Door Knocking is the BEST Lead Generation!!!

Door Knocking is the BEST Lead Generation!!!

hello again everybody Brian Stella here with century 21 in Southern California making another quick video basically to follow up what I did previously in my other video of introducing myself and kind of giving everybody my story in real estate now I wanted to make this specific video about door-knocking which is one of the things I’m known for especially in my office anybody that follows me on social media will see me post pictures every day at me getting out there and saying I’m out here I’m hitting doors not stopping no matter what rain Sun doesn’t matter and I wanted to break down exactly kind of what I do in two separate quick sections one I’m going to be talking about the inner game what I do internally and you know in my mind and physically to get myself ready to go up there and door-knocking to kind of you know the approach I use and what I’ve noticed works for me so I want to get right to the point the inner game now door-knocking a lot of you out there might not have done it might be scared to death to do it and right so you know what it’s not for me I’ll just get on the phone now just to let you know being face to face with somebody is probably one of the most powerful techniques you’re going to have for influencing them not only just to you know do business with you but to just to get known you know the big thing especially I noticed a real estate just you know being the man being branded having people know who you are being the go-to guy you know so when someone sees your picture here’s your name and say real estate and that’s ultimately what you want in your market anywhere else because you’re not gonna be able to reach anybody at any given time so for someone maybe you reached a year ago if your name is branded in their head guess who they’re going to think about when they want to sell their home someone calls them and says hey I want to sell do you know anybody or they’re thinking about buying on another property or whatever it might be if they’re thinking real estate your name is going to go right into their head top of mind awareness that’s what it’s called and that’s ultimately what you want to create so internally you need to get over it I can’t put it any other way you need to go out there and talk to people if you if you’re a phone prospect great you’re great at it good for you but if you can door knock and believe me care what kind of producer you are you can always get out there for at least 45 minutes an hour two hours and go door knock anybody can do it I don’t care what level you’re on and it’s going to be the best thing for your meeting the neighbors you’re getting to know people there’s always the one neighborhood watch guy there that’s going to tell you all hey this guy wants to settle or you know Joe Schmo over there was telling me he wants to move in a year and you’re always going to have one person in certain tracts of homes it’s going to give you that kind of information those are the best people to align yourself with I can’t tell you how many people in my database I have already there are those people and that actually call me even every couple weeks to say hey Brian you know what’s his name just mentioned to me he might be thinking about moving in six months just giving you a heads-up isn’t that what you guys want I mean I love when they call me like that I feel grateful that they think of me that’s due to me positioning myself to them as saying hey that’s my guy that’s my realtor so you need to get out there mentally you need to accept the fact that you’re going to have to go out there and just meet people you know rejection is part of it I’ve gotten spit on believe it or not I’ve had people slam the door in my face I said I’ve had people tell me get the f off my property you know what that word is I’ve seen it already in a short amount of time so believe me you know negativity is out there you need to learn how to tune that out and like I said in my previous video fill your head with positive things know why you’re out there and keep your goal in sight because if you have your goal in front of you whether you know it’s on a car or you know you’re looking on your phone those little things aren’t going to matter because your goals appeared all the negative stuff is just a stream flowing under the bridge and your goal is going to be right here strong and you’re going to stay focused on that now as far as a tire I’m always in a suit I’ll have my name badge which I’m holding right here I always put that on it’s really hot here so I’ll normally ditch the jacket and just go with a shirt tie name badge slacks I’ll wear comfortable shoes obviously because usually when I door knock I go for at least two or three hours before I stop so you definitely want to wear comfortable shoes the reason I go with a shirt tire the suit is because I think I always put myself in the perspective of the client if someone shows up to your house and they’re in a suit and they are confident they are sharpest attack they’re enthusiastic you know they’re an authority figure they’re an expert I mean naturally you’re going to feel like wow this guy Scott sharp you know if I ever do want to work with someone it’s going to be someone like him because like we all know first impressions last your first impression a lot of the times will either make or break the deal for you so you need to make sure that your first impression of strong bold confident and for them to at least say whether they work with you or not or you get rejected whatever they’ll at least walk away and say you know what you know I might not have liked em or I don’t want to sell but you know wow he was sharp it was good it was on point that’s what you want to portray when you’re talking to people and that’s something I pride myself on right now is when I show up to your door whether you like me or not you’re gonna say this kid of sharp he knows what he’s doing he knows what he’s talking about if I ever had to sell or knew anybody that did he would get it done and that’s that’s that’s what I want to get off to people because I know I can do it and you need to believe that on the inside so anyways always going to suit I try to wear off colors because I noticed a lot of the religious people or Mormons for example will go with a white shirt black tie and I have nothing against them I just don’t want to be confused for them because I know some people automatically will will see the white shirt and black tie and say well no not for me and they won’t even look at you so I always try to go with the pink shirt something colored off you know like this tie is a little bit different no just so just to get somebody to if they look and