Ep. 24: 9 Tips On How To Effectively Show Property

Ep. 24: 9 Tips On How To Effectively Show Property

Hello, thank you for coming. Robert Rico here at California Realty Training. Thanks again for coming to our weekly video
blog. So glad you’re here. Listen, today I am going to talk to you about
showing property. You see, when you get your real estate license,
it entails of not just listing homes, which means representing the seller, it also means
you are going to represent buyers, which means you’re going to have to get in a car, and
actually go out and show some homes. You got to have a lock box key – what we call
a super key given to a house, on your own. Go into the house and show the property to
some of your clients. There’s a couple of things I would like you
to do or you should be aware of. That’s gonna make the process a lot easier,
a lot safer, a lot more convenient for everybody. Number 1 for example, before you do plan on
taking your clients out for the day, the day before you might want to make sure you have
all the properties in order. You might want to make sure you research the
properties. For example, research the properties the day
before taking them out. If you research these properties too far back,
say a week prior, these properties may have already been sold. So you might be getting in a car with a client
and showing them a property that is already in escrow. There is no sense of doing that. So what I used to do, ladies and gentlemen,
research the properties, maybe a day or two before so you have the latest listings that
are available out there. Next, what you should do is know the routes
to getting to these properties. Many times when I first started, I would get
in my car to go show properties, and believe it or not, I’d get lost. I would have my clients follow me and I’d
get lost. Boy did I feel stupid. It’s always best if you can the day before
get in your car and drive the route to all the listings you’ll be showing that day. It will make it easier, it will prove that
you know the area and that you are ready to help them because you are the expert in that
area. Next, have your buyer packet and all the information
ready at hand. For example, this would be a buyer’s packet. I want you to have your buyer’s packet printed,
have one for you as an agent, agent packet. And have one for your buyer. Give this to your buyer say here buyer here’s
your packet it’s all the information on the properties that we are going to be seeing
today. That way they have a tangible, they actually
have a tangible and they can see everything that you are showing them. The information there, the square footage
of the house, the year it was built, number of beddings, baths- it will be all on here. All the generic information will be at their
fingertips. That makes a lot of things easier for you
as an agent. Next thing you want to do is this, Now you
pull up to the house you drive up you park there next to the house you approach the house
you knock on the door nobody answers you’re gonna have a super key, let yourself in with
the super key – a little mechanism you’re gonna open it up the key is there, you’re
gonna open the door. Although nobody answered the door when you
rang the door bell or knocked, it might be a good habit for you to scream out that you
are there. And I’ve done this every single time I’ve
shown property. You walk in, open the door and yell out Realtor,
or which ever company you’re with, hello, Keller Williams here. Let everybody in that house, if there is anybody
there know that you have arrived. The last thing you want is to go into this
house quietly assuming nobody’s there. Trust me this gets a little funny. You open a bedroom door, and the safest, will
god forbid the safest thing is there’s a child home sick in bed throwing up or there’s an
adult sleeping there. It makes it for a very unusual circumstance. Open the door, walk in, scream out that you’re
there. Helps all the time. So, as a reminder also before I move forward
make sure you have your lock box key updated. Again, many of times I’ve gone with my lock
box, gone up to the front door expecting it to be nice and easy. I’m gonna press the little enter button on
my lock box it will allow me into the property and guess what, I forgot to update my little
mechanism. So again when I push the button for it to
allow me to release the key it doesn’t work. Now I have no access to the house. I have no access to the house. Now you have two buyers behind you breathing
on your neck, dying to get in. They’re excited and you can’t get in because
your mechanism, your key isn’t working. It is rather embarrassing, unprofessional,
and you are not prepared. Please make sure all of your materials are
working properly. You want it to go as smooth as possible. Next, put on your consulting hat. Take off your sales hat put on your consulting
hat. You don’t have to sell a house. The house will sell itself. The house will sell itself. The minute you open up that door and the buyers
walk in and they see it, they’re gonna be wowed or they’re gonna say no this isn’t the
one for me. They’re going to look at the house and the
house will sell itself. You’re gonna have to give some advice. They’re gonna look at you for guidance and
advice. Remember that. You don’t need to be a salesman once you’re
in the house, let the house sell itself. Again, don’t rush them, but you will have
to guide them to keep moving. Many times you’ll have buyers lingering in
one area of the house. For example, they’ll go to the backyard where
there’s a pool, and they’ll sit back there and they’ll say wow look at this pool honey
look at this pool isn’t it nice and before you know it ten minutes have gone by and you
have to see the inside of the house. It’s your job to keep it rolling, keep it
moving, keep it smooth, keep it going. Keep it- they have to see the rest of the
house. Don’t let them get too comfortable with just
one part of the house. Good. Next one, before you leave make sure everything
is the same position as it was when you entered. Which means make sure all the lights are off,
make sure nobody touched the TVs, nobody touched the refrigerators or when they open the drawers,
a lot of buyers will open drawers- make sure all that’s closed. Make sure the house is in its original condition
as to when you arrived. Locked, lights off, everything’s in place. That would be the responsible thing to do
as a real estate agent or realtor. Last but not least, of course you want to
review the day’s activities. You’ve probably shown 5, 6, 7 houses. You don’t just want to say goodbye. You might want to invite them for a cup of
coffee, say hey you know what I’ve got some great coffee brewing at my office, or at Starbucks
down the street, or you know something of that nature. It gives you an opportunity to discuss all
the properties that you had on these reports. These reports have notes. Buyer’s have been taking notes on their sheet,
on the buyer’s sheet. You might want to discuss with them which
one was the best for them, which one are they interested in. It will give you the opportunity to make that
offer. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s how it’s done
when showing property. It can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to
be, if you do it clearly, confidently, and smoothly. Thanks for coming to our video blog this week
hope to see you next week. If you have any suggestions for topics, down
below leave them in the comments section. And please don’t forget to subscribe to our
channel. Have a great day, see you next week.

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