Don’t Be A Lawyer – feat. Burl Moseley – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Don’t Be A Lawyer – feat. Burl Moseley – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

I’m majoring in pre-law myself Oh no, no no. Bad idea, trust me. Being a lawyer is the worst Now stand back and let me tell you my tale of woe. Twenty years old, pretty smart kid Didn’t know what I wanted to do So I took the LSAT and then just like that Got accepted at Glendale U Everyone said it was a real safe bet A prestigious and lucrative vocation So I set out on a journey to become an attorney without a moment’s hesitation But here’s some free advice I’m giving When it comes to deciding what to do for a living Don’t be a lawyer Don’t do it, quickest way to ruin your life Don’t be a lawyer Not worth it, it’ll leave you dead inside The job is inherently crappy That’s why you’ve never met a lawyer who’s happy It’s a guaranteed soul destroyer Don’t be a lawyer Law school debt, daily regret, is that what you dreamed of as a kid, or did you hope one day that you’d find a way to spend four years working on a pharmaceutical company’s merger with another pharmaceutical company Your only expertise is running up fees speaking legalese like a dick But it’s not too late to avoid this fate, find any other job to pick. Sure, your parents might think you’re a failure But no one’s ever said “first let’s kill all the tailors!” Don’t be a lawyer I’m serious, it really really sucks Don’t be a lawyer No one you work with looks like Ally McBeal There are so many other professions that don’t turn you into Jeff Sessions Just say no to the lawyer employer Don’t be a lawyer What about human rights law? No money, no no money Environmental law? No money, even less money Immigration law? No money, plus it’s a bummer Okay, but what if one day you make it to the Supreme Court? It’d be great to be on the Supreme Court But you’ll never be on the Supreme Court There’s truly no chance of that happening The preceding song in no way reflects the views of CBS or The CW network Ah, screw it See? Don’t be a lawyer!

100 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Lawyer – feat. Burl Moseley – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

  1. Is anyone else waiting for @LegalEagle to rate/view/react to this video??

  2. Just got accepted to Law School and this pops up on my recommendations…should I consider this a sign that I've made a terrible terrible mistake?

  3. Or an accountant

  4. ha! loved it

  5. Say no to the lawyer employer
    "NO!" 😂😂

  6. i want dan howell to sing this

  7. I am law student 👩🏾‍🎓

  8. I got an ad for a law firm before this video played.

  9. Wahahaha so true

  10. The pre law girl is pretttty

  11. I’m crushing the replay button!!! Really love this song!

  12. 한쿸인 손

  13. this is a fucking bop

  14. Legit though – I dropped out of studying law as soon as I started networking with my professors and their friends, yeah they were rich but damn it was depressing especially since where I am from it’s hella corrupted if you actually wanna help those in need.

  15. Best song of the season lol

  16. To think somebody who watches this in the future might end up googling Jeff Sessions

  17. What about being a doctor?

  18. The beginning makes me think of Willy the fresh prince of Bel Air 😍

  19. When I started my law track, my first prof basically gave us a speech that was the full non-musical version of this. Song’s incredibly accurate.


  21. Every Little Step, Bobby Brown.

  22. i sent this video to my brother the day he passed the bar exam.

  23. To be fair, there IS a chance of going to the Supreme Court… it's just a chance of 1 in 33 million

  24. I don’t care if I am happy just want to be rich

  25. Anyone here from the Maynooth email shit??? 😂😂

  26. But,, can I be a judge??

  27. I'm in law school and this is depressing but at the same time I wanna dance to it all night💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

  28. This is a great message to my unbelievably incompetent law thanks to treacherous, unprofessional lawyers like Phil Dougan and Halldor K. Bjarnson! XD

  29. as a random anonymous mooch on the internet, I can confirm: dont be a Lawyer

  30. those two dancers are giving me so much life

  31. this is the funniest shit i've ever seen i was literally yelling at my tv when this song came on i've never laughed so fucking hard

  32. this is so funky and fun it distracts from the huge bummer that is all lawyers’ lives

  33. For my lawyer Larry 🥰😂

  34. I need a spin off of CEG that's the exact same show but about an accountant where they have "don't be an accountant" as the opening song.

