Decorating for Christmas 2019! (Holiday Home Tour)

Decorating for Christmas 2019! (Holiday Home Tour)

100 thoughts on “Decorating for Christmas 2019! (Holiday Home Tour)

  1. I absolutely love what you’ve done with the place. And it’s great since my family and I are also doing a white Christmas. And I’ll also be going shopping tomorrow for some more decor and gifts so I’ll be sure to visit some of the places you’ve mentioned

  2. I love that u have such a detailed fun and beautiful style to you… your mom is a great one don’t u think

  3. Loved it!!! ❤️ Everything looks so great

  4. i am LIVING & dying for your Christmas decor! so festive yet so chic! ❄️✨

  5. I’m obsessed. !!!! Deff my favorite Christmas decorations ever

  6. Beautiful!! 💖💚

  7. beautiful!!! i would have returned the wreath but it's still nice 😍😍😍😍

  8. Oh my word your home looks exquisite!! Anyone know where to find the video playing at 23:53 with the snowy trees?? Breathtaking Raven!!

  9. Use black zip ties to hang the garland on the stairs.

  10. Raven!! You did such an amazing job! Everything looks so good and you kept the aesthetic all the way through (as usual) LOVEEE! <3

  11. Best Christmas decor ever ❤❤❤❤ I love it!

  12. Use the buffalo snow under your 12 inch tree as well 😍

  13. 😍😍😍

  14. this is so beautiful great job on your first looking forward to many more

  15. I always like your decorating videos before watching bc I already know it's going to be bomb!

  16. Beautiful 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿. Can’t wait til I get my own house.

  17. Looks so pretty😍

  18. Very beautiful home and deco😍❤️

  19. This actually gets you in the Christmas spirit

  20. This was so fun to watch. I love how everything turned out. Your house is beautiful.

  21. Beautiful!

  22. Amazing job🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💕

  23. Beautiful home!

  24. Hello Raven try hair spray it helps keep the flocking on the tree.

  25. I would love to have a home like yours in the future😩❗️

  26. Your mom is so supportive , it’s nice to watch. The decorations came out bomb 🌲🔥

  27. You should try to use battery operated lights for the garland on the stairs

  28. Happy Holidays Raven & Zyia & family❤💖❤💖🎄. Raven the house is Beautiful💖

  29. For the big wreath you may want to see if it needs a bulb change in that specific area since it looks like just one section of it isn’t coming on🤷🏽‍♀️

  30. You could possibly use the fake snow to hide the extension cord by the fire place I haven’t finished the video so you may have done this already

  31. so cute so pretty I love raven she so cool I love her house its so cute  loving the holiday decorating

  32. It’s probably a loose bulb

  33. Ughhh… In the process of buying my home currently and u have me soooo ready to decorate.. Amazing job.. And your extremely lucky to have such supportive parents.. I wish my parents werent as toxic as they are so we could have a relationship like that

  34. This is stunning!!!!! I love it.

  35. Your should donate your extra decorations for the children’s center

  36. Girl I will pray for you when you got take everything down, because I hate having to take my tree down😂

  37. Everything looks so nice!

  38. Beautiful Raven!!..sending holiday wishes from DC to you & the family

  39. U should decorate ur kitchen cabinets

  40. Love love your home Raven!! The tree and decorations looks amazing !!!

  41. Ziya looks happy.

  42. The tree & lights look soooo pretty, I wish you did a clip with the lights out and from the patio. I think you could add a little maroon or red? (skirt, throws, pillows) I know the aesthetic but a little color won’t hurt it’s starting to look like Kim n Kanye house in there 😂❤️

  43. Wow lost of trees but I love it ❄💙❄

  44. It came out beautiful 👍🏾💕💕💕

  45. Love everything ❄

  46. Amazing, so good

  47. I went for the rustic outdoorsy look too! Your decor is amazing!🌟🌲

  48. Super dope Raven

  49. Get Garland ties. There's some that are look like garland. I got mine on Amazon. Twirling lights takes to long

  50. Use white duct tape to cover the cords

  51. Get a lightkeeper pro so you can find the bad bulb on the wreath…you will definitely need one in the future…it looks like a little red gun…they are everywhere

  52. Also I’m my opinion I think it’s worth it to spend money on Christmas decorations…you pay once but get to use them pretty much forever if you don’t change your theme lol

  53. omg soooo cute I am jealus <3

  54. Your Decorations are beautiful! Tip for you. You can put tissue paper crumple up under your tree skirts it will give it a more realistic snow effect creating soft lumps on snow. You have the Best Parent's to help you with all your decorations. Have a Merry Xmas!

