Donald Trump just sold off a real estate asset in mysterious fashion

Donald Trump just sold off a real estate asset in mysterious fashion

[Music] last week the New York Attorney General announced that she was hitting Donald Trump with millions of dollars in fines over his abuse of the Trump foundation nonprofit charity this included 2.8 million dollars in restitution and another five point six million dollars in penalties at the time Palmer report pointed out that because Trump runs a debt-based cash poor business model he might have to sell off assets just to pay the fines particularly if they kept piling up it turns out we may or may not have been onto something dot today it’s being reported that Donald Trump sold one of his New York City condos back on March 8th Forbes is hitting on two key suspicious points first the buyer appears to have used a series of shell corporations to try to hide his or her real identity second the buyer appears to have paid Trump far more than market value these are both matters of concern but what caught our eye is the specific dollar amount two point nine million dollars sound familiar that’s right just one week before it was announced that Donald Trump was getting hit with a $2 eight million fine he sold off a property for 2.9 million dollars which was conveniently just enough to cover the cost of the fine is this merely an interesting coincidence or is Trump indeed selling off assets in order to get enough cash to pay his fines Trump was also hit with the separate 5.6 million dollar fine in addition to the 2.8 million dollar fine but he sold the property before the fines were publicly announced it’s possible he knew the $2 eight million restitution charge was coming and he wanted to generate enough cash to cover it but he didn’t know the extra $5 six million charge was coming dot of course Donald Trump will likely try to fight these fines in court if the courts rule against him and he doesn’t have the cash on hand to pay the fines New York State could decide to seize some of his assets in order to make up for it so yeah Trump could be trying to get out ahead of this or it could simply be a coincidence that he found some shady buyer to pay him an overinflated two dollars nine million just as he was finding himself on the hook for 2.8 million dollars

80 thoughts on “Donald Trump just sold off a real estate asset in mysterious fashion

  1. Matthew braz Wilson

  2. So what be has a right to sell his stuff

  3. Obama sold books when he was president

  4. Sounds more like another Russian money deal, to keep owing his traitorous ass… a quick way to launder $2.9 million in an over priced condo and own more of the traitorous Russian Mo way whore president

  5. Russia at it again helping out?

  6. The Song here is Fines, then bigger Fines, and finally Bankruptcy eh? !!!

  7. You think the buyer is Putin or MBS

  8. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”Hmmm!

  9. Don't leave it!

  10. Trump is not running his corporate empire ,
    he's running the greatest country on the planet.

  11. This whole story just shows his kids are doing a great job.


  13. He has a right to sell his things

  14. Pumpkinhead does not know whether he is coming or going.. Is in a permanent state of mental confusion.. How useful for the so called president of the USA.. Disgusting, deplorable.. The cuckoos nest is waiting.

  15. Trump is in a millionaire everything he owns is an assets and now he's selling them off to pay his fines apparently you don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out

  16. More dodgy dealing going on just keep making his fines bigger and bigger until he has nothing left.

  17. Buyer, Buyer, pants on fire! From where will your water flow?

  18. Please make it happen. Trump is trying to bankrupt our country. Please send him and his adult children and the republicons that conspired with Russia. We want them sent to prison for treason.

  19. Hey Russia I got about an acre of land I will sell you for a billion dollars but unlike Donald Trump I won't sell you my soul or my nation ! It's bad enough he'll be treated like a prince at Club Fed where the average American sits in a dark gloomy whole hill have tennis courts and brunch served with wine!

  20. Robbing Peter to pay Paul ???? not a good business plan….dumbass

  21. No ooo… Surely the most "sane, stable, honest, modest business/presidential genius" in the history of the "universe"… Couldn't tell a lie, no not "honest donald" !…

  22. They won't get cent. Never have, never will.

  23. Fake joke about Trump

  24. Trump will go down in NY for RICO charges. I have always believed this. He screwed over undocumented immigrants all his life and Karma is a bitch. I hope he dies poor and in prison. Let his family work for minimum wage. I bet Ivanka won't mind making it 15.00$$$ an hour then. She actually said people don't want to be given "free" in this case money when she was discussing minimum wage.

  25. HaHahaaaaa

  26. he's cutting sand bags from his hot air balloon, yell 'No Collusion' up under it…

  27. I try not to hate but it's marvelous seeing this guy being held accountable for the first time in his life…I want a SDNY tee shirt!

  28. No doubt the Russians are bailing him out again

  29. the buyer is PUTIN, because he already own's property in the usa. and some of them are shell oil stations.

  30. Money roles. Either you are rolling with it or after it. He is working for the people for nothing. Friends that help when you need them are real friends. Zip it, jealous.

  31. Please impeach him asap and his vice president all needs to go

  32. Hmmmmmm. Supposedly so rich!!! That is a drop in a think for someone SOOOO rich!!! Hahahaha What else is he lying about? Whom paid that πŸ’°???

  33. Trump is a magnet for all this world tolerance & war !

  34. How many cases will you imagine and litigate in your mind?

  35. What he can't sell will be seized… after that jail.. after that he joins the Pantheon of despots Stalin, Hitler, Mussiolini,etc.

