Discount & Flat Fee Real Estate Agent For Listings In Colorado

Discount & Flat Fee Real Estate Agent For Listings In Colorado

Hi my name is Chris Gibson and I am a
flat fee listing agent in Colorado and metro Denver and I’ve been running a
flat fee model for about seven years on all my listings so that is all I do
so what is my flat fee it’s $5,000 plus 2.8% and with an average sales
price in metro Denver of around $500,000 that’s about 1% so 3.8% total so
what do you mean 2.8% that you pass through to the buyer’s agent well
what you need to understand the way the money flows in a home sale transaction
so here we have a model of a buyer purchasing a home
they’re bringing in their down payment and then the buyers’ lender is bringing the
rest of the money and then the money is going out so it goes off to pay off the
sellers loan and then whatever is left over goes to pay the seller and then the
seller pays the listing brokerage a lump sum so where’s the buyer’s agent getting
paid well the listing brokerage is paying the buyer’s agent or cooperating
broker usually the most often advertised amount is 2.8% so and that is
advertised on the Multiple Listing Service so what we don’t want is buyer’s
agents steering people away from our listings because we’re offering them
less money than other homes for sale that their buyer may be interested
in so that’s why we offer 2.8 percent and then I keep $5,000 for myself for my
work so why do I do a flat fee I do it number one to compete with the discount
brokerages just by being a full-service agent
that’s also giving my clients the same financial benefit or very close to the
same financial benefit and then when I’m competing with the normal 6% brokers
obviously I’m trying to save my people a lot more money than them but I also
believe I’m competing on service so what is full service mean full service means
that you’re only dealing with me I’m not handing you off to a team I don’t have
five different assistants you are dealing with me full service means full
service marketing so we do professional photography through Virtuance I also do a
360-degree virtual tour of the home I’ll do aerial photography of the home we do
these high quality fliers very sturdy cardstock paper on the back side is a
floor plan that the photography company generates for me and yo so that then
people can go see if their furniture fits or what not encourages them to take
something with them so that if they weren’t sold on the home initially maybe
they’ll get sold on the home when they get home it includes I do SentriLock
lock boxes so what is a SentriLock lock box it is this
so this lock box will um change the code every day so people can’t come back
without permission it’s peace of mind for you if you’re living in the home I
think it’s essential if the homes vacant people take liberties with vacant homes
also my full-service marketing includes a luxury yardarm
so we want this home to look like it you know nothing discount about this listing
nothing like oh the sellers are saving a bunch of money so yo I should offer them
less also it comes with a URL so this one’s 31 81 downing people can easily
remember the address if they’re driving by also they can easily look up details
about the home so finally which I in this to me is the biggest benefit I
offer you can terminate your listing with me if I’m not doing my job at any
point in time I put that in the contract that you can terminate at any moment you
do not owe me for my marketing expenses I am working every day to keep my job
just as hard as I worked to get the job my name is Chris Gibson and my phone
number is 720-394-8861 my email address is [email protected] I would love to give you a price opinion about your home and I
would love to share with you what I do and why I think I’m your best option to
list your home thank you

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  1. Discount & Flat Fee Real Estate Agent For Listings In Colorado. How to sell your home in Colorado and metro Denver and make the most money. How much do real estate agents cost?

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