EB5 Visa Update by San Diego Immigration Lawyer – September 2018

EB5 Visa Update by San Diego Immigration Lawyer – September 2018

Major changes to the EB5 half a million dollar
visa coming up this week. Stay tuned. I’ll tell you more about it. Hi everybody. This is Jacob Sapochnick, Immigration Attorney
based in San Diego, California. In this video, I want to give a quick update
about the EB5 green card program, also known as the million dollar visa. And there’s been some major changes that happened
this week. So, as of September 28, there’s been an extension
filed for this program that was going to sunset on September 30th. And this extension carried us over through
December 7th, 2018, which means this program extended to December 7, 2018, which means
that everything remains the same, including the amount of money, 500,000 into a regional
center and million dollar into a direct program, and half a million dollars into an undeserved
area where people invest in targeted unemployed area projects. So what does it mean for you? It means that people that are doing EB5 visas,
people that are interested to invest in these programs [inaudible] the green cards are already
concerned because there’s been a lot of rumors that the government is going to increase the
amount of the EB5 from half a million to a million, a billion and a half, a different
amounts. There’d be rumors that this program is going
to be canceled altogether. So, as of now, obviously this program has
been extended through December 7th, 2018, which means that people that are serious about
doing this program…this investment that are looking for regional centers that are
doing their research, it is now the time to do so because we don’t know what’s going to
happen after the December 7th. We hope they’ll extend it into 2019, but we
don’t know. If extended A1 form, is it going to be the
same amount? Are there going to be any restrictions on
the EB5 regional centers? We have no idea. By way of introduction, EB5 is unique program
that is created by the U.S. Government allowing investors that are investing
in regional centers, which are government programs that are licensed by the government
to, you know, build real estate or energy projects and things like that to pull investors
together and those investors, they invest in those projects are eligible for a green
cards because of their investment. Typically, those investment is, is done in
a way of a…of a loan because at the end of the five year period, some of these investors,
most of the investors are able to get their money back. Typically, the EB5 works this way where the
investors are investing half a million dollar into original center project. They first get a green card for two years. It’s a conditional green card and after two
years, they can remove the conditions of the green card as long as they meet the [inaudible]. Some requirements and eventually they get
a permanent green card. The thing is that the current administration
has been mentioning that they feel that the amount of money invested into those projects
is not high enough, and so the con, there’s been rumors that they wanted to decrease this
amount. And so every time the program is about to
expire, we are concerned that our clients are concerned there could be major changes. But right now, the regional center, EB5 program
still in effect. It has been extended through December 7th
and so, we do a lot of visa…visas for our clients. We’re all over the world. We encouraging you, those investors that are
serious about it to do email us. You can email me directly at [email protected] We’ll qualify you or we’ll see if you meet
the requirements. And if so, you’ll be able to go out and research
your regional center and start their process before the program will expire on December
7th. So we just wanted to give you a quick update
that the regional center EB5 program has been extended through December 7th. If you have an interest in the program, feel
free to email me and we’ll tell you more about it, but we’ll give you some information about
some amazing projects that are out there. And that’s it. So if you have questions, post them in the
comments below and let me know what you doing with this video and let us know also what
other videos you would like us to make because we are here for you. Thanks for watching. And we’ll see you in our next video.

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  1. Hi! As we move closer to December, are there any updates on eb-5? I’m a high school policy debater, and eb-5 visas are a big part of our season this year.

  2. EB5s should be illegal.

  3. It seems that EB5 is too risky.

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