Ep. 62: Do You Have The Right Personality To Be A Real Estate Agent?

Ep. 62: Do You Have The Right Personality To Be A Real Estate Agent?

Hello everybody. Thank you for coming to this week’s video
blog. My name is Robert
Rico, CA Realty Training. So glad you’re here with us because today
we want to bring you some great information, not just real
estate information in general, as far as textbook stuff but we’re going to bring something
that’s going to make you better. Or
maybe, just maybe, listen to this. We want to bring something to you that’s going
to get you to think a little bit. Get you to think and say “Wait a minute, am
I doing this the right way? Am I doing this the best way I can?” And there’s a couple of things I want to talk
to you about today to really get you the down deep think. Like, really think about this. And the first one is this. Today, for
example, I got up in the morning and do my typical thing, had my cup of coffee, hope
you had your cup of coffee, without a cup of coffee it gets kind of tough in the morning. So I had my cup of coffee and I got to thinking
a little bit about that cup of coffee. And
how important a cup of coffee is to life. To life in general. Cup of coffee, cup of coffee. I
have been told by a good friend of mine from years ago who introduced me actually …
helped me when I first got started in the real estate world, he gave me a great lesson. The lesson was, he said, “If you have a client,
if you ever have a client who offers you a drink, he said, take it. Rico, if they ever offer you a drink, take
it.” And I thought about that for years and why
is that so important? Why is that cup of
coffee or that glass of water or that whatever’s so important? And I got to thinking, you
know what it is? I figured it out. What it is, is this. When somebody offers you a cup of
coffee, what are they doing? They’re giving you permission to stay there
for 10 minutes. They’re giving you permission to stay there
and talk to them for 10 minutes. You’ve got
10 minutes you’re not going anywhere. That’s what they’re doing. That’s actually what
they’re doing. So they’re saying “Here, would you like a
cup of coffee?” “Sure, I’d like a
cup of coffee.” And they give you a cup of coffee and you’re
anchored there in front of them for the next 10 minutes. As long as this is hot and you’re sipping
it, you’re not going anywhere, which is good. Now, this is the deal. You have 10 minutes in front of this client. You have 10 minutes to
sit with them with a listing presentation or you’re first time meeting a buyer. You have
10 minutes to show them your personality. Let’s go from the coffee to personality. Is
personality different than skills? Is personality more important than skill? Let me sit in front of these here now. All right? And you have two things to consider. You have your personality and you have your
skill set. Let’s go here to the skill set. Let’s
go to your skills. Every single real estate agent, every realtor
out there in California, and there’s over 100,000 closing in on 200,000
of them, most of them have …I’m going to say most, most of them have the skill to be
a good realtor. I mean, they do. They passed
the BRE exam so they have the qualities to be … they know what’s right, they know
what’s wrong on an exam. Now, most of them know how to do an open house. Most of them know how to open a
front door to show a buyer property. Most of them know what the hell they’re doing. So when they go to an interview for a listing,
what makes them different? What makes
them different? Everybody has this, which is the what? The skill set. We have the skill
set. So, is personality, this one here, is that
important? Are you kidding me? That’s what
sets us all apart. Let’s start off with the definition of personality. Now, I found this in the Wikipedia on
Google and just got the most generic personality definition you can. Ready? Here it
goes. Personality. A set of habitual behaviors, cognitions, and
emotional patterns that evolved from biological and environmental
factors. Boom. I love it. Let’s just go with
that. Stick with me, all right? So it’s a set of habitual behaviors. Behaviors, real quick,
stick with me. Behaviors, emotional, and last but not least
cognitions. These three items
here create our personality. Right? Now, some of us have great solid ones. Some of us have a softer one. The deal is, this is
important when you’re going to promote this. When you’re going to share this with the
client. This is huge. They’re interviewing you. You’re going to show them you have the
skills, but that’s not what typically is only going to get you that job. What’s going to get
you the job is, is this going to shine? Is your behavior going to shine? Is your emotional
stability going to shine? Cognitions going to shine? Is this going to shine? Is this going to
make an impact and they’re going to say “Hell, I want this guy to work for me.” Or “Hell,
I want this gal to work for me.” And it’s not because you know what you’re
doing, it’s because how you made them feel. Their first thing is this. They’re going to want to feel you. They’re going to want to feel
that you have the ability, the confidence, yada, yada, yada to make it happen. And
they’re going to base it on this list here. Are you ready for this? Do you want to set
yourself apart? And that’s the biggest difference. That’s the biggest difference is can you
make it happen? And all this is done because they have given
you permission by offering you a cup of coffee, right? They’re saying “Here’s your cup of coffee,
here’s your opportunity, what do you got?” So it’s your job to make them comfortable
by providing them a fantastic personality, covering these
things here, and making it happen. Think about this. If you have the ability … this is actually
