Dropouts And Graduates: Is College Worth It?

Dropouts And Graduates: Is College Worth It?

Just like a lot of people out here, just getting degrees by luck… or… by cheating their way through, if that was the case in colleges so accessible. I just feel like we’d have a lot of one of these. Can I have my college grads on that side and my dropouts on the other side ? ‘First statement: I feared how I would be judged if I didn’t go to college’ Just me then, that’s cool ! It was the fear of me caring about what was thought, as far as like, my peers, but then, when you start bringing your parents into it, and it’s like, that’s a greater fear [laughter]. But you live for your parents, it’s like, yeah, you want to make them proud, so I just fear this closure between me and my parents You know. – Yeah. – ‘I am Sean Fitzpatrick. I went to Columbia Chicago for not even a semester’ ‘And I was like : “No, you know what, let’s go back to California and do music.” ‘ I went because they wanted me to go and then… and then I said : “If you want me to make you proud, let me do this !” ‘Non-agreers, come on in’ I wasn’t afraid that I would be judged if I didn’t go to college, but I also didn’t question going to college. It was just kind of the next step… and I didn’t plan otherwise, so… Yeah – That path of growth seemed like it was the next step. – Yeah, and you’re encouraged by your parents. – And they gave me that pathway of saying, you know, “The only way you’re going to succeed is through college.”, but then, as I got older, they gave me the idea : “Well, you can do whatever you want if you find your path, though you need to find your path, but if you can’t you should go to college.” I believe college should be free [laughter] Yeah, let’s do that, right ? I had an in-state like, all of my tuition was paid for, and I still have debt ! Now I’m sitting on it, and I don’t have a job. Not like a real job. – Yeah, the debt definitely racks up. It’s ridiculous. That’s true, but that that becomes an investment in the future so at the end of the day so you have to take that on You have your education but does your like bachelors degree get you a higher paying job Not in my experience ‘I didn’t even question going to college until after I had finished it who’s like What do I do now and why did I even go and you know?’ If everyone went to college it would become useless Just like a lot of people out here, just getting degrees by luck or Getting degrees by cheating their way through, and if that was the case and college is so accessible I just feel like we’ll have a lot of Wannabes and that people who are really passionate about what they want to do or are dedicating sweat, bones and tears into what they’re doing so the world would, I don’t think would be a better place if everyone was this a Degree yeah (Offscreen) ‘Did you just get converted?’ I changed my mind yeah Yeah, I guess then you don’t think of it. It’s not college. You’re just doing it Just think about labour workers, like people that just do manual labor You don’t need a degree to do some manual labor work so if you have everyone you know sticking their heads in a book we won’t have stuff being built, your house won’t be built, your, Your cars won’t be fixed your oil changed. You know what I’m saying like, you have to remember that in life. Especially in the world It’s a balance of just people like I come from minority, underrepresented, Disenfranchised and in my college experience I, the higher I got, the less people that look like me that I saw so The more people that look like me in college would make me so happy That’s what I’m saying, so like it’s tremendous to see more people going to college. – But you have to realize that This is if [indistinguishable] a lot of people don’t want to – Oh no no no – People don’t have to, but if more people did, it would be a good thing – I just think that college education, if everyone had it, I don’t think would make the degree itself useless oh [indistinguishable] No, I’m I think we were taking it off a pedestal, not making it meaningless ‘I know what I want to do with my life’ [laughter] I’m still figuring it out, but I’m In it right now, so I feel like I know, but there’s so much more. That’s getting revealed as I find out I’m currently getting a degree in psychotherapy, however I still need two or three more years to get all my hours And so I’m debating whether or not even to get my license and just be an a woman empowerment coach And I’m gonna be done with grad school. I can fully invest my, all of myself into itself it. – It took a minute I mean yeah, it was not an easy journey, and it was a lot of Investing and finding out that I was investing in the wrong things so you know – I like how you changed your mind – I had to think about it harder. I was like wait. I really don’t know – I want to say that I mean I don’t feel lost like I don’t feel like I don’t want to do I don’t know what I want to do with my life I’m actively pursuing a lot of goals right now, and I don’t anticipate like one goal lasting me a lifetime – Exactly like and I know all the things that I wants to do I’m just not sure which one is the like, for you guys like ‘this is it’, for me I was like I’m dibbling and dabbling in so many different things. I’m just like anything could be the final go I just don’t know which one it is I want to perfect every craft. – I was going in school for architecture – Okay – And it was a three years in and then I got into acting and I booked the job And then I realized I was like whoa I really like doing this so dropped out of school And I decided that I’d pursue acting instead But that came later on after I did three years of college. – And I did four I had three classes before I graduated, and I just like ‘I decided to leave because I felt the time for me to pursue the things I wanted to do in my life was now and college was holding me back from that’ ‘Education is the key to success’ Mm-hmm So when I heard education and you know I didn’t necessarily associate it with college I just associated with gathering all the tools and the data and the knowledge and and then Embodying that into you, but in whatever field you want to be successful in – Beautifully put – And success to doesn’t just come with luck you know you have to you have to work hard at what You want to do – And what’s success? – Exactly I took education as like, a college degree when you presented that question Yeah, yeah, that’s why I didn’t even walk up – Yeah we’ve got to realise that because and we got to realize like we learn Daily like every day were learning something and it’s so funny But there’s no book in front of us to learn those things that we learn it just so happened that We cross the right person or someone related that information to us, or you know just based off life experiences So I don’t think that You’re gonna be successful based on the fact that you went to school or you know you’re opening up a book or something – You said daily is a learning experience every time you wake up in the morning You should be learning something new at the end of the day. That’s what I feel about life – So we’re actually more so on the same page Yeah, just different parts of the page, Yeah, I am on chapter one, Yeah, where you from, hahaha ‘That’s a wrap guys.’ – Cool -Sweet. Yeah thank you. Hey man nice meeting you Awww, Awwww Really nice meeting you. You too Yeah good times Hey guys, this is Dan and this is Jason, and you just watched another episode of middle-ground, thank you so much Please let us know in the comments below, which person’s opinion resonated the most with you We’d love to hear from you, so anyway. You can get involved Commenting, liking, subscribing, sharing with your friends. We really appreciate. It it all helps. See you later

