DWARKA EXPRESSWAY TOUR – Most Comprehensive Overview of entire 27 kms from Dwarka to Kherki Daula

DWARKA EXPRESSWAY TOUR – Most Comprehensive Overview of entire 27 kms from Dwarka to Kherki Daula

India is a great country of 135 crores people India is a country of ancient culture, which
is now rapidly moving towards modernisation A country whose GDP is now more than 2 Lac
crores. And is now having impact on the whole world Growth of any country depends on its infrastructure
size and quality Roads display the economy of any country India’s road network is spread over 54 Lac
km and stands on 2nd number in the whole world and is increasing by the number
of 28 km every day Via this show PropTOQ brings to you some stories
of such roads, which are playing a major role in India’s growth Today we are going to talk about one such
expressway, which has always been controversial **DWARKA EXPRESSWAY** To cover this story our production team has
selected two such personalities who will share their best perspective with the viewers. Mr. Arun Sharma who have a 20 years of rich
experience in Personal Finance and Real estate consulting. He will be answering to the questions
of Ms. Sakshi Mathur who is a young professional and belongs to a global real estate advisory
firm. Lets start and meet them at our first milestone
– NH8 Mahipalpur Shiv Murti. Sakshi: Hello Mr. Arun How are you?
Arun: I am fine, thank you. Sakshi: Mr. Arun actually I have very sketchy
knowledge about Dwarka Expressway and there has been lots of negative news about it. Arun: Truly said, Dwarka Expressway is covered
with lots of negative news over the Internet and various news channels. Arun: But I think it
is very important to take a holistic view to understand what is Dwarka Expressway when it was started and what it is its current position. Arun: The main idea to build Dwarka Expressway
was to reduce the congestion over the NH-8, by providing a parallel route via which people
can travel to Jaipur. Sakshi: It’s absolutely required.
Arun: That’s right Arun: And you will be surprised to know that
approximately 2.5 to 3 Lac vehicles pass through this portion of NH-8 daily. Sakshi: That’s a huge number Arun: As per one survey approximately 5 Lac
people would travel by this road in 2023. Sakshi: wow Arun: So you can understand the requirement
of this expressway, as you can also see the airport is near by airport is near by due to which traffic moment
is very high on this road. Arun: And if you want to know much about Dwarka
Expressway, let me take you to a tour of Dwarka Expressway. Sakshi: Sure, why not Sakshi: Mr. Arun this looks like to be a very
beautiful road, where is it going? Arun: Exactly, this is the road, which connects
the NH-8 to Dwarka expressway from Delhi side. Arun: So actually this is a part of Dwarka
expressway only. Arun: So the road we travelled to Shiv Murti,
this road will be connectivity to Dwarka Expressway from Delhi side. Arun: Currently this road is the main connectivity
between Dwarka and Gurugram. Arun: As you can see the airport on your left
side. Arun: I will share further details with you
at the point where the Dwarka Expressway starts. Sakshi: Absolutely, lets go. Sakshi: So Mr. Arun where are we heading now?
Arun: We are moving towards Dhulsiras Chowk which is the main starting point of
Dwarka Expressway. Arun: Sakshi, the idea of Dwarka expressway
was conceived by HUDA in 2006 later on they started acquiring land for it.
It has been declared residential zone in 2010-2011. Arun: Huda government gave the contract to Indiabulls and JMR constructions in 2011. Deadline for this project was one year 2012 but due to some land litigations
it got delayed for 4 years. Arun: NHAI took over this project in 2016. Arun: It’s the part of Gurgaon urban Boundary
Extension, also known as Northern Peripheral Road. Arun: It is also known as NH-248 after NHAI
took it over. Arun: As it is getting recognised as National Highway this expressway has gained a lot of importance. Arun: It plays a crucial role for the connectivity of Delhi- Mumbai business corridor. Sakshi: Mr. Arun what is this IICC board stands for? Arun: It stands for India International Convention
and Expo Centre, just like Pragati Maidan Arun: This will lead to the commercial development
of this area. Also, will lead to traffic moment. Arun: Dhulsiras chowk directly connects to Dwarka and part of West Delhi. Arun: You can also see the Diplomatic Enclave II. Sakshi: Wow, that’s great. Arun: This area has got huge potential for
the development. Arun: Therefore this road has been given connectivity
to Gurgaon border. Arun: Government has proposed a 4 Kilometer
of tunnel here, which will straightway to Sec-21 metro station to smooth the airport traffic. Sakshi: That’s great. Arun: Look to your left Sakshi.
