Ep. 65: Is It Necessary To Go To College To Become A Real Estate Agent?

Ep. 65: Is It Necessary To Go To College To Become A Real Estate Agent?

Hello, everybody. Thank you for coming to this week’s video
blog here at California Realty Training. My name’s Robert Rico. Hoping to bring some new information to you. In case you didn’t already know so that you
can enhance your knowledge here in the real estate world because that is extremely important
to have. Now one question that a lot of people have
asked me or are wondering is a college diploma required to become a real estate agent? The answer, ready, wait for it, and the answer
is no. It is not required. Hell, in fact, it’s not required to have a
high school diploma. You don’t need a high school diploma. Now the only thing you really need tends to
be 18 years old and a few other items that we’ve discussed in the past. Listen, let’s talk about the college degree
thing. Do you need a college degree to get a real
estate license? You don’t. But is it helpful? Of course it’s helpful. But don’t let it hold you back if you’ve never
had one or you don’t have one or you don’t plan on getting one. If you have a college degree, more power to
you. That’s great. It might help you in certain fields when it
comes to certain topics in real estate. For example, let’s assume there’s … you’re
going through a process in a real estate deal, you’re going through an escrow, and you’d
have to do some financial equations. If you have a financial background and you
took finance in college, that might help you out. But it is not required as a real estate agent
to go to college. Some of us just have that whim and we’re good
at mathematics. In general, do you need a college degree? You don’t. Will it be beneficial? Probably. It will definitely come in handy. Just like everything else. How many times have you seen students go to
college, get the college degree, and end up in a career that has nothing to do with the
college degree that they earned? Happens all the time. Same thing with real estate. A real estate agent, in my opinion, as long
as you have the passion, as long as you have the energy and you have the willing to give
the effort put forth to make it happen, you’ll be fine. That should be the prerequisite. There is no such thing as a college prerequisite
for real estate license. The only prerequisite technically is for you
to be 18 years old and to pass a few exams. But the unofficial prerequisite, the ones
I believe you really need because whether you have a degree or not, will make you the
money, will make you successful, is the passion, the effort, and you being able to be educated
when it comes to willing to be educated in the real estate field. When education is presented to you, you take
it. That, in my opinion, is what’s required for
somebody to be successful in real estate. What’s really required for a real estate career
is not that document of a diploma, a degree, or a high school diploma. What’s really necessary is your ability to
be likable, your people skills. These are extremely important. Now sure you’re going to learn some of that
in your college days. Hell, I remember my college days. Sure, you’re making tons of friends, you learn
how to deal with people, you learn how to analyze. I get it, that does help. You could definitely carry that experience
from your college days into a real estate career. But again, when you go take that BRE exam,
they’re not asking you at the door, “Have you gone to college?” That question is never asked because it is
not required. But that, of course, that experience of college
does help. How about those who’ve worked for big, huge,
companies that have had tons of people working there and they have tons of co-workers and
they know just about everybody? That definitely will help with your people
skills. You don’t just find people skills in college. You find them all over the place with different
types of previous careers. Hope that makes sense. College beneficial? Absolutely. Is it required? Absolutely not. Let’s do this. Let’s go tot he common denominator. What is the common denominator required by
everybody to enter a real estate career? The only common denominator is passing your
three finals. Get your three certificates, Practice, Principles,
and your elective. Also, you have to be 18 years old. And the other common denominator … that’s
to get your license. The common denominator to make things wonderful
in the real estate world for you and to be successful and that both must have is the
passion, the people skills, and all that other good stuff we’ve discussed in the past. That’s the important stuff. Let’s go back to the original question. The original question is a college degree
required to get a real estate license? The answer, of course, is no, not required. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope this helped you
out. I hope you weren’t misinformed before, thinking
you need a college degree because you don’t. I hope this is a good day for you if you did
think you needed one because you don’t. If you’ve got that passion and all that other
good stuff that we talked about and you’re over 18 years old, guess what, you’re allowed
to get into the field and have an opportunity of making tons of money if that’s what you
want to do so. All right? If you have any questions or concerns, do
me a favor, leave them in the comments section. Don’t forget to tell friends and subscribe
to our channel. We do appreciate it. Have a fantastic day and we’ll see you next

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