Ep. 27: 6 Things To Expect After You Get Your Real Estate License

Ep. 27: 6 Things To Expect After You Get Your Real Estate License

Hello, everybody. Thank you for coming. Robert Rico here at CA Realty Training. Thanks for coming to our weekly video blog. We’re hoping that you get some great real
estate information that will help you with your new real estate career or if you’re thinking
about getting into the real estate industry. I want to share with you today six things
that you can expect once you get that real estate license. Some of these are, whoa, a little uncomfortable. Some of them are, eh, not a big deal. I knew that was coming anyways. Nonetheless, I want to share them with you
and make sure you are prepared, make sure you know what to expect. Let’s make this as comfortable as possible
for you. Now, number one, this kind of business is
not as easy as it seems. A lot of people think it’s rather simple. You go out to show a house, get into escrow,
make some money. Doesn’t work that way. There are so many hour that you put behind
every deal. Sometimes you put your heart and soul into
it. You really do. It gets emotional sometimes with your buyers
or your sellers. It’s an emotional time, and it can keep you
up at night a few times. Number two, you will get your feelings hurt
every now and then. What I mean by feelings hurt is you’re not
going to fall in love and get your heart broken, but many times people will reject you meaning
they’re going to say, “I don’t need your business,” or, “I don’t, I don’t choose you as my realtor.” Nobody likes rejection, but that’s part of
the game in real estate. There are so many realtors out there, and
many of times [you-aren’t 00:01:21] going to be the chosen one unless you show them
how awesome you are and how you deserve the job. Otherwise, many of times you will get rejected. Go door knocking. When you go door knocking, you’re going to
get a few doors shut in your face. They don’t want to see you on their porch. Part of the game. Not to worry. That’s just part of the game. You’ll toughen up as times go by. Number three, you are more likely to spend
money, a lot of money. Now, this doesn’t have to happen but you expect
to spend some money when it comes to your real estate career. You are now an independent contractor which
means you have to put forth the investment into yourself. You have to drive this business to where you
want to be. This is the deal. There’s three ways to make money in this business. You can wait for it. You can pay for it which is spend the money. You can go out and get it. I recommend you go out and get it. Next on the list is you will definitely be
attached to your mobile phone. How many of you have phones out there? That’s what I thought. Everybody does and not just for Facebook,
not just for Google. This phone is going to be your primary source
of business. The public’s going to call you asking you
questions, “Hello, how much is this house? Hello, can you take me now to see this house?” Your mobile phone, your cell phone is going
to be your primary source of incoming business. These incoming calls are going to mean dollars
to you so get ready to have this phone attached not to your hip but to your ear. If that phone isn’t ringing, if the phone
isn’t ringing, there’s something you’re doing that is wrong. Get ready. If you’re doing it the right way, that phone
will go off the hook. Get ready to answer it. You must answer that phone. Another thing that I want you to expect is
that you will definitely conduct thousands of viewings. You may have one buyer that wants to buy one
house, and he will not be satisfied with the first dozen that you showed them. They may not be satisfied with the first 12,
and you may have to show them 50 houses. You may be showing them houses for months
before they make a decision. Expect to show a whole bunch of houses before
anything happens. Last but not least, you will give the impression
it’s … The impression is out there that us realtors make tons of money when the fact
is it’s tough to make money. Yet, people have this impression that you
are rich and overpaid. A lot of people think that we are extremely,
extremely wealthy when we’re not. It’s tough to close a deal. There’s times that we’re not going to close
a deal for months, for months, which means we have to budget ourselves when we do close
a deal. We’re not rich. A lot of us are just trying to get by, but
there’s this impression. There’s this reputation that we have that
we are all filthy rich. We drive the best cars, wear the best suits,
eat the best meals. That just isn’t true. Ladies and gentleman, please understand that
these are six things that you might expect in your real estate career. Don’t let it scare you. It’s just part of the deal. You’ll come on strong, learn it, effort it,
put it together, make things happen. Thanks for visiting us. We hope to see you next week.

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  1. this guy is great!…😏

  2. Good stuff to know, you have provided great insight ! I'm ready to dive in.

  3. We all like to be the “chosen one.”

  4. Thanks for the Info very ell explained ! straight to the point ! getting my license next month in Las Vegas !

  5. I love the support this school gives you. So much to learn but I feel confident I will get this!! Thanks!

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