Door Knocking Guide: How To Start The Conversation

Door Knocking Guide: How To Start The Conversation

what’s up everybody this is bc welcome to another video now i wanted to do this as a continuation for some of my other videos about door-knocking and this is gonna be applicable to more than just door knocking I just wanted to specifically I guess you can say target door knocking because this is a commonly asked question and people continuously think that you know when you go door to door and you’re over the phone that you have to like to say something wildly different so that’s lesson number one is whether you’re calling or door knocking if the dialog changes it’s it’s very minimal right if your door knocking you’re obviously not gonna say hey I’m calling you because alright basic change that’s it because a lot of people ask me Oh does the script really change not really right only a few words like that maybe a few minor tweaks what’s more important right is what’s not said meaning your body language are you smiling or you’re giving off a good vibe are you open right things of that nature okay but specifically in this video we’re gonna cover the linguistics what to say my door knocking product has all the body language tonality and all that stuff that I always preach is more important but since you guys want specifically what to say I’m gonna give you a video with what to say you knock or you call right immediately you have to make sure that before you even knock on the door you have to internally make sure that your vibe is good right you may encounter somebody who is very enthusiastic you may encounter people who are low on the emotional tone scale or anywhere in between you have to be prepared for it however you yourself always have to be pleasant you have to have a smile on your face you can’t go in there with like a Nikolic resting bitchface you can’t have that I used to have more of a serious face you know but you got to get rid of that you have to understand that people are already for the most part in a disempowered State or lower right they’re not happy they’re not cheerful most people right and you would agree with me on that I know that so if you come in already kind of negative or with that vibe you’re gonna kill it because nobody wants to talk to somebody who’s gonna bring them down we do want to talk to people who will uplift us unconsciously right we don’t consciously say oh I want to talk to be words natural they attracted to it so when you knock or you call they open the door and you’re smiling enthusiastic right not overly but you know you just have a pleasant look to you and then and you smile and you seem warm and receptive they’re gonna be open to to speaking with you okay so when you start say something so I have my cat here say ah that hurts say hello my name is so-and-so right now this is the key don’t give your whole name don’t say hey my name is Tom Jones say hey my name is Bryan I’m with blank you wanna a lot of people try to like do a bait switch and try to not tell people they’re a realtor or you know a vacuum salesman or whatever it is or solar panels tell people who you are and be straight up just be direct hey it’s Brian I’m with Keller Williams reason I’m stopping by is boom okay that’s the tip make sure you get the reason that you’re stopping by right now you don’t technically need a reason you just need to state it I was in the area giving everybody a market update I am letting you know that we just sold mr. Johnson’s house around the corner and here’s a tip for you Realtors if you are gonna say that you just sold or listed a home speak in a way that’s conversational to people and that seems familiar to them don’t say hey we just up stopping by you know the reason I’m stopping by is we just listed five five five six Elm Street it’s 3-bedroom 2bath don’t say that say hey I was popping by to let you know we actually just put up your neighbor mr. Johnson’s home for sale that second one is gonna hit them a lot better than the first one the first one you just sound like a robotic salesman the second one you’re saying the same thing but now it’s more personable hey it’s my neighborhood mr. Johnson’s house so instead of attacking the fact that you’re a salesperson if they want to they’re thinking oh it was mr. Johnson or oh okay right it’s more familiar it’s more warm right easier for them to connect with okay now from there you want to make sure that you have basic questions right the scripts that I always tell you guys I’m Mike Ferry and Kevin Ward scripts they’re very simple right how long have you lived here right where did you move from how did you happen to pick this area if you were to move where would you go next right those are like the bottom four questions but depending on what your approach is I always recommend you guys do a hot market right letting you know we’ve had 36 homes sell here in the last 30 days did you know that yeah and the crazy part is is you know they’ve been selling above asking whatever that line is or whatever it is that datum that you want to focus on you say it and the reason that one works linguistically is you’re giving value and most cases law of reciprocity kicks in and they’re more likely to engage with you because you’re not just asking for something you’re giving a little bit of value alright so from there you say hi the reason now if you guys want a quick tip this is something I picked up from a body language and pickup ride the Pick of Arts the science is you give a false time constraint right the false time constraint is something like hey I’m only gonna be a second or oh you know what I got two quick questions for you then I’m gonna leave you’re letting people know that you’re gonna leave you’re giving the illusion of leaving right because the first thing people think of I do and I know you do too when somebody like a salesperson approaches you is dang how long is this dude gonna be here right that’s immediately what you’re thinking so you pre handle that alarm by giving a false time constraint okay that’s just a little bonus I’ll sprinkle in for you guys dude you’re crawling all over me get off me oh sorry my cats on my back I don’t know if you can see him okay you can’t so throw in the false I’m too straight right hey my name is Bryan I’m with Keller Williams reason I’m stopping by Pardo I’m only gonna be a second boom right that falls huh constraint you can do the