Digital Marketing – Property Shop Investment – Corporate Film

Digital Marketing – Property Shop Investment – Corporate Film

On our website, we have also several promotion that you can find directly
on the main page. That’s why we are working strongly
with the designer. You have the banners,
you click on it and you go directly
to the promotion. With more than
10 company website with active presence on all real estate portals in UAE and with more than
100,000 followers on social media, we strive to provide for PSI the place that it deserves. That is being the number one
one-stop-shop for real estate in Abu Dhabi. Our wide range of
community knowledge makes Property Shop Investment the best facilitator for any acquisition
or transaction, whether it involves residential, luxury or commercial properties, always being focused in
creating opportunities. Our main concern is to give you the best deal. So twice a week, you will find into our social media or into our website
a newsletter. Newsletter hold deals for sales and the second one
hold deals for rent.

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