100 thoughts on “Dropouts And Graduates: Is College Worth It?

  1. Honestly thought that girl with a chair on her arm was a dropout who was suffering from her alcohol problem

  2. come to germany college is free

  3. they all seemed so sweet! this was such a simple and peaceful middle ground ep i loved it.

    also the guy with the white cap is cute af couldn’t stop watching him,, i also loved the energy and positivity he brought with him! so refreshing

  4. People need to understand free college is a terrible idea look at Cuba they got free college and it’s next to worthless nothings ever free you will pay for it in taxes

  5. is it just me or does that room looks really creepy

  6. The black dude kinda look like Big Sean.

  7. brooooo the guy with the black and red cap sounds drunk

  8. The college drop outs look like they are LIVING their BEST life.

  9. Really what a joke, I doubt these are graduates or dropouts, First one of the so-called college "grades" contradict themselves in the first sentence second if you start giving degrees a Zero value is it really worth anything?

  10. The music guy looks like iNutorious

  11. the topic should’ve been more about, people being too broke to be able to go to school

  12. Majority of millionaires only had a highschool degree

  13. I love them all

  14. Cheating is literally the only way I’ve been getting thorough classes 😂

  15. Invest where your money is valuable. I made much more money with a math degree then I ever would've with a non-marketable degree. Be wise.

