“Doing the Small Things” – Main Street Cruise | Mark J Kohler | CPA | Attorney

“Doing the Small Things” – Main Street Cruise | Mark J Kohler | CPA | Attorney

[inaudible]. All right. Mark Kohler here, coming
from another main street in America. I just love America and I love small
business and I love main streets. They’re everywhere, right?
While I’m in Marietta, Georgia, down here to see my clients,
uh, doing a little workshop for the Renata’s
group tomorrow and Saturday. And uh, just want to give a tip here,
these little main street tips. I hope we’re going to help a lot of
you in some big ways with your small business. So a while I’m driving around looking
for a waffle house and he’d run in a big way. You know what I’m saying? Down here
in Georgia. Anyway, the small things. I want to talk about the
small things. There’s a, um, a lot of business owners that
think it’s the next big sale. I got land this client, I’ve got to close this real estate deal
and my business will be successful or I’m going to have all this money and the
longterm success of an entrepreneur and my clients that have success have
dedicated themselves to the small things. The small things are what
makes the difference. Examples like just having
good bookkeeping skills, uh, making sure you’re
recording things accurately, that you’re not throwing cash everywhere. You’ve got a bank account
for your small business. Little things of just making sure you’ve
got written contracts and agreements and not, uh, just doing everything
on a handshake. It’s a little things, a returning phone calls,
returning emails showing up for, you’re supposed to be going
to the meetings every week, even if they don’t feel like they’re
really productive. Those little things, those consistent things are what
make you a good business owner. It’s not closing the big sale. The big sale is not going
to come if you’re not doing
the little things to quote the infamous Kevin Costner. If
you build it, they will come, uh, of course from field of dreams.
And that’s the point. How can divine providence bless you
with more success in your business? How are you going to find scientific
success in your business if you’re not doing the little things
that give you that blessing? Those little things that
the build the equation. You’ve got to add all the ingredients, and those ingredients are the little
things you miss. One little thing, it can blow the big sale. So anyway,
driving around here on main street, hoping you are to building your dream on
Main Street America, wherever you’re at. Don’t forget the little things.
Make sure you’re dedicated to those, be disciplined, and all of a sudden those
big deals will happen. I promise you.

2 thoughts on ““Doing the Small Things” – Main Street Cruise | Mark J Kohler | CPA | Attorney

  1. AAAAh! You're in my city! Please, please don't waste your money and kill your stomach at the Waffle House. Yuck! We have SO many amazing restaurants with Real food.

  2. Nice video Mark! I watch most of what you post and am a CPA myself, keep up the good work!

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