look away to look twice if I can capture them for that split second I know at least have a chance to get my foot in the door which is all you want if you know if you’re confident and yourself and your abilities all you need is that window of opportunity to take advantage of it so I already broke down you know basically what it takes in your mind and physically as far as attire and everything and presenting yourself now I’m going to get in quickly to the techniques see this videos already six minutes I don’t want to have it run on too long basically I started with just those two just sold scripts that I would use when I wanna do certain neighborhoods I work with century 21 so I want to try to you know find listings whether my company my specific office sold it or another one I wouldn’t use it and say hey we just listed we just sold but what I’ve noticed that works well especially for me is I use a tweak of that which is a hot market script usually I’ll pick a listing that either I just sold or somebody my company just sold in an area and when I coach the door I’ll say hello you know my name is Brian and work with century 21 the reason I’m stopping by today is to let you know that X amount of homes have sold in the last 30 days and did you know that 15 of them actually sold powder above their asking price or something like that or now 15 homes over the last 30 days in 30 days or less did you know that just something to bring value to people because like Kevin Ward said who is actually my coach in real estate bringing value is going to separate you from the competition now that comes off also a little less pushy instead of just knocking on the door saying hey my name is Brian with century 21 you want to sell your house you can you can kind of feel the difference there so using that approach well at least get people to say oh wow I didn’t know that and it’ll kind of bring the guard down which is ultimately what you wants you can have a genuine conversation with somebody because I can tell right away if I’m talking to someone and it just happened to be that person I couldn’t really connect with when they’re giving me answers I know right away they’re not genuine and you don’t want that you want people to whether they want to work with you and honor they have a need for your service or not to at least be genuine with you because the worst feeling you can have is walking away from someone an opportunity or prospect knowing that they want to do business but you cannot get their business because you couldn’t like they say close them and you walk away knowing the next person to talk to them if you’re sharp they’re going to get them and you’re going to lose out and that’s one of the worst feelings to have it’s happened to me especially right when I started I’m getting away from that I’m polishing my approach and my skill and it’s it’s helping me so you definitely want to pick whatever script you’re going to use that’s my personal favorite for going door to door it’s really going to lower the resistance the most and help you at least have a genuine conversation with them besides that I try to always target for sell my owners and expires especially at the door as far as scripts for that I use a combination kind of Mike Ferry and Tim aboard scripts I kind of tweaked them my way I try to add my kind of words and language patterns in there but that would be a whole another topic to talk about I don’t want to get too into that but as far as body language it really depends if I approach a man I do I knock the door and as always always step back I’m a pretty big guy I’m about six to maybe six three so I’m big I’ll knock and I’ll walk at least at least six to seven feet back depending on you know who I see at the door if I see maybe an elderly woman I’ll step back maybe a little bit further again I always have my name badge on always sometimes I’ll even pull out a business card to really show you know that I am part of century 21 so if it’s a man you never want to stand directly in front of a man because no matter what is going to be seen as confrontational so I either always stand off to the side a little bit either at an angle or if I’m standing like this I won’t send directly in front of them I’ll step to the sides and just kind of casually maybe leaning back and all okay kind of like that if it’s a woman I want to make sure I’m not too close because I don’t want invade the personal space so I’ll stay directly in front of them what you want to do but I’ll made a good distance and I’ll continue to speak so that’s as far as body language you want to focus on that but tonality I don’t want to break it down that’s also very important because at the end of the day your communication especially a person is only going to be about I think it’s 7% to 9% words and the majority of it is your body language and your tonality and how you use it so you want to learn to use that effectively now you can look at Jordan Belfort the guy from the wolf of Wall Street he you guys know him he’s great you can also study a bunch of real estate videos especially Kevin ward big shout out to him his videos are great and he’s a master at this kind of thing especially tonality NLP that kind of thing and really breaking through people’s resistance and hitting them on a subconscious level which is really what you want to hit so you can have that you know great communication with people and really had power to influence them and persuade them when they need to be influenced or persuaded correctly not negatively you don’t want to do that you want you don’t want to force people to do things that they shouldn’t be doing that’s unethical I I don’t say you should do that not at all but I think you should harness the ability to be able to influence people and persuade in order to better help your clients and yourself because at the the day if you don’t have that ability like I said earlier you’re not going to be able to really get enough business or do the amount of transactions that you really want to do as an agent so this video panel a little bit too long but you know hopefully those two things can help you guys like I said ask me any questions comments shoot me an email I’ll start putting my information at the bottom that way you guys have more access to me but I’ve already been getting a lot of love on Facebook and that kind of thing so it’s great you know a big shout out to everyone else that I’m in contact with people in my office and all the coaches and people that have helped me get to this point and really feel this good and strong and confident about myself so I’ll see you guys soon on the next video and I look forward to seeing what you have to say talk to you soon bye

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