DJI – Meet Osmo Pocket

DJI – Meet Osmo Pocket

Meet Osmo Pocket, a compact, stabilized smart camera that was made to fit in every moment. Osmo Pocket puts the power of stable camera movement in the palm of your hand, allowing you to capture cinematic video anywhere, anytime. A compact three-axis gimbal eliminates shake and jitter, giving you smooth video. Osmo Pocket is also your own camera crew. The versatile extension rod gives you even more control of your shot. In Selfie mode, the camera automatically enters FaceTrack, keeping you in the shot as you explore your surroundings. For filming all your friends, ActiveTrack is now more intuitive than ever. Simply tap on the subject, and the camera follows its every move. Put your audience at the front of the action. FPV mode captures a more dynamic perspective, following the gimbal’s orientation smoothly for fast-moving shots. Take Osmo Pocket on your underwater adventures with the Waterproof Case. Shoot with distortion-free clarity from the camera’s wide-angle lens. Love the view? Take a Motionlapse and the camera moves smoothly over time, allowing the scene to come to life. If one frame isn’t enough for a complete picture, catch it perfectly with a seamless 3×3 Panorama. With NightShot, capture handheld long exposures and illuminate the night. Osmo Pocket introduces DJI Mimo, a new app that expands your creativity even further. Story mode adds movie magic to your clips with a variety of templates to choose from. Preset camera movements, effects, and music turn your everyday video into an instant hit. Osmo Pocket works seamlessly with your phone, allowing you to share your favorite moments with a single tap. It’s just as easy to put away for whatever comes next. Osmo Pocket instantly captures smooth, stabilized video for wherever life takes you. It lets you turn all your moments, whether they’re epic or everyday, into a story worth telling.

100 thoughts on “DJI – Meet Osmo Pocket

  1. That's an example of a product done well.

  2. I cant even afford this. But i still watch these videos

  3. I don't like dji

  4. Debating getting this or the Osmo…. which one?

  5. price?

  6. Lol

  7. I need this for a new dancing videos!

  8. Подарите мне)

  9. "Meet the 359$ pocket camera that more easly got lost"

  10. Wow amazing !

  11. Wow isn't it amazing…

  12. You are basically holding a weird mechanical stick like a sword

  13. I love this camera. But i am not capable to buy this because price is to high

  14. I am Digital Job Investment (DJI)
    Ang this is my Osmo
    She weights 150 gramms, and shots 4K photos with 60 frames per second

    It costs 200mbs to record this Osmo… For twelve seconds

  15. 売るてるらしいですね〜

  16. I need this
    (For real)

  17. Harga nya berapa tuh???

  18. It's really cool, but look at this muscles 0:42

  19. Can't afford!

  20. Just one question, just how much is it?

  21. but only the government model wont leak my telemetry data

  22. And only 325??

  23. Its 349$.. but its for travelers and vloggers etc.

  24. It put dji logo to story videos . It doesn't sense its vertical with phone record sideway

  25. Xịn dữ z

  26. The price ?

  27. Just so everyone knows because they don't post it in the video it's $350

  28. We are less than 5 years away from a camera of this form factor being the same quality as a Hollywood film camera.

  29. Can it do this much really 😍😍

  30. Can you use it in the rain? If so I'm in.

  31. Plz subscribe all youtuber

  32. having a good time on ur trip comes first and looking like u are comes 2nd. ppl today try to get the best photo and move on before even looking where they are

  33. Flex Tape this to a missile and shoot the GoPro headquarters 😀

  34. The roller coasters is the anaconda at gold reef city. Yes no maybe?

  35. Carry on DJi, only you know the video needs of all kinds of people

  36. 很好,但我还是喜欢gopro

  37. for $349? that is actually not a bad price ngl

  38. A7A بكام دى

  39. shots lit yo

  40. Good job ! Love Dji .

  41. This camera is cool but it has some disadvantage
    1. There isn't WiFi
    2. There isn't Speaker
    3. There isn't tripod option

  42. Should update the software to control tilt speed

  43. Way better than zhiyun

  44. Wow..!! The best pocket camera I've ever seen..!! 👍

  45. To be honest, I rather have a GoPro hero 7 black. It is so much better. Waterproof without a case. Also has stabilization but not as good. Good quality. Can plug a mic into it. And more practical during sports or automotive sports which I’m into.

