Ep. 29: How To Choose A Real Estate Brokerage

Ep. 29: How To Choose A Real Estate Brokerage

Hello. Thank you for coming to our Weekly Video Blog. Glad to see you. Robert Rico here at California Realty Training. Hope you’re having a fantastic day. Listen, today I want to you about this, about
joining a brokerage, but which brokerage will be right for you. Now, when choosing a brokerage sometimes a
decision can be rather difficult, but it doesn’t have to be if there are certain aspects to
look for when you do visit these brokerages. For example, one thing I would recommend you
do when you visit your brokerages, once you get your license of course, is walk in and
then I want you to feel the vibe. That’s called culture. I want you to make sure that these companies
that you’re visiting, these brokerages, have a nice positive culture. Culture is so important. You don’t want to walk into an office that
feels dark, that feels quiet, that feels maybe serious, that there’s tension in the room
that you can cut a knife through it. You want to walk into an office that’s lively,
that’s positive, that can support your business, meaning that it can influence your daily routine
in that office when you are there, and it can make it to where you want to be there
because when you’re there you can work, and when you can work, you can make money. You’ll want the culture from the top to the
bottom, meaning from the manager all the way down to the person who’s going to hand you
the checks in that office. You want it to be pleasant. Culture is very, very, very crucial. Number two. Another thing I want you to remember that
when you go into these brokerages to consider is of course the training program. Now, the training program, if you ask me,
that’s probably the most important one because this is the deal. A lot of brokerages may offer you a very high
commission split. They’ll say, “Okay, we’re going you here because
we like you. We’re going to offer you a 90% to 10% split,”
which means you get to keep 90%. The company only wants to keep 10%. Whoa! That’s huge. That’s a great advantage, but if this company
doesn’t offer you any training, if this company doesn’t offer you any type of training to
where they show you, they explain to you how to become a great realtor, well, then 90%
of nothing is nothing. The key here is this. Show me how it’s done, and that’s what you
want these companies to do, these brokerages. I want you to ask them, “What type of strategical
training do you have? What type of training do you have that’s actually
proven? It’ll work. It’ll put in a nice business plan, so that
I can commit myself and I could have complete confidence that my business plan that you’re
going to share with me and work with me on building will provide me with some success.” Training is so important. The third thing I want you to look when going
to these brokerages is please, please, please make sure that these brokerages have a complete
solid support staff. I’m talking make sure that the mentor and
that the manager/broker are available often because there going to be a lot of time … Listen,
you’re brand new. You are brand new to this business, to this
career. There going to be a lot of questions you are
going to have. You aren’t going to be familiar with the forms. You’re not going to have any idea as to what
to do when there’s a crucial part of the transaction. Oh, my God. You’re going to get nervous. You’re not going to know what to do. “What should I do in this situation? going
to fall part” No. The whole idea is to stop and relax, think
reasonable. Go to your broker, hoping they’re available,
or go to your mentor, hoping they’re available, which means this. It means the availability of your broker and/or
mentor is crucial. You want to have an office, of course, that
has availability when it comes to the broker and/or your mentor. Huge. That way you know you have an insurance policy,
meaning … your insurance policy, meaning that person, they’re in all the time when
you have a question. You don’t freak out. You relax, think reasonable, and they’re there
for you. Last, but not least, what I want you to look
for in a brokerage is I want you to make sure you go into an office that has at least service
and technical support. What does that mean? They actually have a beautiful office that
you could use, some computers that you could use, so you don’t always have to take your
laptop in there. They have a beautiful conference room that
you can invite your clients into when you have an appointment and it looks nice. You have a nice coffee station and you can
offer your client some coffee. Beautiful lighting in the office. You want to have the tools that will help
you make money. The last thing you want, again, is to go into
a brokerage, and they say, “Okay, there’s your desk and there’s a phone. Get busy.” Technology is a lot higher today than it was
in the past, so since technology is a lot more complicated, it would be nice, of course,
for you know that these brokerages have computers for you to use, scanners, all the equipment,
of course, for you to make it happen in the real estate world. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for
coming to our Weekly Video Blog. We can’t wait to see you next week. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t
forget, leave them right down below here in the Comment section, and don’t forget to subscribe
to our page. Have a beautiful week. See you next week.

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