Dr Phillips Orlando Florida New Home For Sale Tour | Dockside Model by Pulte Homes | Asking $600K

Dr Phillips Orlando Florida New Home For Sale Tour | Dockside Model by Pulte Homes | Asking $600K

hey Marlon Prasad hair your local Central Florida realtor and welcome back to new home tours where I'm gonna take you guys through every nook and cranny of these new construction homes and give you my honest opinion today I've got another inventory of home model it's the dockside model by Pulte Homes but before I get into it go ahead and subscribe so you never miss another inventory home tour and of course if you're thinking about buying this or any other home in Central Florida then feel free to reach out to me at any point in time I would love to help you find and negotiate the best price for you and your family so without further ado why don't you guys come ahead with me so we're in Phillips Grove again by polt a homes over in dr. Phillips if you guys have been following me then you're will know that the Phillips girls community here is quite a pretty good we have some so we have a pool in the Cabana area gated community to Borel tile roof brick paver driveways those awesome standard we're looking at an inventory home here this one here starting price it's five hundred and forty eight thousand dollars that's the base plan this home here built out it's about six hundred and twenty nine thousand so if you were to spec this home out yourself from the builders with every single thing that you see here that's what it would cost six hundred and twenty nine thousand right now they actually have this inventory home here this actual home itself they have this here for sale currently and they're asking five hundred and ninety nine thousand eight hundred and sixty four or something like that so this is an opportunity to save about twenty nine thousand dollars on a brand new construction home in the Devon to dr. Phillips area really close to I four so you can get to downtown Orlando really close fifteen minutes to Disney all the theme parks are here all the major eating spots so this is a really good option if you guys were considering it so I'm going to show you guys every square inch that I possibly can and yeah hopefully this will help you make a decision but anyways let's it's kind of warm here whoo I'm sweating yes I just showed the the Casabella model which is right next door so that one is for sale as well that one has about six bedrooms in that one that one is about seven hundred and seventy nine thousand dollars right now so I just released a video of that one if you want to see that one go ahead and check the channel but let's go ahead and get back to this dockside model here that they're asking let's say six hundred thousand so this is what you get for six hundred thousand this is a single story and there we have it so as soon as you come in here there's this flex space here you can use this as a bedroom but it would be a really tiny bedroom reason why I say you can use this bedroom because there's a closet but you would probably want to use this as a little office use this as a little office space that's in the front of your home so we have a half bath right over here and of course some linen storage and we've got two rooms over here so this home comes only three bedroom decent-sized room plus standard in the standard sized closet eight by two nothing spectacular in a sense the bathroom here does feel nice and spacious so notice the cabinets and the counter the yeah the countertops they have the same in the kitchen so it's real nice so remember this is the actual house this is not a model home that we're looking at this is an actual home that is for sale that if you were to build this out and choose all these design features yourself and these upgrades it would run you six hundred and twenty nine thousand dollars right now from the Builder but right now you can get it for five hundred and ninety nine now one of the good things about looking at the inventory home when you're purchasing a new home even though you plan on building it yourself you still want to look at the inventory homes because you want to know what's being built into neighborhoods a lot of times the builders will actually build out these inventory homes based upon you know what what the popular items that people are selecting when they're you know doing their design and that's how you can kind of get an idea to keep your home on par with upgrades of all the other homes at the community so check out how high the ceilings are so yeah these are 12-foot ceilings baby yeah they're really high I love them that's what gives this single-story home a real huge open feel like man you have to experience this in person I guess maybe you can use it your this as your dining I don't even know what you would do with all this space well yeah maybe they use that as your dining this would be your living room you've already got your outlets in the middle and check this out you guys like entertaining and you'll like this these doors will open I hope so yep there we go BAM these doors will open all the way open like that so you get basically an indoor/outdoor feel kind of opens up your whole space all together so if you're entertaining maybe doing a barbecue I don't know if you'd want the smoke coming in here but I mean it's just nice it's it's amazing so real good and a good thing about this I like that this is not the only door to get out alright I'm gonna have to do that a sec me it's not the only door to get out there you also have another door here and for those of you that's wondering what's in there I'm pretty sure that's just storage it's locked I can't get in there so but pretty sure that's storage yeah this is your kitchen so check out this is your Island not the biggest of islands but not bad not bad at all ok let's see you got okay you see all the electrical here I don't know how that's how that's supposed to be but okay we have Moin Moin faucets KitchenAid appliances this is a gas community no backsplash but that's something you can do yourself add your own nice backsplash new appliances and check out this pantry here got double French doors logo size yeah no lack of pantry storage there so yeah these ceiling heights is what really makes the space look so much more open we got another one of those here and more electrical stuff okay it's for the outlet that they ran there's an outlet right there and I'm sure this one right there and one right there nice light should be your fridge obviously when it comes to appliances that's something you're better off getting yourself you don't necessarily need to upgrade your appliances with the Builder because otherwise you're basically just wrapping the price of the appliances into your mortgage which on top of the premium that the builders are gonna charge you for your appliances you're gonna end up paying for it in interest as well too so you better off just taking whatever its standard selling whatever they give you and purchasing your own appliances from the Best Buy Home Depot Lowe's whatever the case is this is my opinion that's how you'd kind of get the best deal the appliances so here is your garage you guys don't like this so this is a three-car garage this is one car section right here and then of course you park to here so you can park your two daily drivers right here and then your exotic to park it back here what is it did okay tankless water heater I forgot to mention that tankless water heater are standard in this neighborhood as well too so and that's how you control the temperature on it so real nice real real nice there's so many lights I don't even know how to activate them all but good use so now the last room is going to be this master so this master suite here we've got your high ceilings of course we've got access to the back porch it is carpet cover it feels nice and soft to be honest with you though still it's a nice carpet you can always change if you'd like and of course you gotta have a super shower for six hundred thousand dollars of course yeah so this is a must if you're buying a brand new home you got to get into the shower like this because when it comes to resale you're probably gonna have to do this thing get a top dollar so might as well do it now and trust me you're gonna enjoy it toilet there and of course one big closet separated by this it's not a way actually it is a solid wall part and here we go so 600,000 for this home this actual home here for sale you guys are interested in purchasing this home here in the dr. Phillips area this afternoon here and then make sure you have your Realtor come out here and show it to you or if you don't already have a realtor I would love for the opportunity to earn your business so feel free to reach out to me at any point in time but anyways that's gonna do it for today's video let me know what you guys thoughts are which one is your favorite model so far do you guys like any of the model homes or do you prefer any of these inventory homes like yeah well let me know what's your favorite let me know what your thoughts are you guys feel like it's worth it is it better to be out in Claremont for the pricing let me know what you guys think Winter Garden Clermont compared to over here I know a my thoughts are but I want to know what you guys think so anyways thank you all for watching I hope you have a blessed day

3 thoughts on “Dr Phillips Orlando Florida New Home For Sale Tour | Dockside Model by Pulte Homes | Asking $600K

  1. Great video as always. Nice house but it's over priced, the finishes are basic. I'd say knock the price down $75 – $100 thousand

  2. This has a cool layout and space. Isn't it a bit pricy for 1 storey? Or its because of the area? Have you feautured any homes in Lake Nona and Lake Mary? Great tour again. 👍

  3. Nice design 👍🏽

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