  36. Perhaps he's trying to sell assets and move the money offshore in case his assets are ceased.

  37. Is it me or Shell Cooperations, overpayment… Are these BRIBES??? 18 US Code 201, impeachable!!!

  38. GOOD FOR YOU TRUMP!!!!President trump is by far the Greatest President you and i have ever had the Privilege and Honor to elect into office TRUMP WINS AGAIN!! Democrats and antifa will be Rioting,Looting and Destroying Property AGAIN !! Time for real Americans to stand your ground!! Angry Mob will soon be out of control!!

  39. Wow, Donny scored 194,204,666 rubles on that one.

  40. He knows he is guilty of everything he has been accused of!

  41. Trump lier and thief and coward

  42. Putin's puppet

  43. What do you think Trump does on the golf trips for which American government pays millions $$$ in travel and security protection fees ??????

    He puts billions in his pocket and no one investigate that


  44. The buyer was Ivanka using the money she pocketed from the inauguration fund thus the condo stays in the family.

  45. At last…. his comeuppance…. and we all know he hates parting with his $! His first and only love….but still $ DUMB. Hope the fines keep coming and he eventually has to bum off the state….🀣😱

  46. Oh yeah seize the orange stains assets that will be epic and the southern district of New York is just getting started

  47. Why is a so called multi billionaire having to sell off property to pay fines RepubliCONS? Could it be he's not really a billionaire? Could it be just another lie he told you RepubliCONS that you were stupid enough too believe?
    Trump is a con artist and RepubliCONS are just gullible and stupid enough to believe his lying cons.

  48. Foreign interests bailing him out/buying more favors, normal biz for the illigit potus!!!
    Over 8 mil in fines? Mainstream media didn't give THAT enough coverage. People SHOULD cringe at the idea he's literally stolen that much from charities (if they have ANY morals at all)!

  49. Now we know this is a lie because he has nothing to do with his companies and won’t until after he is president

  50. Could be a pure coincidence. But who knows…

  51. Trump got Are lot he just shore of sold Real Estate I don,t think he need Putin help Ho got moor money then Wold Bank He just Sold Jurasalem city Most of U S Money is in 2 people Pocket China man And Jews Trump Son in law is Jews Wake up Sr Trump Cant Bankrupt

  52. He is a billionaire of debt….He owes billions.

  53. "2 dollar 8 million fine"….gtfo with that robotic voice and stop been lazy,narrate it yourself!

  54. Trump is a scam. US dissolved. In fact the US actually has not existed since on or before December 7, 1999. We are being led into the unthinkable. It is personal. Real estate schemes by joint venture. Honey R Siegal Stober LIVE (founder People Against Corruption LLC 2004 Nevada source of much PAC corruption and schemes re 911 warmongering) 4/7/2019 Day 3203 We The People Against Corruption Campaign To Remove&Indict Obamas, Janet Napolitano, Trump et al. See

  55. I don't think I am completely caught by the coincidence of the sale price as I am by who bought this property, and just in the nick of time. If I bought a stick of gum from a Chump entity I wouldn't want my identity known, but don't tell us a lot of shell companies were involved and then leave us hanging.

  56. I hate these f-ing auto-generated voices

  57. Fuck you

  58. This whole video report is full of you know what!!!

  59. SHADY AS A TREE.πŸŽ„πŸ˜ 

  60. Where s this shit coming from democrats can poor it on

  61. bs . fake news

  62. BOOM!

  63. As God awful trump is as a president and human being (I think he's a human but not too sure) he will either die (dare I hope) and he will not serve any jail time. Remember rich people and celebrities rarely get jail time, no matter what the offense.

  64. Investigators should be all over this horseshit

  65. Sounds like Russia and Deutsche Bank have gone missing…as far as money laundering is concerned. Traitor and his family may have to resort to…gasp…work. Wait till assets get seized…he'll get nothing…nada…zilch. Maybe ultimately we can get back what he cost the government while destroying our rule of law and democracy. Small comfort.

  66. Trump obviously received another bribe hidden as the purchase of one of his properties this is how he receives his bribes in overpaying for his crap plastic knob with gold plate bulshit housing

  67. No it is not. Lock him.up now!

  68. His stuff needs to be seized like Manaforts.


  70. Trump is still getting away with him bullshit and nobody is doing a damn thing just watch him he's going to get away is as he always have done

  71. trump is a loser πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

  72. Mr Clinton was impeached for having consentual sex with a White House intern. Fake president, Mothafucka has sexually assaulted more than twenty women against their will; raped a 13 year old child in 1994. And the Mothefucka still in office? Nobody gets it.

  73. Comedy

  74. To quote Junior,"I love it".

  75. Keep fining the SOB.

  76. He's guilty as sin!!

  77. We don't care for he did or not did .we the people veto for him and. again we will veto for our Great president Trump I Praise the name of God Lord .

  78. Why not see district attorney. your back ground. Causes demonrats are all corrupted


  80. Die mother fucker

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