Do You Have a Mentor in Your Real Estate Business [E-104]

Do You Have a Mentor in Your Real Estate Business [E-104]

– Do you have a mentor in your business? On this episode of Title Tuesday’s. (upbeat instrumental music) Hey everybody! Welcome back to another
episode of Title Tuesday’s. My name’s Kevin Tacher,
the Founder and CEO here at Independence Title, also known as your title king. Don’t forget to subscribe
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access to these videos on your Smartphone, otherwise,
you have to wait to get the email alert on Tuesday. Today we’re talking about
a very special topic where I’m going to pay
tribute to one of my mentors that I met many, many years ago and I’m going to read five laws, which are called the Laws
of Stratospheric Success, and then I’m going to ask
you to write them down. You can pause the video
and write them down, maybe do a screenshot of the video. These are the five laws
that have helped create me, the world of success that
I’ve had in this business. So, my mentor’s name is Bob Burg. All of you should be able to
have a mentor in the business, whether they are industry
related, or not industry related. Many of you remember the video
I did a couple of weeks ago on our 100th episode where I talked about adding value and building relationships. Bob Burg was one of the
founders of referral and relationship marketing
and he came up with a book called the Go-Giver, and in the Go-Giver, and there have been two others since then, in the Go-Giver they talk about five laws of stratospheric success, and I’m a firm believer
that you should have mentors that are industry related
and mentors that are not industry related because there are some that are going to help
you develop your business and build your business
and there are some that are going to help you
when you have problems. A lot of questions people ask me is, well, who does the title king turn
to when you have a problem? Who does the title king turn
to when you have questions? And I have a wealth of
knowledge in this business, but I always come across challenges and I always come across
problems and questions that I need to reach out to someone else, whether I reach out to
one of our attorneys, to one of our underwriters
or one of my trusted referral partners. It could be real estate
brokers of a real estate firm. It could be hard money lenders,
regular conventional lenders when questions come across my desk. I always have a source of
people that I can reach out to to help answer my questions
and help me help you. So, it’s very important to
make sure you have a mentor in this business, people
you can reach out to and strategize with, almost
like a board of Directors that you can meet with and
talk about your business and it doesn’t always have
to be industry related. Some of the best knowledge and best tips can come from someone who
doesn’t even understand your business in the real
estate related side of it, but they may understand
how to structure business, how to deal with staffing issues, how to deal with marketing issues. So, it’s great to have
a knowledge of people that are able to help you out. So, now you’re going to
see on the screen here we’re going to put up the five laws of stratospheric success and I
am going to read them to you. So, this way you have
them on your computer. The first one talks about the law of value and it says that your
true worth is determined by how much more you give in
value then you take in payment. That means you need to
add extreme value to your referral relationships. If you constantly add value giver’s gain. At some point that extreme value will turn into profit for you. The second law, the law of compensation says your income is determined
by how many people you serve and how well you serve them. So, this one I like to relate
sometimes to charitable work. How may people you touch,
how many people you serve. A couple of weeks ago on
our back to school drive we partnered with Church
by the Glades right down the street here and we
partnered and we purchased over 80 backpacks for
underprivileged children in this community, and we don’t do it because
we want anything in return, but we know the more people we serve, whether it’s through the church, whether it’s through kids in distress, whether it’s through the soup kitchen, the more people we serve
the more business will come our way one day. It’s not about giver’s gain in this sense. It’s about serving more
people and then good things will happen to you. So, now we’re going to
talk about the third one. This is the law of influence, and I love this one,
probably one of my favorite. It talks about your influences determined by how abundantly you place
other people’s interest first. One of the reasons Independence Title is so successful is because
we’re always putting our clients first. We want to make sure your
best interest is protected. We want to make sure you as the agent, or you as the lender or
the mortgage professional or the investor or the
consumer are well educated. We want to put you first
before the transaction, and many companies make that mistake. They put the revenue first. They want to put the deal
before the relationship and it doesn’t make sense to do that. So, now we’re going to
talk about the fourth law, the law of authenticity. The law of authenticity
says the most valuable gift you offer is yourself. Now that’s pretty important,
the most valuable gift you offer is yourself. I want all of you that are
watching this know that you have something of value
to provide your clients. You have something of value
to provide your community. You have something of value to
provide your local charities. It’s not always about money. It could be about time. It could be about education, which is why we go around
to so many of these events and just educate people as much as we can because we are a firm believer the more we educate you the better
off everyone’s going to be. The more tools you have in your toolbox, the better business you
are going to be able to do, and I hope that resonates
with you and makes sense. So, now we’re going to
move on to the fifth and final law, the law of receptivity. The key to effective giving
is to stay open to receiving, and this is probably
one of the hardest ones. You have to be open to receiving. Not necessarily receiving feedback, but how about receiving support? How about receiving help? So, many people block out
the help that’s coming in because they don’t receive it well. They always think they
have to do it by yourself. You need to know that
there are people out there that are willing to help you and you have to let them into your circle. You have to be able to
receive their assistance and receive their guidance in order to help you move forward. If you can open your
hearts and open your minds to receiving that support
from your community you are going to find
yourself in a better position to go out and help more people. So, I hope you enjoyed
watching these five laws of stratospheric success. Bob Burg was a very big mentor in my life. When business turned I
looked for some support and he was there to support me and help convert my business into a better referral generating business as opposed to always looking for the next deal, and online marketing, and buy this lead. We talk about how you
can convert referrals and relationships into more revenue. So, thanks for watching this
episode of Title Tuesday’s. I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed producing it. Don’t forget to text in, subscribe below, give us a thumbs up, a comment, maybe let us know you’re
watching this video and you enjoyed something that you saw in today’s episode. So, thanks for watching this episode of Title Tuesday’s. My name’s Kevin Tacher signing off and I look forward to seeing
you at the closing table. (dramatic instrumental music)

3 thoughts on “Do You Have a Mentor in Your Real Estate Business [E-104]

  1. I had the chance of having a mentor who pushed my limits and really helped me with my health at the gym and with my business. Thanks Kevin for all you do!

  2. Deeply honored (really, beyond honored!) to think that Kevin considers me to be a mentor because I consider him to be one of mine. The man is truly the ultimate walking embodiment of a "Go-Giver!"

  3. inspiring

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