throwing right at the beginning or maybe after that first question and they respond you throw it in right that way there’s that element or illusion of you leaving and they’re more calm from there you get into the body of the script but a lot of people think like you have to sit there and like build extra rapport and all that I’m all about efficiency ladies and gentlemen if I can give you mics it it would be talk to them respect their time respect your time ask your four or five questions and that’s it right don’t over complicate it you don’t need to take anything special with you you don’t need some magical freaking script stop lying to people right I know there’s like a script out there oh you know I was actually stopping by because I need your help would you mind dadada would it offend you if that’s that’s dude that that’s so weak I can’t believe those are actual scripts and the reason I don’t like that one is you’re lying to people something might because I need your help and that one I think you don’t introduce yourself in the beginning of the script so it’s like to me that’s creepy why would you do that right now I’m not saying that my script is the perfect one but never come in baiting and switching people fooling them lying to them or trying to hide from them just be straight up with them they’ll respect you more you’re gonna be more professional and your dialogue with people is gonna be a lot more polished and not like creepy or awkward because they’re just being straight-up people appreciate you being straight up right how many times have you just been blunt and honest with somebody and they’re like you know what I don’t like it but you’re right I appreciate you being honest that’s kind of what we’re doing here right stop buying into these bait and switch techniques or oh I have to hide that I’m a realtor or that I’m a solar panel person it doesn’t matter someone’s gonna slam the door on you or hang up on you they’re gonna do it anyway okay so keep it simple now at the end of the script if you feel like they’re interested right or if you feel like hey they’re not an opportunity now but they will be later this is where you have to get their number right so what I’m gonna tell you in regards to getting people’s information is you have to picture in your mind a win-win situation a win-win situation if it just looks like you’re taking their number and they’re not getting anything in return then why would they give you their number right that’s one number two you can’t ask permission to get somebody’s number you have to be assumptive this is another tip for you people who are new to sales or haven’t really gotten it yet you have to be assumptive and lead when you sell right you can’t be asking for permission Oh would it be okay if I got your number or can I get your number at know you’re asking permission don’t do that right so one one example that I would use is let’s say they’re interested I’m like okay great let’s keep in touch and what I do which is one of many methods of getting their numbers right my door knocking product has a very range of specific one but this one that I can give you is cool what’s your best contact information I hand them my phone what’s your best contact info right that’s one that I’ve used before but you have to get to the point guys we’re number one you’re comfortable I know a lot of you will say pie I get so nervous when I ask for the number well do that a hundred times and all of a sudden that element of discomfort is going to be gone but I can tell you this if you’re uncomfortable asking them for their number they’re gonna feel that and they’re not gonna give it to you because unconsciously they’re I don’t know something’s wrong here right what’s your best contact info man hand them your phone right that’s a great you know I’ll text you my information just so you have it all right there’s a whole dialogue that goes with it before like great when it comes time to buy solar panels or move do you have a person that’s go to why do you have a person and most people are gonna say no right they may say yes my cousin but it doesn’t matter great I’ll be your backup whatever it is you just have to have dialogues and answers for these particular things then hey okay great what’s your best contact info boom and you hand on the phone now you will crash and burn doing this you will fail I’ve gone through it guys it’s gonna take time to refine these skills going door to door and cold calling be willing to fall scrape your knee get up dust yourself off and keep going all right it’s very simple what explained in this video but it’s gonna require that you take action because you can watch this video over and over and over and you’re not gonna get anywhere right get out there and knock on doors and make calls and make it happen alright now after a while I remember the focus is building these leads grabbing them and then putting them somewhere in your database don’t just be so for the hunt today and just get the deal that’s great let that be your focus but be ready to collect people’s info follow up with them and then give business long term especially if you’re in real estate otherwise you’re gonna burn out and I mean I can think of maybe I can think of two or three times in my career that I’ve Doorn often people have been like ready then and I list their home within a couple days or a week it’s rare right maybe if you’re at a lower price point it’ll be more frequent but just have the right mindset when you go door knocking come from value have a good vibe have a basic very simple script and then if people are interested get their info okay that’s it for this one guys make sure you like the video subscribe share this one and also two things my two events next weekend ignition and modern sorry ignition and stand your ground both are on my website now under brightest telecom slash events we only have a few spots left I think it’s five for each one make sure you guys sign up you will be blown away because these live events are the real deal and they’re the best way for you to get this knowledge uploaded and applied immediately and last see my coaching program monitors success can’t talk about it enough you get so many bonuses so much value it’s only $97 a month and it’s your blueprint for the lifestyle of your dreams and the life that you no you deserve okay see you guys

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