Ep. 35: What Is A Real Estate Agent’s Sphere Of Influence? | How To Maximize Your Reach

Ep. 35: What Is A Real Estate Agent’s Sphere Of Influence? | How To Maximize Your Reach

Hello, Robert Rico here, California Realty
Training. Thank you so much for coming to our weekly
video blog. We love to share this real estate information
for you. Hoping it will enlighten you with some great
stuff that will help your career. Those of you who are planning on getting into
this career, it’ll make it that much easier. Listen, today I want to talk to you about
the competition involved in real estate, and how I’ve had so many people, newer agents,
come to me and ask me this. They say, “Rico, isn’t there tons of competition
in real estate?” The answer, of course, is absolutely. There’s competition in everything. Everybody wants to get that solid buyer or
seller to make commission. Absolutely competition. The one thing I tell them that is overlooked
often is the sphere of influence. Let’s start off by discussing, what is the
sphere of influence? Sphere of influence is very, very simple. A sphere of influence, look at the word, sphere
of influence. Sphere of influence, people that know you,
people that love you, people that like you, people that just know you, heck, people who
don’t like you but they know you exist. Everybody goes out for complete strangers
to make money. Everybody wants to go out in front of complete
strangers to sell their house, but they always, always overlook their own sphere of influence. You see, everybody has their own sphere of
influence. This realtor will have their own sphere of
influence. This other realtor will have their own sphere
of influence. Everybody has their own sphere of influence. What does that mean? It means people they know, people they love,
people that like them. Their friends, their family, their coworkers,
their kids’ teachers, their kids’ soccer coach. These are the people that you should target
first. I highly believe that these people are overlooked. Most real estate agents who get involved in
the field of real estate, first people they go after are complete strangers. That’s called cold calling. That’s called door knocking. In general, just going up to a complete stranger
can be intimidating. Yet, when we go up to somebody that we know,
it’s not so bad. Why not go after your sphere of influence? It would be the best thing for you. This is the deal, the best thing to do would
be for you to sit down at a desk, or whatnot, grab a piece of paper, or your computer, or
whatever it is that you use to write on or make a list. I’d like you to think hard, “Who are the people
that I know?” Of course, start off with the obvious, your
family. Your brothers, your sisters, your mom, your
dad, your uncles, your nephews, your family. Start it off, and I want you to make a list
of your family members. Boom. Here they are. Then I want you to make a list of people that
you see on a daily basis who aren’t your family, for example, your coworkers. Then I want you to make a list of people who
you see often but aren’t quite your friends. You see them often, people in a club, your
bowling team, church. Once you’ve created this list of people … Mind
you, this is a list of people. These people are going to hopefully, eventually
be your prospects, and then your clients. What you want to do is this, you want to keep
in contact with them. Make a list of these people. Try to get their phone number. Try to get their email address. Heck, if all you have is a physical home address,
that’ll work. What I would do is this, put in what’s called
a CRM, customer relationship management software. It’s the latest thing in technology where
it will get all your contacts and put them in a super easy to read, itemized list of
contacts with their phone number, email address, so on and so forth. It will do you wonders. Next step, that way what I want you to do
is this, maybe on a weekly basis, have this software shoot them an email. Have this software shoot them a birthday card
on their birthday, if you have that information. Have this software shoot them a Christmas
card, to all of them. Have this email shoot them all the happy new
year’s card or something, of course via email. It will help you tremendously. How did you start it? Simply by reviewing your SOI. Ladies and gentleman, I hope you learned something
today. Don’t overlook your SOI. Thanks for coming this week. We hope to see you next week at our video
blog. If you have any questions or concerns, please
don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Have a great day.

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  2. I am currently a student at KW and I love watching someone who has a lot of experience and try to give us important information about how to become a great agent!Thanks Mr.Rico

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