Sakshi: Mr. Arun previously there were farmhouses Arun: Yes, Government acquired these lands
to reduce the hurdles. Arun: This road directly connects to Najafgarh,
Kapashera Delhi road. Arun: This is the border of Gurgaon
and Delhi. Najafgarh and Kapashera road is hardly
1.5 km from this point. Arun: With in 4-6 months you can see the same kind of road which is connecting to Najafgarh and Kapashera road Arun: Here is Dwarka Expressway.
Sakshi: Mr. Arun this is finally begun to look likes an expressway now.
Arun: Right, exactly. Arun: As you can see that expressway start
from here from Gurgaon side. Arun: So we are right now standing on Gurgaon-
Delhi border. You can see all the builder projects over here. Arun: Sakshi, initially in 2009-10 builders
project started launching here because it is a part of 2021 Gurgaon Manesar Masterplan. Arun: This was also one of the reasons for the compulsion of expressway for HUDA to provide
connectivity to these Residential sectors. Arun: All the premium projects entered near
to Dwarka and Delhi border Sakshi: Right Arun: Like, Puri, Tata, Shobha and ATS lots of developers who are famous for luxury projects. Arun: Reason behind that the scenario of property in Faridabad, Noida you can analyse that the areas near Delhi Capital, they are commanding a premium. Arun: From this point I think airport is approximately 4 Kilometers.
Sakshi: Wow, that’s quite near Arun: So the people are looking for that kind
of connectivity only, where the airport is very near. Arun: Delhi is a charm for every people
Sakshi: Absolutely Arun: Most of the buyers and investors are
from West, South Delhi, NRIs or ultra HNIs. Arun: After paying 11-12 thousand square feet
while purchasing flat at Dwarka. But they lack the basic amenities like, clubhouse,
security and the ambience. Arun: To overcome those lacks, buyers migrated
to residential luxury segment near Dwarka expressway. Arun: Therefore, all the sectors connecting to Delhi like sector 111, 112, 113, 114, 109
and 110 have the ultra luxury projects. Arun: We divided expressway in three segments. Arun: Near to Delhi, middle one and Gurgaon side from NH8 Arun: Hence the projects near to Delhi are premium and the middle segments (sectors- 101,102, 99) got mid segments projects Arun: Sakshi lets go to most iconic project in this segment the Puri Diplomatic Green. I’ll take you there Sakshi: Absolutely Sakshi: Well Mr. Arun where does this road headed? Arun: Actually this road connects to Palam Vihar and then to Udyog Vihar. This was the only source of connectivity previously Sakshi: Well Mr. Arun this looks like a beautiful project. Arun: Yes, Sakshi as I told you earlier that this is one of the best luxurious project (Puri Diplomatic Green) This Project have 3-4 BHK apartments Arun: You can see why the people are moving here, that is because of the luxury. Arun: International level of clubhouse and the finishing and architecture is beautifully done. Sakshi: its absolutely visible Sakshi: Approximately how many families would be living here? Arun: Around 100+ families are already staying in these flats Sakshi: All right Sakshi: Well Mr. Arun suddenly why there is rough patch? Arun: Actually government has recently demolished some hurdles from here. Arun: with in 2-3 months you can see a black carpet road on this Sakshi: Mr. Arun this looks like a commercial building, so what is the scope of commercial real estate here. Arun: Sakshi where there is a residential sector there will always be a scope of commercial sector. Arun: As it is near to Delhi. And it will provide large commercial spaces. Sakshi: Mr. Arun where is this road headed? Arun: Sakshi this is Sector Road that runs parallel to Expressway, providing internal connectivity for the residential sectors. Arun: Practically this is another alternative to connect to Najafgarh and Kapshera road. Arun: Also you can see the Shobha Apartments and villas. Arun: This sector contains the luxury projects. Sakshi: Yes, its quite visible Sakshi: Wow Mr. Arun, it doesn’t look like we are in India. Arun: Exactly, that is why it is named as international city. Arun: These are the Shobha projects, it has villas, duplexes Arun: The idea of the Dwarka Expressway to bring the luxury segments here. Sakshi: What is the approx. range of these villas? Arun: Duplex starts from 4.5 cr and villas starts from
8 cr. Sakshi: wow Arun: So imagine the projects over here which have
8-9 cr properties and they are already delivered Arun: See the qualities and ambience of these villas Arun: I don’t think that there is any such villa community in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. Sakshi: Mr. Arun who are the major buyer here, investors or end users? Arun: Sakshi, Delhi has always been investors driven specially Gurgaon market. Arun: Investors got a very big market to invest with the launch of Dwarka Expressway Arun: Previously builders used to do sales on soft launch, pre launch without proper license and sanctions plan but later on due to Government involvement and introduction of certain guidelines so the builders are required to get proper licence and sanction plan before launching any project Arun: Actually investor’s risk taking power is high while end users majorly purchase after proper licensing and sanctioning of the plan Arun: Short-term investors generated good amount of profit from it. Sakshi: Mr. Arun where is this road headed? Arun: Sakshi this is Daultabad Flyover this is quite an old flyover and has a good connectivity with Rajiv Chowk, IFFCO chowk and MG road. Sakshi: Oh god, why is such sudden dip in this road? Arun: This is due to the low height of High tension wires