  16. You guys should do a Middle Ground with black college students that attend HBCUs vs. black college students that attend PWIs

  17. I hate it when people follow the crowd in these episodes

  18. At the end everyone should do whatever they want to do, wether some will say it’s a bad decision or you won’t succeed

  19. Im as miserable as a high school dropout and I got a miserable Bachelors.

  20. Dropouts are free to enjoy their lives, higher salary, and even better benefits. All while serving the people who actually have a degree

  21. No one:
    Sean: jingle jingle

  22. i think i’m addicted to this channel lol

  23. Sooo full of hopes. What a positive insight and perspective this episode was able to instill in me. lovely !

  24. Whats the asian guy’s @?

  25. Student loans are a scam.

  26. I honestly feel like people think that education is the key for success, but the really key for success it’s you nothing else , you can go to the best university or college and not be successful, or you can just not even finish high school and be the most successful person , it’s all about how you follow your dreams and being yourself not being what other people want you to be, well a least that’s my opinion 😅

  27. So what’s the black guys @, on the dropout side 😍😍😍

  28. Swear the Asian dude is Peter Sudarso from Power Rangers, forgot what season

  29. I feel like people who don't go/don't want to go to college automatically knock and make fun of people who do. Like, dude chill lol. Everyone's got their own path, and we should be proud of them regardless.

  30. Get bill gates and Mark Zuckerberg on here to defend the dropouts

  31. The guy who was basically a semester from finishing is going to go back, mark my words. That's like having 2 strides left in a race and stopping right before the finish line. Even if college is useless, it's something else to tack onto your resume.

  32. The guy who talked about everyone going to college would ruin the economy he’s just wrong in my opinion, it takes architects and engineers and others to keep this world going especially scientists you need to go to college to learn to do these things it’s not easy to fix a car on your own with no experience or knowledge of how it works image going from a car to a space station it’s just not right you know, we need those people who are willing to take it all the way and learn about these things other wise it could all end up crashing down on us


  34. dude has 3 classes til he graduates? he should just do it and finish

  35. If you go for a useless degree, then yeah, you won’t have a job after graduation

  36. Seeing this makes me even more stressed

  37. College is worth it depending on what you want to do

  38. People who want a free education are greedy and selfish! Who will pay the teachers? The majority of teaching jobs pay very low! In addition, who will pay for the beautiful school you have?

  39. oh wow Peter's good-looking.

  40. This was one of the light hearted episodes that didnt make me lose my brain cells. I was able to go through this episode without wondering about their stupidity. for example the vaccines one. I swear I lost all my brain cells just looking at the girl with the bangs

  41. So someone just racked debt but doesnt know what she wants??? Wtf

  42. I have a degree but no career job ( still to pay gvt debt)

  43. 4:55 when you discover your life is a lie after 3 seconds of thinking.

  44. not tryna ruin the existential mood but that guy in the white hat is hooootttttt

    sorry not sorry

  45. This the first one that left me feeling good. Heehee

  46. I’m s tucking minority too and it doesn’t affect my life in the slightest. Your race shouldn’t effect your life at all. When you say you want to see more people that look like you doing exactly what you are doing then you are are just separating yourself on your own and digging yourself into a hole.

  47. Pay rates will drop and tax would drop if college was free.

  48. In my country university is heavily subsidised, but the quota is so limited! Only the best and brightest could get in…Those who just had average or below average goes to private university which cost 3-4 times more…The funny thing is, private univeristy tends to have lower unemployment rate than government owned university…

  49. Before I graduated I work for an ADT authorized dealer. I made between 50k and 75k a year. I did this from 20 until 25. I wasn’t happy because I worked 6 days a week. Got hooked on pains meds then I got off. Quit ADT. Went back to college got a degree and now make 65k a year salary. I’m more happy but I make less but it’s stable. I never had to worry about hitting up sale commissions and install rates. My job is less blue collar. I work as an engineer. I get paid the same every 2 weeks. College can help but it’s not exactly needed to be successful and make good money.

