Ep. 30: How to Study for the California State Exam

Ep. 30: How to Study for the California State Exam

Hello everybody. Thank you for coming to our weekly video blog. Robert Rico California Realty Training. Nice to see you again. One thing that’s very crucial of course, is
preparing for that state exam. Now, how many of you have had some exams,
for example in high school, or college … If you can go back, and think, “How am I gonna
study for this? How am I gonna study for this?” This is a crucial exam. I have to do well. I must, must study. What do a lot of us do? We of course, study the night before. What is that called? We cram. We cram. We cram. When it comes to the real estate exam, do
me a favor huh? Don’t cram. I want you to be prepared. Now this is how you’re gonna get prepared
for that state exam. First of all, you are going to- no ifs ands/or buts- You have to take the three courses required
to get to this stage, which means you already know a little bit about the basics and concepts
of real estate. I want you to briefly again review,
what you learned in the last three months. Learn the concepts again. Review the concepts. Go back to your text books. Read the summaries at the end of each chapter
in the textbooks. Get the basics of real estate down. Get it down. Now, what I also want you to do is this. The questions are crucial. I want you to find questions that are very
similar to your quiz questions, or the quiz questions that you already answered in your
textbook, or in the classroom. And review those questions … Maybe those
questions are very similar to the state exam questions. Get comfortable with the questions. Be careful how the questions are read. Sometimes these questions are written with
key words that are placed there to fool ya. Read the question slowly and carefully. What I also want you to do is this. I want you to really consider taking a weekend
crash course. Now, what they do is this. In a weekend crash course, which California
Realty Training does offer, weekend crash course does wonders. We have a great program here that’s in our
weekend crash course. They take all of the information that you’ve
learned the last three months, and the information that you’ve been studying out of your textbooks
… They cram it in one weekend, not one night like when you used to do back in college. They cram it into one weekend, eight hours
per day. So, eight hours on Saturday, eight hours on
Sunday, putting it together, squished together, learn as much as you can. So, of course, what do we want you to do? We want you to take this crash course that’s
condensed education, the weekend before your scheduled appointment for that state exam
is. So, now that you have all this education in
ya, and you’re ready to rock and roll. What do I want you to do the night before? Of course, get a very good night rest. At least a solid good seven, eight hours of
rest. Relax. Don’t go out party, have a good time. Relax. You’ve got some business to take care of the
next day. Get some good rest. Get up the next morning. Get up with plenty of time to get to the location. Have a nice breakfast. You might want to get there early. Study a little bit, a little bit. Review a little bit of your notes, while you’re
waiting for the exam. Then go in there. Pow. And give it to ’em. You can do this. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming
to our video blog. I hope this helps ya. Don’t forget California Realty Training does
offer a weekend crash course. Check our website. If you have any questions or concerns, please
leave them down below here on the comment section. Don’t forget to subscribe to our page. We love you. We can’t wait to see you next week.

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