Ep. 39: How To Make Your Real Estate Transactions More ‘Human’

Ep. 39: How To Make Your Real Estate Transactions More ‘Human’

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming to today’s video blog,
I hope you’re having a fantastic day. We are here today to bring some good information
to you, hoping it makes you better when it comes to real estate. Now, what’s today’s topic? It’s actually a pretty darn good one. I actually enjoy talking about this one because
I highly believe in it. Now today’s topic is, How To Make Your Transaction
More Human. Typically, when it comes to real estate, we
think of contracts, we think of laws, think of regulations, we think of, “Don’t break
the law, keep it all intact,” fill out the contracts, fill out the disclosures. One thing we forget to do is to think like
a nice, genuine person. There’s two sides to real estate; there’s
the contractual side, and there’s the people side. I’m here to tell you that the people side,
the human side, is extremely, if not more important than the contractual side because
you’re dealing with people’s emotions. There’s a few things I want you to consider
when you’re dealing with people when it comes to transactions to make it feel more humanlike. Number one, be more genuine. Now when I first started my real estate career,
I had a motto. My real estate group had a motto, and our
motto was very, very well thought out. Our motto was this: real people before real
estate. The Rico Group, real people
before real estate. What does that mean? It means we are a real estate group, we’re
concerned more with you as far as making you happy and comfortable. even more than we’re about finding you
a house right away. We wanted you to be comfortable when it came
to searching for your home. We thought about you and your feelings and
your emotions. Real people before real estate. Be genuine. You see, when you bring value to people, when
you’re emotional with people, when people need you to give them a hug, or a pat on the
back or a handshake, they know you’re there for them. You’re bringing value to them, and that’s
what people look for when it comes to real estate. They want to see you, want the value to make
them comfortable, to be you, not to fake it. Sure there’s textbook ways of thinking, but
sometimes you have to just be yourself and be genuine. Number two, what I want you to do is I want
you to be grateful. A lot of our clients, they’re giving you an
opportunity, they’re giving you business. Shouldn’t you be thankful? And if you are thankful, you might want to
mention it to them once in a while. “Hey, client, thank you for selecting me to
be your realtor. I am so happy you selected me. I’m going to do my best.” Show them you’re grateful for picking you
as their realtor. There are tens of thousands, if not hundreds
of thousands of realtors out in California, they selected you. They selected you. Now why not tell them with the words. “Hey, thank you for selecting me.” Another way of being more humanlike to your
clients is to be more honest. Yeah, I said it. Honest. Be more honest. What does that mean? It means there are going to be times during
the transaction, there are going to be times during the deal where it’s going to be a difficult
time. It’s going to be difficult to, I don’t know,
pass some pretty negative information off to your client. You have to tell them some bad news sometimes. Don’t lie to them. Don’t sugarcoat it. People appreciate honesty. Don’t run away from the bad news. You have to hit it head-on. And be honest with them, share it with them. They need to know, someone deserves to know,
someone needs to tell them and it’s got to be you. So be honest with them and one more thing
I want you to do please, is I want you to be aware when it comes to your clients. Again, it all comes down to being humanlike,
to being appreciative of your clients. What does that mean, be aware? It’s a great idea if you know their birthdays,
you might want to send them an email; “Happy birthday.” If you know their anniversary of when they
purchased their house, send them an email or a card or something. Say, “Hey, this is the anniversary when you
purchased your property. Isn’t this just a nice day for you?” So be aware of some of the special dates for
them. If you know their anniversary send them a
card or something. This shows that you are humanlike. This shows that you have compassion. This shows that you don’t just care about
business, you care about them as people. Isn’t that what we want in our daily life? It’s people to acknowledge us, and to respect
us, and to believe in us, and trust us, and to know us, and to know us as people? After all, this is a people business. I say it again, real estate in general, real
estate. It deals with contracts, laws, regulations,
stipulations, but the heart and soul of real estate is people. And when it comes to people, you have to treat
them like humans, not like transactions. Thanks for coming to this week’s video blog. We hope you learned something today. Hope to see you next week. If you have any questions or concerns do us
a favor and do yourself a favor, leave a question or comment down below. Hope to see you next week. Have a fantastic day.

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  1. Great info, thank you! But stick to one camera angle, it's distracting when you keep switching. And the audio isn't consistent.

  2. Can you do a video on placing offers over the asking price and the possible issues with that (appraiser, loan , etc) please

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