and this road is dip due to heavy vehicles However these high tension wires will be soon get underground and this patch will also get black carpet. Sakshi: All right Sakshi: Mr. Arun this place seems to have good water level. Arun: There is a mix of up and down of water level. Since some of the areas have high water table and some area have comparatively low water table Arun: The beauty of the 2031 masterplan is that every thing is prescribed and pre planned. And the government is developing infrastructure accordingly Sakshi: Mr. Arun which flyover is this? Arun: Sakshi this is Basai overbridge, it directly connect to Hero Honda chowk. Arun: Huda government has proposed two flyovers to connect to Hero Honda Chowk. One on Basai Red light and one on another Red light. And this is going to be 6 lane stretch from Basai to Hero Honda Chowk Sakshi: Mr. Arun this bridge looks like to be quite new. Arun: Yes, this is Basai ROB (Railway Over Bridge) and has been constructed last year. Arun: we are standing in the middle of the Dwarka expressway. Arun: This place have some of the luxury projects but majorly have mid segment projects. Arun: You can see one builder Lotus, you can also see the BPTP project Sakshi: Are these projects ready to move in?
Are any families living here? Arun: Yes, 300-400 families are staying over here, may be more than that. Sakshi: Mr. Arun this place seems to be under developed. Arun: Sakshi, prior government has only two areas where land was available. Arun: One is Northern peripheral road and the other is Southern peripheral road Arun: Particularly this used to fall under SEZ (Reliance Special Economic Zone), which was later on cancelled. That is one of the reason due to which many projects didn’t enter this patch But later on there are many projects are going to enter this area, like ATS, Godrej, Vatika and hence many projects are expected to launch here Sakshi: Mr. Arun since we have deviated a bit from Dwarka Expressway where are we heading now? Arun: we are going to New Gurgaon. Arun: New Gurgaon was started developing in 2009 due to its connectivity to NH8 Arun: Lots of big builders acquired land over here like, DLF, Vatika and Bestech. Since there was no connectivity issue in this area, hence the development happened done quite fast Arun: There is about 50-60 thousands inventories (both under construction and completed) of flats in New Gurgaon Sakshi: Wow that’s a huge number Sakshi: So approximately what are rates of these flats? Arun: This New Gurgaon is a heaven for budget housing since the properties here are half the price as compared to properties at Golf course extension and Sohna road. Arun: The price range starts from 40-45 Lacs and goes up to 2-2.5 crores Arun: New Gurgaon also has some premium projects of DLF, Bestech People would have to pay more for the same flat in Extension road as compared to New Gurgaon Arun: Developers shifted their focus on mid segments after the downfall in the market. Arun: Vatika has introduced many projects in this area, and this area was previously known by the name of Vatika next Dlf Also has many ongoing and completed projects in this area. Arun: There is lot ready-to-move in projects for the end users. Commercial sector is also present in this area (Schools, Banks) Arun: As per me 8-10 thousand families are staying over here. Sakshi: That’s a huge number Arun: Yes, in coming days after March more families will be shifting here. It’s a good opportunity to buy a property there. Sakshi: Mr. Arun I am amazed
by the development of New Gurgaon Arun: Really? Sakshi: Absolutely Arun: As you can see builders like DLF, Vatika and Bestech have worked on Infrastucture and internal roads In coming days you’ll see Dwarka Expressway connecting to NH8 Sakshi: Mr. Arun which place is this exactly? Arun: This is dwarka expressway, which touches Kherki Dhaula Toll, and NH8 is just 200 meters from here Arun: This patch will be completed in few months Arun: Okay Sakshi now our journey ends here of Dwarka Expressway, the remaining patch will be completed in 3-4 months Arun: So I think you liked the knowledge that I have given to you Sakshi: Absolutely it was delightful experience, thank you so much. Arun: pleasure meeting you. *We hope that you liked the show, do send your comments and queries to us. Stay connected for more such stories of Roads, Highways and Expressways*

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