4 thoughts on “Easement

  1. This was perfect even if it is super long. It still helped me create some notecards around Easements

  2. her voice sucks

  3. Creeeeeepyy 😨

  4. In the first example, why wouldn't the two land owners agree to move that easement over, to the right side boundary line, ans then share that easement obligation equally with the other landowner(s) along the right side boundary. Thus, No one land owner (B), is singlehandedly BURDENED by the "appurtenant access easement" which makes his (B's) land "servient" to the other (A's land) , which enjoys a "dominant" right of use across B's land. How does B PROTECT HIS MAXIMUM Right to NOT BE UNFAIRLY Obligated to accomodate A's need for access across any central portion of his land?! Such an "access easement" could SERIOUSLY REDUCE A's Property value, by affecting A's full access to his own land, at all times!!! WTF?!!!

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