Documentary In Tamil நிலவில் தொடங்க உள்ளது Real Estate இந்தியாவும் பங்கெடுக்கும் Moon Village

Documentary In Tamil நிலவில் தொடங்க உள்ளது Real Estate இந்தியாவும் பங்கெடுக்கும் Moon Village

2027 July European Space Agency’s French Guiana Kouru space launch complex An highly important thing is carried on its nose section by the Soyuz- 2 spacecraft and begins its long journey soyuz-2 having started its journey from the earth will get to our moon travelling 3 days within 2030 the human being planned to have permanent settlement on the moon the soyuz-2 will complete and ensure the readiness of the plan for reasons like trade,tourism and research human will colonize moon says european space centre’s director it will be called Moon Village approximately before 450 crore years(4.5 billion years) a planet silmilar to mars hits earth and bursted into pieces one of those pieces stands as our neighbour planet called chandran(moon) 1969 July – Niel Armstrong set footprints on the moon from then onwards moon’s each inch of land is brought under research until now this work collects many new insightful informations like our earth moon also has two poles of which southern pole is dark all the time without sunlight on moon’s northern pole there is no possibility of a single night here it is possible to generate electricity using ever glowing sun light as the energy source 2009 May the spacecraft called L Cross combined some chemicals with water and made it to blast on the moon’s always darker region named southern pole the pieces shattered from the blast was taken photo from the spacecrafts orbiting around the region the analysis done on this research helps find water pathways beneath the surface layer scientists suggests that on moon’s majority of cooler temperature areas they believe there may be higher chance of water presence the cooler asteroids which continuosly impacted the moon have a good chance of bringing water to the moon or the photon particles emitted from sun may have combined with moon’s surface minerals and oxygen to form thin water layer deposits the snow which formed like these turns into vapour bathed by the hot sun and the ramaining escaped snow moved towards the cooler southern pole that has the potential to hosts big snow deposits on analysing this theory proposed by the scientists water and snow ice combined with oxygen and hydrogen is found deep inside the moon for human life and for rocket fuel the existence of useful oxygen and hydrogen on the moon after its firmly declared the plan to build homes gets started Soyuz-2 type spacecraft with its on board instrument explores moon’s surface as it travels and sends that information back to the earth after receiving reply command from the earth it will land accordingly in a specific place after the spacecraft landed there waits an unmanned automatic vehicle which will integrate the construction part brought by the spacecraft with its first part within seconds after integration a big balloon type system would be created after the successful completion of integration a robotic 3d printer by using moon sand will construct home around the balloon each 3d printer will complete the home construction within 3 months home built to accommodate 4 persons also shields them from dangers like radiation india will jointly colonize moon with western nations says european space centre director also says successful colonization will be realised by the help done by the automatic vehicles colonization happening on the moon although it is human beings biggest achievement scientist thought of it as a neutral phase this colonization of moon is going to be an example for future explorations of human being colonizing other planets without leaving the earth

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  23. As per moon conspiracy theory! "Men haven't been to the Moon yet"
    Remember Van Allen Radiation belt that exists between moon and Earth! Highly impossible to pass through this Giant donut-shaped swaths of magnetically trapped, highly energetic charged particles surround Earth.

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  54. Really awesome work… Everything good now am eagerly trying to learn about other planets. Kindly upload more videos about moon and I saw many videos regards moon ,,, all videos said as after Armstrong no one allowed to go moon… Is it true mean pls explain.

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    "நீ கழுகைப்போல உயரப் போனாலும், நீ நட்சத்திரங்களுக்குள்ளே உன் கூட்டைக் கட்டினாலும், அவ்விடத்திலிருந்தும் உன்னை விழத் தள்ளுவேன் என்று கர்த்தர் சொல்லுகிறார்.
    ஒபதியா 1:4
    பைபிள் தெளிவா சொல்லுகிறது.
    கடவுள் அனுமதித்தது மனிதனுக்கு உலகம் மட்டும்தான். பூமிலேயே பெர்முடா முக்காணத்துக்கு போக கூடாதுன்னு நோ என்ட்ரி போர்டு வச்சுருகாரு கடவுள்.
    நீ சமுத்திரத்தின் அடித்தலங்கள்மட்டும் (Permuda Triangle)புகுந்து, ஆழத்தின் அடியில் உலாவினதுண்டோ?
    யோபு 38:16
    பூமியின் ஆழங்கள் அவர் கையில் இருக்கிறது,
    சங்கீதம் 95:4
    இன்னிக்கு வரைக்கும் அந்த ஏரியாகுள்ளாரயே(Permuda) போ முடில இதுல இவுனுக நெலாவுல போய் ப்ளாட் போடறாங்களாம டோய்… வைரமுத்து வச்சு பாட்ட வேணா போடலாம் " அந்த நெலாவத்தான் கையில புடிச்சேன்னு"
    ஏற்கனவே நிலாவுக்கு போன ஆம்ஸட்ராங் கதை சந்தி சிரிச்சிடுச்சு.. அவனுக நெலாவுல நட்டுன அமேரிக்கா கொடி காத்துல ஆடுன கூத்த பாத்தோமே…. செவ்வாய் கிரகத்துல எடுத்த போட்டோ கூட நம்ம சென்னை ரெட் ஹில்ஸ்ல எடுத்த மாதிரிதான் தெரிது.
    என்ன எளவோ எவன் காதுல எவன் பூ சுத்தரான்னு தெரில…
    I challenging scientists …You are allowed to" Research"..not "Residing".. in any planets.

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