Door Knocking Guide: How To Deal with NOT INTERESTED

Door Knocking Guide: How To Deal with NOT INTERESTED

so you guys want to know how to deal with not interested when you’re not going one of these stay tuned what’s up guys it’s BC still feeling a little bit under the weather but I wanted to create this video because I still get this question a lot now for 10 seconds before I get into the video number 1 my first door knocking product gives you one or two tips on how to do with this more so on the unconscious level purchased versus conscious which we’re gonna go over in this video it’s gonna be more verbal number two I have my new door marking product coming out volume 2 January 1st so stay tuned for that so you come to this door you knock and the person says not interested what do you do well before I even answer you guys have to understand something that for a lot of reasons people are going to tell you not interested right they’re busy things are going on in the background they didn’t hear you write or understand what you said how many times have you guys heard something from somebody right didn’t quite understand what they said and they were trying to sell you you told them not interested or if they’re trying to engage in a conversation with you or do something you were just like yeah and you’re not it right then you really don’t understand think about that for a second you see everybody’s so busy they don’t even want to acknowledge you sometimes and especially if you’re a sales person coming to the door people just think automatically you’re gonna push something down their throat that you’re gonna take up a lot of their time so that initial unconscious response is not interested how many times have you guys gone to the store or the mall and when somebody even approaches you and you even smell or get the hint that they’re selling something you immediately just fire off not looking not interested or something like that just that alone is gonna help you tremendously because now as a sales person coming in you know it’s gonna happen and you’re ready for it alright so next what do you say well first and foremost I can tell you that it’s not what you say it’s your delivery if you say the best line and it’s delivered unconfident ly unclearly it’s not gonna work one thing that I do and I suggest for all of you who maybe are not selling a product on the spot maybe you’re selling a service or something like that like us the Realtors tell people right when they write when they open the door if they already look or give you the hint that they’re gonna say not interested say hey I’m not selling anything and don’t pause there this is critical don’t pause get immediately into your pitch another thing you can say is if they say not interested you acknowledge that say hey got it well I’m only gonna be here a second pause that’s called the false time constraint I’ve talked about it before I learned it in pickup and what it is is hmm it’s an illusion because you’re letting the person know that you’re only going to be there for a couple seconds now you may be there longer however you’ve just eliminated that fear in their mind of you staying there for a long long time now some of you may get right into your pitch and then after that hmm they tell you’re not interested right so in my case in real estate I will tell them look I know I know you’re not looking to sell your house and I don’t pause they’re right this is this is a key point that is can be applied universally everywhere else so sometimes you guys get hit with not interested or something like that and then immediately you answer and then you pause so you give them time to think or say something else at which point you relinquish your control and you give it to somebody else you need to answer ask a question keep the conversation going so you’re in control because now the second time or what I’m in the conversation and they say not interested I can’t say look I know you’re not looking to sell and then ask the next question I’m acknowledging their previous not interested but I’m keeping the conversation going now a very small amount of people may close the door on you or say look man I’m really not interested in the conversation big deal that’s the exception to the rule that’s gonna be one maybe two out of ten the other eight are gonna continue in conversation with you now what’s unconscious like your body language and that kind of stuff in your tonality is much more important and I’ll cover that in depth as far as and more techniques of course on my new product but real quick just some applicable stuff is what I’ve gone over it with this video with you guys and I’ll give you a little bit more but just keep in mind that you don’t need 20 tricks one or two good ones that you master is all that you really need now I’m more often than not especially I believe after you get really good you’ll tend to get the not interested after your first initial line or two I’m gonna challenge you guys to do something make it tweaked to your tweak sorry make a tweak to your initial script so in the beginning you’re giving some sort of value an update on the market if you’re in real estate or something that will grab people’s attention not give them the opportunity to say no right and throw they’re not interested off the table or if they throw it it’s almost like it’s ridiculous and you can keep the conversation going because you didn’t trap yourself into saying hey do you want to sell your house and they say no now I can get past that pretty easily but for the average person going door to door who’s not really advanced it’s gonna be a lot more difficult for them to get around that right or even outside of real estate so what I’m saying is tweak the beginning so you’re setting yourself up for more opportunities and less distractions and objections all right all in all guys remember that experience is going to be your best teacher pick a few of them look forward to my door knocking product January 1st is I’m gonna go really really in-depth to help you even more but even these basic tips are more than enough for you to get out there and do some real damage at the doors again less people are doing it more people are skeptical about it I’m still getting questions asking oh is it visit legit does it really work are you kidding me man door-to-door sales business to business face-to-face is some of the best connections you can ever make not only for the sale but for business relationships networking or anything else nothing ever will be face-to-face remember that so get out there even if even if you’re not a big door knocker get out there and do it a couple days a week for like an hour and tell me your social life doesn’t get better your life doesn’t get better and especially your sales alright make sure you guys subscribe to the channel share this video and I will see you on the next one [Music]

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  14. I’m one of Jehovahs Witnesses, so when I door knock ppl do the craziest things when they’re not interested 😂 they spray their water hose at you, cuss you out, call the police, throw trash at you and everything. So me transitioning to real estate gives me bigger feel of how to take rejection.

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  19. This reminds me of a tough situation my spouse and I went through a while back. We both had no job and no money coming in. We were literally forced to go door knocking(not for real estate) in order to get people to pay us for a service. It was tough, but we pushed through and did really well thankfully. It's all in how you greet, pitch(shouldn't sound like a pitch at all) and close the conversation. You have to be quick, confident and professional in your delivery. Getting to the point of why you're there is also super important. You also have to gauge the person you are talking to as not all interactions will be the same. Even though it was a rough time, we also learned a lot about social interaction and sales. You bring a lot of valid points to the table Bryan. I've learned some additional things from you as well. Thanks for the educational video.

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