Ep. 63: How To Stay Motivated As A Real Estate Agent

Ep. 63: How To Stay Motivated As A Real Estate Agent

​Hello everybody, thank you for coming to
this week’s video blog here at California Realty Training. My name is Robert Rico, and as usual, as typical,
I want to bring some great stuff to you. Hoping to take you to the next level, and
those of you who are just being introduced to the real estate world, I want to make sure
you’re comfortable and confident so you can go out and kick the world’s butt. ​Now we discussed quite a few topics in
the past before, today we want to bring you something that’s rather interesting, rather
fun, rather analytical. We had a viewer who asked us, “How can we
stay motivated as a real estate agent?” Motivation, motivation, motivation. That is extremely tough to hold onto, and
to take with you throughout your career. But these ways to do it. Now, let’s talk about motivation in general. Motivation. I get excited about this topic, and I’ll tell
you why I get passionate about it. It’s not because of motivation in general. It is because of what motivation leads to. Keyword here is what? Leads. What it leads to. ​It doesn’t do much, it just leads to action. It just leads … You with me? Motivation is just an introduction to action. This is how it works. Motivation, in my opinion, is it important? Absolutely. Let’s start out with the origin. The word motivation in general. The word motivation comes from the word … It’s
Latin for movere. M-O-V-E-R-E, all right? Now this means to move. It means to move. Got it? Now, let’s think about that. Do we have to be active and move around and
make things happen in real estate if you want success? Of course, the answer is yes. We already know that. ​The thing is how do we get there and what
is it that motivates us? What is it that gets us to move? What is it that gets us to move? Now, I’ve been in front of several thousands
of students in the past and I’ve actually asked them this question at the very first
class. I ask you today, if you’re planning on maybe
getting into this field, what is motivating you to get your real estate license? What is motivating you to get out of bed in
the morning? What is your motivation to make things happen? To go to work? To make things happen? What is your motivation? Most answers I get, the majority of time,
if I had to put a number to it, the percentage of times that I get the answer, “Money, that’s
the reason why I’m doing this,” I want to say is 90% of the time. ​90% of the time people say their motivation
is money. That motivation is money. I’m going to tell you something. Nobody’s motivation is money. It really isn’t. Let’s start over here. Your motivation is not money. Money is simply the surface. I asked this to the class and we discussed
this, and I want to dig deep in this. Money is the surface. What would you do with the money? Let’s dig deep, because that’s the real motivation. I ask somebody, “You’re saying that what’s
motivating you is money. You want to make more money. What would you do with the money?” Let’s assume the student says, “I need to
send my son to college. He’s going to graduate.” I’ve had this answer before from a student,
“Well, my son’s in high school, he’s ready to graduate and I gotta be prepared to send
him to college.” ​They have to be financially ready, the
parent does. The motivation isn’t money, it’s what they’re
going to do with the money. They’re going to send Johnny to college. The motivation is sending Johnny to college. It gets deeper than that. That’s not the motivation. The motivation is this. What is the college going to do for the student? The college for the student is going to make
them educated. Education might be the motivation. Now we’re at the education. Education, of course, will lead to what? Johnny having a good job. Johnny gets a good job, johnny’s happy. At the end of the day, the motivation is to
make sure the son is happy. Money just leads to that. ​When people think of motivation, the goal
is what is it they’re going to do at the end of the day with all money? Because money just … It’s just a product. It’s the action that you allow yourself to
get to going through all these things here. At the end of the rainbow, seeing your actual
result. The result is having somebody happy, in this
example. Your motivation, money? Yeah, it could be. Could be the introduction to your actual true
motivation, but it’s really just the surface. Now, let’s talk about motivation in general. Motivation in general. Motivation in general gets you going, as we
discussed with the definition, it gets you to move. But that’s just the beginning. To me, motivation is completely overrated
because it’s just the beginning. ​It’s just a kick in the butt. It’s a kick in the ass saying, “Come on, get
up. You gotta do something.” The next step is activity, is action. That’s where a lot of people have trouble
with. A lot of people get motivated. Hell, we all get motivated every day. When we hear a speech we get motivated. We watch a TV show, we get motivated. We see somebody who accomplished some spectacular
feat, we get motivated. We think we could do the same thing. We get motivated, get motivated, we get motivated. But very few of us tend to act on it. Those that do act on it, that’s great. They’ve taken the next step. Get get motivated, they act on it, but the
next avenue, the very next avenue to real true success is what you do with that activity,
which leads to discipline. ​Discipline is what creates the highway
to success. Motivation is the introduction. Most people can receive it. It leads to activity. Not many people want to go to the activity. Last but not least in my opinion, it goes
to discipline and very few people have that discipline to lead themselves to the success. Motivation, introduction, activity, the core,
discipline, few have it but required necessary in my opinion to get where you want to to
be. The question then goes to what keeps us motivated
in real estate? Why have I been doing it for 22 years? Why have several been doing this for ever
and ever and ever and have always been consistently successful? I’ve known several of my colleagues that have
been consistently successful doing this over and over and over every year. ​Number one, their motivation, which might
be money, is important to them. Whether it be to keep their family lifestyle
with their kids and having vacations all the time, whether it is to provide their kids
with the best education, to live in the most preferred areas. Whatever reason it is, that’s their motivation. How do they do it? How do they consistently stay motivated, stay
active, and stay disciplined? It’s the passion you have not just for the
activity of real estate, but the importance of the final product that it will bring to
you. That’s how you do it. You remind yourself every single day, “What
is it that’s making me get out of bed?” It’s the final product. ​This just leads to it. The money just leads to it. Motivation is you down deep sitting there
with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea, whatever you drink, sitting there quiet there and saying,
“What is important to me? What is important to me? Why am I doing this? Why is it necessary that I do this? I want my wife and I to have the best future
possible, traveling and buying the latest cars,” if that’s important to you. “I want my children to go to best private
schools,” if that’s what’s important to you. You have to keep that as your one thing, as
your one thing, your one central goal that keeps you going. That keeps you going. But down deep it’s the discipline. Down deep it’s the discipline, but it starts
off with motivation. ​You sprinkle a little bit of passion, you
sprinkle a little bit of reminding yourself why you’re doing it, and that in itself will
guide you to where you you want to be. Hope this helps you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding
motivation, listen, bottom line is you have to do it. You have to decide what’s important to you
and why you’re doing why you’re doing. It’s as simple as that. Somebody else’s motivation, somebody else’s
success doesn’t have to be yours and vice versa. We all have our own individual forms of success. If you have any questions or comments, if
you’d like to maybe debate me on this. I think motivation is great, but at the end
of the day man, it’s all about you making it happen. ​Shoot me an email, leave us a comment down
below, and don’t forget to subscribe us. Subscribe to our channel. What are you waiting for? It’s a great thing to do so. You learn a whole bunch of stuff, and maybe
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