  50. There's a lot of people that finished school but they're not successful

  51. I liked that dude who didn't know what he wants to do with his life…😅
    Actually I am kinda people who don't wanna just be graduated and get job and make family I wanna do different things.🙄 filling my life with adventure…..😄

  52. I worry about me and my kids future(I don't have children but yes I plan for them even before knowing when I'll have them. Weird I know). I'd rather have a good work life balance rather than breaking my back 50+ hours a day and come home angry. All just to say I make more than that "so and so" major. It's not always about the money. Some people don't understand that. Trust me, I've had my fair share of hard labor and 90% of people in those fields are a bunch of bonehead assholes and some are honest workers, but all of them always tell me one thing. "If you have the opportunity to go to school do it".

  53. This video jus like re fxcked up my head.

    A few month ago i was like: no college. No debt. I dont wanna go

    2 weeks ago im like: maybe college thinking bout how it jus might be the easier path.

    Two hours ago: i think ill go and itll b fun idk


  54. You guys should do conventional farmer vs. alternative farmer

  55. I'm going to guess that the girl who feels that she didn't get helped by her Bachelors, probably got it in something completely useless.

  56. all depends on the person, some are just not meant for college

  57. she got a chair tattooed on her arm lol

  58. This is tbh the most chill episode of middle ground I've ever seen 😂😂😂

  59. M.D vs D.O ?

  60. The girl with the straight hair is so rational and intelligent, I really liked her answers

  61. You don’t usually get a degree without vigorous and hard work.

  62. "Should college be free"
    everyone agrees
    Tax payers: Okaay hold up, stop right there millenials.

    Question should be "college should be cheaper" not "free"

  63. Everyone is talking about how dropouts are living life and happy and doing great but at the same time, we have a biased sample. These are the dropouts that have been successful enough to feel confident talking about their lives and themselves. You don't see the portion that is struggling, unemployed, and living in poverty.

  64. That is the quirkest asian guy I've ever seen

  65. Fun fact: Peter is the blue Power Ranger from Ninja Steel

  66. I think if everyone went to college it would negate the fact that people had a college education, I also agree with the fact that even with everyone having a college education….we still need people to work at mcdonalds and to change oil or work in retail…. we cant rely on children/highschool kids to do it, because unless they decide to shape up higher than my generation or the one prior, they're all gonna be relatively useless at their jobs. People need to appreciate their jobs, do what they want to do. I'm currently working at an aquarium store that i've wanted to work at since i was a kid, I want to go back to college and pursue a career in the medical field…. but for the time being im working at minimum wage at a retail aquarium store and love it….. college education or not, you need to do what you enjoy doing, and everyone participating in society, doing what they want to do, have a place in society. For example, that small engine mechanic that fixes your lawn mower, (hopefully and likely) loves working on small engines and enjoys bringing them back to life (I know i personally find enjoyment in fixing things). Civilization and society require everyone as a whole to do what they want to do/can do in an effort to better the world we all live in (referred to as symbiosis in nature).

  67. Wow, they all think college should be free. That surprised me. I do think that tuition should be much lower and there should be a cap on how much tuition costs, like for example, no higher than 5k a semester. But free? When so many liberals are getting bogus degrees like black studies, women's studies and art history? There's no way I would want my tax dollars to pay for nonsense degrees like that.

  68. That guy just said “sweat bones and tears” I think you meant blood not bones

  69. Education is not a wait of time, even though you go to college or learn things on your own, being an active learner in life, is something everyone should try more.

  70. 2:03 "I believe college should be free"

    laugs in European

  71. 6:06 “I’m dibblin dabblin” — my new motto

  72. School = what to think about
    Experience = how to think
    Success = school + experience

  73. Sounds like alot of people got liberal arts degrees. If your not going to school to be a Dr, Lawyer, or Engineer then a 2 year trade school is a better choice. Colleges force you to get a 4 year degree for 2 years of information

  74. Start by not getting a degree in Liberal Art, then actually find a degree that can help society, that has job openings, and you won't have a problem finding a job after college.

    The key thing is finding what you want to do. After that, find out if there are openings, If there are no openings, why are you even taking that class? You're just shooting yourself in the foot.

