Do I Need A Real Estate License To Flip Houses?

Do I Need A Real Estate License To Flip Houses?

Hey, it’s Joe Crump. Got another question here. This is from Bharuch Asolay. Bharuch says, “I live in New York state. Do I need a real estate license to flip houses?” The answer is no. You need a real estate license to represent
other people in a deal. So, if you’re representing yourself in the
deal, then you don’t need a license for that. You can always sell your, buy and sell your
own property. That’s why we have for sale by owner deals. So that the question is, what makes you a
principal in that transaction? And having the right to sell that property
through the document that says you have the right to buy that property and make that right
assignable, that’s what gives you a principal position in that deal and makes you legal
when you sell it. So if you don’t have your option signed, or
if you don’t have an assignable purchase agreement signed, then it’s not legal for you if you
don’t have a license. If you have a license then you can do it,
but it’s not necessary to have a license and I think sometimes if you don’t have a license
now you probably don’t want to spend a lot of time and money getting a license doing
this, until maybe you’ve been in the business for a while. I’ve had a license for thirty years. I work as a broker. I no longer list and sell properties. I did that many years ago and I don’t enjoy
it and I find that investing is much more profitable than that. But I keep my license active. I go to the continuing education every year,
I go put in my days and do the continuing education. I sit through the stuff that I’ve learned
thirty years ago. But I do it because that’s the requirement
for me to be able to keep my license and I think it gives me some credibility with some
of the people that I talk to that I have the license, and that does help a little bit. But it’s not necessary, and I’ve had so many
students who don’t have a license, who have been very successful with this business without
a license. Hope that answers the question. And, by the way, I guess I should say before
sign off here, I am not an attorney. Don’t even play one on TV. I can’t give legal advice, so I’m just giving
you my opinion. I’m giving you my experience in this business
for the last thirty years. But it’s not legal advice and if you feel
uncomfortable about anything that I’m saying, please, please, please, talk to an attorney. Hire somebody and get their take on it. Because if you’re not comfortable with what
you’re doing legally, you’re probably not going to end up doing it. You’re going to find a reason not to do it. So get comfortable with it legally and then
move forward and that way you can feel like, you know, I’m heading in the right direction. I’m doing this honorably, I’m doing this ethically,
you know, I’m doing this morally, and you’re treating people right and you’re following
the law. That’s very important in this business. You know, it’s the only way that you can have
a long term sustainable business. You’ve got to treat it like, treat people
like they’re family. You’ve got to treat them with love and respect. Anyway, hope that helps.

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  1. hey can u do this anywhere in the world UK etc?

  2. also I've always been interested in real estate but never seem to know how to start as I have so much fear in myself

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