Dream Jobs: Real Estate Photographer

Dream Jobs: Real Estate Photographer

Dave, I have looked at thousands and thousands
of houses on things like Red Fin and Zillow and things like that. And the ones that catch your eyes are the
ones that look the best. This one from outside right away you see it,
it looks awesome. I wonder as a photographer what are you looking
at? I realized that properties don’t sell unless
people come to them. My job is to take something like this and
give it even more of a wow factor. And so your idea is you start on the street,
where someone would actually in real life be walking to the home. Exactly. The sequence of the pictures is important
because you’re telling a story, like I got to the house, I’m going through the house…so
shooting it from the street first, that’s important. Something like this will probably be in the
2 or 300 picture range. Before we’re done. That you send. Yes. You’re giving the client that many? Yes. We’ve gotten a bunch of stuff right here,
let’s go inside. This place is in DC. It’s smaller but it’s packed full of important
little details and even though I want to shoot the overall picture I’m going to also focus
in on a lot of details that are clearly a selling point for the particular property. Real estate photography has changed as time
went on. Some of the images that were acceptable, maybe
10 years ago, are not anymore. It’s interesting you said people’s expectations
have changed because, just as now, it’s expected you’re having a wine chiller in your house. With real estate photography, all of us are
on Instagram, all of us watch HGTV, so we expect you’re giving us that. Absolutely. And another thing, I mentioned a decade ago,
real estate photography, now everybody has a camera on their phone so what I do, has
to be different than what somebody else can do on an iPhone. It has to be better. The standard of photography is decade ago
is different than now. It has evolved. I had to evolve with it in order to stay on top. You know what we should probably do? Check out upstairs. See what it looks like up there. Before were you doing this day in and out? Before you owned your own company. You were a lawyer. Yes, part of the legal staff believe it or
not — at metropolitan police department. I loved it. I was there eight years but I realized, if
I had been lucky enough to hit the lottery and have an unlimited amount of money and
never had to work another day, I knew I would be a Photographer. When people think ‘what is a sure thing?’ I could be a doctor, I could be a lawyer,
you were a lawyer and you decided, you know what, that is so nice, I love my education
and career, however I love this more. I have to strike out on my own and go for it. Absolutely. And so finally you made the leap. There was another phrase I think I had heard. It’s like find something you like doing
that somebody else will pay you to do, and you’ll never work another day in your life. You know so many of us are afraid to deviate
from the path we started on or think we should be on according to historical or cultural
standards but to actually say this is where my heart is, my passion is, and what I want
my future to be? To do that I think is so cool.

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  1. First off lol.. 200-300 images lol… I send 15-30…. and we are talking about 3500 square feet houses and bigger lol…

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