I am self-confident,
take the ball, take it down, make the goal. Thinking we’re going to lose, not a big deal. Maybe two minuets left in the game. Ball comes to me again. I get the ball, take it downfield, score another
goal. Now it’s three to two. Now, this might be 30 seconds left in the
game. 30 seconds left in the game. Ball comes to me again, I’m thinking, “Oh
my god, this is crazy. Ball’s in my territory again.” I take the ball downfield, shoot the ball. Just like a movie, slow motion, the ball starts
going toward the goal. The goalie dives to block it, and the ball
just gets past him. As the ball gets past him, the whistle blows. Game over. I tie the score three to three. We didn’t win, we didn’t lose. The team got so excited. My coaches came, put me on their shoulders,
you would have thunk we won the Olympics. But we didn’t. We didn’t win, so why is everybody excited? Why is everybody around me, my support cast,
excited? I’ll tell you why. It’s because they saw the true self-motivation,
the self-confidence. They saw me do what I do best. That’s what your clients are going to do with
you. You see, they’re going to look at you, they’re
going to say, “Wait a minute, this guy’s demonstrating discipline. This person, this realtor of mine is demonstrating
good work ethic, they’re demonstrating self-confidence.” That’s what people are attracted to. They’re attracted to people that want to win. Most of you new realtors are excited, and
people like that. People like that, and they want to give you
a chance, so this is the deal. Bottom line. The minimum thing you need to get going in
this career is not skill. We all have it. They’re going to teach you the contracts. Whatever brokerage you join, they’re going
to teach you the contracts. What we differ in is work ethic, self-motivation,
and self-confidence. I want to share a quote with you. Listen to this. It’s a good quote, I want to share this with
you. It’s actually kind of funny, but it completely
makes sense. Not funny, but the person who said this was
Dr. Seuss. Ain’t that funny? Dr. Seuss said this, but it totally makes
sense. Dr. Seuss said, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you
choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you
know. You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.” Simple as that. You have the brains, you have the feet, you
can steer yourself in any direction you want, so it’s completely up to you. The example I gave you with the soccer story,
I decided I was going to make it happen. I decided it was time for me to make it happen. So you have to decide with yourself, are you
going to make things happen? No one else is going to do it for you but
yourself. You with me? So how do you break through the status of
a newbie? Don’t act like a newbie. Act professional, self-confidence, self-motivation,
make things happen. You don’t have to demonstrate anything that
signifies that you are a new licensee. You’re going to go out there and you’re going
to show the world that you are a veteran when it comes to customer service. Hope that helps, huh? If you have any questions or concerns, do
us a favor and leave a comment down below. If you want us to discuss another topic, what
are you waiting for? Leave that down below. And subscribe for Pete’s sake. What are you waiting for on that too? Have a great day. California Realty Training, hoping to make
your real estate career just this much better. Have a great day.

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