a pretty good question … if you have the ability to clone yourself, and you
can take yourself out for a cup of coffee at a
Starbucks or whatever, would you have a good time? I mean, that’s a pretty good
question. Now some of us don’t have some of this stuff. Some of us have trouble with these items
here. I believe that being driven … listen to
this … I believe that being driven is a characteristic that could be either a skill
or a personality trait. And this to me is a huge,
probably the most crucial one in general. The driven one. The driven one. Look at that
word there, driven. Don’t you think that’s crucial, that’s important
when it comes to hiring somebody? Don’t you want someone who’s got drive. Quick story. I had a buddy of mine, his name was Douglas,
and Douglas was shy as can be. That was his personality. Douglas was shy. And he wanted to be a realtor. So one
day I was giving a training session and it was funny, Douglas says “Rico, I don’t know
if I Do You Have The Right Personality To Be A
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could do this. You know, I don’t know if I have what it takes. I don’t have this to make it
happen in real estate.” I said “Douglas, you’re such a nice guy when
you and I here sit together and talk. What’s the big deal?” He says “Well, I’m shy and I don’t know what
to say and yada, yada, yada.” He had a bit of an accent, a Spanish accent
so I said “Douglas, it’s all about your confidence. Are you driven?” He said “Yeah, I’m driven. I want to
conquer the world when it comes to this stuff.” He was driven. He was just shy, but he
was willing to work at it. And this is what he did. Over the weekend, he had a good weekend. He came back Monday. I saw him on
Monday and he came back to me and he was so excited. And he says “Rico, I’ve got to
tell you what happened. I’ve got to tell you what happened. Do you got a minute?” And I
said “Sure, Douglas, what’s going on?” He says “I did it.” And I said “You did what?” He
said “I was at Home Depot and he said I was in line waiting for my turn to pay for my
items and he said this was the day I’m going to do it. He said this is the day I’m going to
offer that cashier, a complete stranger, my business card.” He had never done that
before. So for him to do that was going to be a huge
success. It wasn’t part of his personality. He
wanted to make sure this was solid. He wanted to make sure he came out of his
shell. He wanted to make sure he had not just the
skills, because he had the skills, but he wanted to make sure he can flourish his personality. He can create something better. This was his first attempt at promoting himself. He had to open up. So what did he do? It was his turn, he said “Listen, my name
is Douglas. … and it was simple …. Here’s my
business card. I sell real estate if you need any help with
real estate, please give me a call.” And so it was a pretty dry spiel but he did
it. He broke down the wall. He made it
part of his personality. He already knew he was driven. He just needed to open up some. And he did it and that’s all he wanted to
tell me. Was I able to do it. He broke down the
wall of being shy. He ended up having an amazing real estate
career. He ended up being one of the top
producers in that office all because he broke down the wall. Let’s take a look at this
again. Personality. Every realtor has the skill. The majority of the realtors, real estate
agents have the skills to make it happen. Not all of them have the right personality
that it takes. Personality is special. And it has been granted to them, the majority
of the time, it has been granted to them with that cup
of coffee. And what you do with that cup of coffee is
up to you, but it’s your time to shine. It’s as
simple as that. I want to share something with you. A quote that I found from Bruce Lee. I don’t know if you guys know Bruce Lee, a
very famous martial arts expert back in the 70s. Bruce Lee once said “Always be yourself, express
yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate
it.” Bottom line is be you. You’ve got to show
you. You’ve got to show you. Not just your skills, you’ve got to show you. Hope you learned something today. I want to wish all of you tremendous success. I hope
these vlogs are helping you because our intent here is not just to give you generic
information. Our information here is to get you to think. When you’re thinking and
analyzing what you’re doing, you’re able to stand back and say I can make myself better. If I try this and this and this, which I’ve
never done before, I think it might work. Our job
is to get you to think. To think creatively. Hope this is helping you out. My name again is
Robert Rico, CA Realty Training. Thank you so much for coming. We hope to see you
next week. If you have a question or topics you want
to discuss, leave them down below in the comments section. Thanks again. Don’t forget to subscribe. Have a fantastic day.

3 thoughts on “Ep. 62: Do You Have The Right Personality To Be A Real Estate Agent?

  1. Excellent video! Please make this into a series. It’s one of my biggest concerns. I am dry and speechless when I meet people for the 1st time. My mind goes blank. However, I am optimistic. I’m not going to run from it. I am challenging myself by walking into the eye of my fears and learn this skill. Great video !!πŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸΌ

  2. Hello Robert:

    Do you have videos that are meant for the newbie agent? For example, training agents on the commonly most used documents when you are wanting to list a property or the most documents used when you are representing the buyer?
    And the tasks involved when escrow is opened until it is closed.

    Thank you Robert.

  3. Great training tools! Thank you so much!

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