  46. Xiaomi MI OSMO POCKET

  47. shut up,take my house.

  48. Omg and i just buy zhiyun smooth 4 and think its gonna be problem when travel and then i see this video 🤦🏻‍♂️

  49. ):

  50. Waooww it's good…pleace back subscribe in my chamneltha thanks

  51. Теперь с уверенностью могу сказать, что это лучшая камера в данном ценовом диапазоне !

  52. Price???

  53. wooowwww sponsor mhi like that.. visit. my channel

  54. I saw one man in Bergen who had this, was kinda weird, i didnt know what it was

  55. Wow

  56. why the name sounds so expensive

  57. Me: doesnt need it
    Me: wants to buy it
    Me: goes to buy it
    Me: throws pc out of window

  58. gets gopro

    sees this oops need a refund.

  59. So it's like Soloshot but you don't have to set it up and can have it in hand? Cool but I'll still get a Soloshot.

  60. GoPro is good for actual first person. This is only good for chest and third person.

  61. BALI Indonesia

  62. Me thinking it’s going to be $1200
    Also me sees it’s only $330
    Also also me. “I’m going to do it.”
    checks bank account
    **has $34.23**.

    One day.

  63. This was recorded in South Africa because the roller coaster is called the anaconda and I paused at the right moment and saw the golden loop de loop

  64. 4k?

  65. This would be great for YouTube videos

  66. I'd day wait for the second generation of this. The first ones are always beta testing

  67. i dont have a mony for get this 😒😥😥😥😥😥 i wont this

  68. '
    that coool mini videocamera…
    but sadly…
    how come america dont like to makeing their own DJI videocameras

  69. I dont need it
    I dont need it
    I dont need it


  70. Wow a selfie stick….

  71. Nowdays nearly everyone can make their own movie with a low budget.

  72. I made all the vlogs for my youtube channel on the dji osmo pocket and it works great!😍

  73. They've got 666 dislikes

  74. The product looks exciting by itself, so why add this over the top "background" music?

  75. What happens when the lense breaks?

  76. nice for suicidal jumps too

  77. Can i get it free??????? 😭😭😭😭

  78. И стоит эта фиготень Рубасов так 100к

  79. Oof my dad bought dis

  80. 350$ and they probably make it for 10$

  81. China is really pushing the bar for any US company. Maybe it’s time to invest in China’s stock market

  82. but can it run D00M

  83. Only my wallet will not be happy with the price.

  84. Me:sees this video, I want this
    Mom:sees price,are you serious

  85. Wow. That thing is awesome. It is … probably fucking pricey though … so … yea not going to have one soon.

  86. It that bad … it is $349.99 without any SD card which they are selling as a bundle for more of your cash.

  87. Nothing compared to a GoPro. Shit looks like an iPhone took it. An action camera wants wife shots not cropped shots. Hey nice try though.

  88. Somebody wanna donate this for me? HUHUHU

  89. it is more useful if this camra attach with our mobile and give live picture using this camera

  90. ❤️

  91. I've never been so excited to buy a camera. I'm going to be the beach next weekend and this will be perfect to capture the beautiful moments. I'm also working on a short film, which I dont need an action camera for, but this looks like it takes beautiful cinematic shots. I cant believe it's only $350.

  92. I don't need it
    I don't need it
    I don't need it


  93. Can you tell me how much price? And how we can got DJI Osmo pocket

  94. "Filming all your friends"
    Shows Joergen

  95. What about the audio?

  96. Where can I buy that CLEAR waterproof case or else it’s been about an year so can the second one be waterproof without that case..

  97. I have the original 4K Dji OSMO. Gosh it takes me ages to search on google.

  98. how much?

  99. For a "from $350" with a 875 mAh battery without any accesories…. iiiiiish…. hard pass.

  100. I need about tree fiddy

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