  75. Balance of people young Thanos 3:59

  76. I think that everybody should skip high school and go straight to college. build community colleges all around the country and destroy every university. then make college the new grad school if you're interested in research, doctor, lawyer but make undergrads graduate on their 18th birthday. with this plan college becomes free and is funded by your parents taxes, thus making college worth it.

  77. why is this video gave me anxiety

  78. In my opinion college is good if you are 100% on what you want to do, but otherwise it seems like it’s useless

  79. wtf college should not be free then so many people would go too many would go i believe some should be cheaper but no way in hell for feee

  80. I dont necessarily think college should be free.

    I think it should be affordable and accessible, meaning that someone's income shouldn't decide if they go to college or not.

  81. 2:25 If you have debt because you took out a loan for your college it is not investment. It’s more of a loss investment that your trying recover buy working and and using the left over money for a different investment

  82. [indistinguishable]

  83. Honestly I like how these questions seem to be really open and people have different interpretations of them

  84. As a college graduate, let me answer the title of this video. No

  85. I'm in my second year of Uni in a top 300 uni in the world and I don't think it is necessarily worth it, (depending on what you study), because even when you finish your bachelor degree, you most likely have to start out in entry level positions which you only need first and second year for. So is it worth it?

  86. I live in Sweden where colleges is free. The fact that it’s free doesn’t eliminate anything of its worth at all. Lawyers, doctors, engineers and many other jobs is making quite a lot of money in Sweden, even though the colleges is free here. In Sweden it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor when you’re choosing your education, what really matters is your grades and what you have in your head.

  87. you dont need college for education if you think college is about education then you my friend are not educated enough but what i will tell you is you will need college to get your foot into the club if you know what i mean if you dont have the id you cant get it and offcourse theres lots of clubs withought an id requirment so fhey wont need college just a certificate or the usuall “know powerful people” its not about what you know but who you know to get a job, also let me add the club was a reference to college if you still didnt catch on

  88. if it isn’t required for your dream job than don’t do it, for me beign a forensic scientist is hella important and school is a must so i enjoy studying what i love but lets say it wasn’t required i wouldn’t be doing it.

  89. College can NEVER be totally free. The only way professors make money is through the payments people give to the college. The only way they can upgrade a college is thorough the fees people make to get into college. If college was free that means the government would have to pay for it. But how would they do that? BY TAXING EVERYONE WHO DOES NOT GO TO COLLEGE. If you make so may things "free" it is just means taxes, taxes, and more taxes.

  90. In my country a college education is practically a requirement to a higher paying job because there is a large percentage of us who cannot afford that luxury. However if you are entrepreneurial or business minded with the capital to back it up, you don't need a diploma. Plus our universities are cheaper and there are programs for those who can't afford it. I took Architecture in a private university and we paid around $1500 per school year, however there is another public university that offers half of that for their Arch course just nearby.

    I kinda regretted not going to the cheaper university because it is only a 15 minute walk from my house, my mother didn't want me there because it was the same school she went to for High School and she wasn't all that impressed.

  91. I think success is subjective, therefore a college degree doesn't necessarily equal success…

  92. You had 3 classes left ????? Patna you might as well finish that and get that paper you paid for

  93. dude the black guy is fineeee 😍😍

  94. Jordhon is fine as hell 🤗

  95. what does it mean when they walk up? Does it mean they agree or disagree with the statement or does it just mean they’re gonna give an opinion

  96. For me, yes. my college degree is worth it. Without it I will be unemployed.
    However, even if a person does not have a degree but manage to have a decent life and happy life, degree shouldn't matter.
    Sometimes the degree a person earns doesn't have anything to do with what he/she is actually doing.
    So it all depends on the situation.

  97. The black guy drop out sounds like a broken Ski Mask The Slump God, explaining why he's crying. Idk hahaha

  98. Not to be a prune but, is it just me or do people who go to college just LOOK different than the ones who don't, not just in the video but in general. College people just look so basic, normie. But das just my opinion, no hate. o/

  99. People are so cool , this is the things I live for

  100. Asian man

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