  55. Amazing you have like the best ideas your house is so nice love you so much hope you have a great Christmas, 💓🌺

  56. Lol i love you but your mom did everything lol

  57. I'm not sure if you have them but you could get some timers to put on all the trees & garland. It'll turn on and off automatically and save you the hassle of having to plug/unplug everything. Also, I'm really loving all of your Christmas decor.

  58. Do more

  59. Very cute😍

    I think you should put a pretty bow ( maybe champagne gold) on each banister that would be super cute.

  60. Wow..Beautiful!!! I think a white rug under the coffee table and a little bit of snow under the stokings ladder would compliment the living room asthetic well too.

  61. Raven you need some family photos on your walls! Even some of Ziya, it will make it look much more homey! ❤️

  62. Whew I’m exhausted for y’all

  63. Did ziys dad leave you

  64. I love ur entry way tree and decorations but somthing that would be cool is if on one of ur trees u add a train track with a train on it. (The toy) it would look realy cute. Love ur winter wonderland it is cozy and cute!

  65. Raven from inside of her Christmas castle: this is only a base layer of decorations

    Lol 😂

  66. Could you put the trees in decorative wicker baskets? That’ll cover up the bases. ( same with the one on the table). Looks lovely though.

  67. Ziya is so cuteeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. I love it Raven it looks just like a Christmas wonderland ❤️

  69. looks gorgeroousssss

  70. yasssssss Raven, thats how you do Christmas decorating! that looks for nice & festive😍

  71. Your house came out really good for your first time decorating your new home , loved it 😩😍

  72. Beautiful !!!!! I love your Gorgeous house 😍 I think couple of deers will make your Winter wonderland perfect 😘

  73. I wonder if your doing ziya's room like christmas theme or might just keep it

  74. Your mom is the truth ❤️..

  75. Etsy (online) is also a good place to look especially if you’re looking for personalized ornaments/decorations and it’s also support artists instead of big corporations!!

  76. How do you feel being a single mom ? I feel like ur kind of soooooo comfortable without a man there lol its kind of nice to seeee !! What is ur opinion on all that stuff and can u talk about it more ?

  77. Everything looks so pretty

  78. It turned out so perfect! 😍

  79. I love how you decorate your house its beautiful ☃️🌲

  80. I love watching your videos it’s so comforting to me 🙌💕

  81. You came so far it inspires me I’ve watched you from the beginning it’s soo crazy and inspiring

  82. Raven, get the battery operated candles with a timer. Set them to come on every day for maybe 6-8 hours after the sun goes down

  83. Drape it and add bows to drapes part I think that would look pretty idk haha!! 😂

  84. Soooo BEAUTIFUL!

  85. You should have used zip ties

  86. Ι am from greece lol but I love you and Ziya

  87. You and your mama are an interior decorating DREAM TEAM, you hear me!!?

    I'm consistently amazed at the work just the two of you produce together. And I love Christmas, so this was too sweet!! 🎄❤😊

  88. Omg I love it!! Can't wait to decorate my future home for the holidays!!! 😍😍🤗🤗

  89. Can you do Vlogmas?

  90. This is absolutely well thought out and is gorgeous ! Can’t wait to have my own house and turn it into a home 🏡

  91. Electric bill gone be off the roof! Lol but I love the decor!! So clean and refreshing! I love Christmas! 😍

  92. Your home looks beautiful, I always enjoy you videos

  93. Beautiful tree

  94. Wow! Stunning ✨✨✨

  95. Beautiful I wish I could decorate like that. ❤️

  96. Wow, your winter wonderland holiday theme is absolutely beautiful! ☃️❄️🎄

  97. Raven everything is absolutely gorgeous!!! 😍💕💕💕 Love the tree and the pillows on the couch. The garland decorations came out beautiful, you and your mom are too funny. Y'all did a great job!!! 🦌🎀🎄❄️♥️

  98. GOALS.

  99. It is such a blessing to have a supportive mother.

  100. You should go to hobby lobby and get a large piece of fur fabric to use as the tree skirt. I actually used a rug for mine and it worked out perfect.

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