  35. Amazing. And so true!!

  36. I want a lawyer to react to this

  37. one of the best, i cant accept that its over 🙁 i miss it already!

  38. Omg i love milli vanilli

  39. He has such a good voice

  40. The choreography in this show is so goofy it’s really funny

  41. this legit came out my first semester of law school and im discovering the truth behind it looooool

  42. This is the best song of season 4 holy shit ! So sad it's over…

  43. This song is such a BOP

  44. I was today years old when I realized that this is a parody of the Education Connection jingle.

  45. may i know the suave guy in burgandy's name????? just for research purposes

  46. I watch this for the dancing—-and the line about "Jeff Sessions"

  47. Okay but this song is high key a bop

  48. if only i had heard this song before i became a lawyer, my life would’ve been so different…

  49. Very Bobby Brown esque

  50. Dont be a fucking lawyer

  51. I’ve never been more glad not to be a lawyer

  52. Did this remind anyone else of education connection commercials?

  53. Bobby brown- every little step whi dont the original base of this song came from

  54. "No one you work with looks like Ally McBeal" ahahahaha

  55. This is my favorite song of 2018

  56. gawd i miss this show so much already!!!

  57. How many fucking times have I watched this

  58. This season was AMAZING!!! this is one of my favorites songs too had me LOL the entire time 😂😂💕💜

  59. Oh that choreography killed it. Really makes me want to listen to some Bobby Brown

  60. I love this song

  61. I would like a similar song called "Don't be a journalist". Many kids need that.

  62. I'm so glad all the atoms in the universe throughout the long flow of time led to me being able to hear this song whenever I want.

  63. This performance was awesome at radio city!

  64. say no to the lawyer employer

  65. what a great and accurate song!

  66. The dancing is fire tho😂

  67. perfect! who knew????

  68. Is anyone gonna talk about these /dance/moves/ like wow

  69. 😂 OMFG 😂

  70. Love the Bobby brown vibes

  71. As a lawyer who does mergers, I can tell you there's no money there either.

  72. Something all law students need to hear: "It'd be great to be on the Supreme Court, but you'll never be on the Supreme Court." I should make a gif for the ones I know.

  73. this makes me glad i'm a computer programmer

  74. Not disagreeing with any of this. But just saying, there's a certain irony in being told this by actors. Now there's a profession that won't crush your soul and pay you in peanuts for the privilege.

  75. my favorite song of the season

  76. Jim was one of my favorite background characters, he was handsome quirky and had a rocking bod

  77. This is the new jack swing anthem I didn't know I needed, but I will now love forever and ever.

  78. The sincerity in this song scares me.

    I'm in law school.

  79. I'm a lawyer. This guy is right. I mean it. Being a lawyer is passé. Find another way to be miserable.

  80. This song gives me so much happiness. Idk why.

  81. I was seriously thinking about where else I saw Clark Moore. And then recently, I was looking through old Sing Off videos — I spotted a baby Clark in Dartmouth Aires! They were in the same season as PTX!

  82. I’m still missing my Tim and Jim duet!

  83. I love this show so much ❤❤❤

  84. honestly, such a bop of this show

  85. I have a feeling you don't really have any idea what lawyers do.

  86. I wanna send this to my girl, she wants to be a lawyer, but in my opinion has the opposite personality of a “lawyer”, she’s sweet, sensitive, but is dead-set on being a lawyer. Lord help me because I have major feelings for her, but this is the one thing where I’m just like whyyyyy


    preach it sister preach it

  88. An attorney had to help write this song, right? Because it’s pretty dead on.

  89. Also, don't be a cleaner.

  90. I just love that this is the most viewed song of the season.

  91. "Now stand back and let me tell you my tale of woe" is how im starting all my wine drunk rants from now on

  92. Yep, don't be a lawyer!

  93. There is nothing in this song that isn't true and insightful. I practiced law for 10 years before I got out. The only thing that I would disagree with is that you can work with someone who looks like Ally McBeal. There was a woman at my job who looked a lot like her.

  94. seen this 15 times and it still makes me cry laughing. i cant.

  95. I don't know, this guy seems pretty happy with his decision.

  96. @LegalEagle needs to see this.

  97. this might be my new jam

  98. It's a guaranteed soul destroyer 💯


  100. I have watched this five times. I have the bar exam in four days.

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