Easy Video Hack for Real Estate Agents

Easy Video Hack for Real Estate Agents

– What is the number one hack right now when it comes to video in real estate? (upbeat music) Hey guys it’s Kyle with
the Whissel Realty team, and on today’s video
I wanna tell you about the number one hack out
there in our industry today when it comes to video. And that is very very simple, it’s going live, whether it be Facebook
Live, Instagram Live, or YouTube live, any one of those three, in a perfect world all
three of those together. That is the number one way
to get your videos viewed, Some of you guys might follow
some of the stuff we do with our video series East County Eats. Really cool show. We have a lot of fun doing it. But just to kinda give you what goes in to putting one of those shows together, there’s typically the
time we have to set up who we’re gonna go shoot a video at. Then we show up to shoot the video. We’re usually there for two hours or so. Then we come back in here, Brian and Thomas they sit
down and edit this video. They spend about six
hours editing this video, all so that we get an average
of about 20,000 views a week on one of these videos. What we do while we’re
there shooting that video is we just record a Facebook Live. It’s very simple. Grab a cellphone, shoot a Facebook Live. There’s no prep work that goes into it. The video’s five or 10 minutes long. There’s no editing or
anything that goes into it. Super quick, super easy,
not super high quality, doesn’t require tens
of thousands of dollars in camera equipment, doesn’t
require any editing software. Those videos are getting
five or 6,000 views. So you’re talking about
eight or nine hours of work to get 20,000 views. You’re talking about 10 minutes of work to get five or 6,000 views. Think about the value of
your time and what’s most important to you. You don’t need to do
what we do when it comes to these East County Eats videos. Just grab your cellphone, get out there, record a Facebook Live video, record an Instagram Live video, record a YouTube video. It’s amazing the results
you’re getting right now. If you guys are paying any attention, Facebook is running ads on television for Facebook Live. They’re trying to take your eyeballs away from network television and
put them on Facebook Live. They’re spending money to run these ads to drive you over here. Well if you do what they’re
asking you to do over here with Facebook Live, they’re rewarding you
by showing your video to as many people as possible. It’s the number one hack
when it comes to Facebook, Instagram, all over
social media right now. Facebook Live, Instagram
Live, get with it. When it comes to doing those videos, don’t overthink it, just shoot it. Doesn’t need to be perfect. You are who you are. Accept who you are. I’ve got this giant forehead. There’s lights beaming
off my giant forehead. It’s okay, this is me, this is who I am. Whether you take this
once or twice or 10 times, it’s gonna look the same. I am who I am, accept who
you are, get out there, do your Facebook Live video,
do you Instgram Live video, take advantage of this
opportunity you have right now. If you’re looking for
more tips when it comes to building your business, encourage you join our Facebook group, the Whissel Way, thewhisselway.com
will redirect you there. Just search for it up
at the top of Facebook. We’re sharing a ton of awesome stuff that we’re doing here at
the Whissel Realty Group in San Diego that’s helped
make us the number one team in the entire county four years in a row. Thanks so much for watching this video. Whissel REalty’s been
ranked the number one real estate team in San Diego
County three years in a row now per the Wall Street Journal. I wanna give you a behind the scenes look at the way we do things around here to help our agents make more money in less time and have
a good time doing it. Welcome to the Whissel Way.

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  1. Thx for sharing my man. Legend in the GAME. Thanks for showing us the behind the scenes of how you roll. You are the MAN. PLEASE DO MORE OF IT 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

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