Dan Pena QLA (Quantum Leap Advantage) – Is Dan Pena Legit ?

Dan Pena QLA (Quantum Leap Advantage) – Is Dan Pena Legit ?

the sea was angry that day my friends we’re out of this light you know
misleading this cement wall well just lying all your parents up there most of
the people on this isn’t what you should do
metaphorically speaking you shouldn’t roll down the inside of your fucking fat
mother’s die you stupid cunt and if you really believe that we’re gonna run out
of food which is a load of shite and you’re worried tell yourself
metaphorically speaking Dan Pena! I’m honored to have him on our
show today Dan Pena, in case you are wondering is the mack daddy of packaged
information this man has been selling online education well before all of
these other guys people tend to think of Tai Lopez as the guy who invented
package information and selling online courses but Dan Pena has been
selling education and how to get rich education since the 1970s and has been
really good at it and it’s important that we take a look at him and see if
it’s legit or not I honestly don’t make these videos to bash anybody and I
pretty much like tan from the stuff that I saw online he’s a very likable guy I
mean he’s an alpha male he doesn’t like snowflakes and he’s a
very straight up shooter I mean he says what he thinks is very aggressive I like
that I think a lot of people actually get attracted to his persona because
he’s kind of the “&&”&””&&””&&”&”&& it’s kind of the father figure that a
lot of people didn’t have growing up I mean it’s very impressive
he’s is this older father figure that you want to have you want to follow this
guy he’s very impressive but the question is and this is what we’re gonna
answer in this video it’s Dan penne alla jet or is dan pena a scam so who is dan
pena let’s Google dan pena – Daniel Steven pena senior born
August 1945 also known as dan pena is an American businessman he resides at
Guthrie Castle in Scotland in which he previously operated a wedding business
the fuck a wedding business the question that I have to ask is that if you worth
millions or hundreds of millions or billions or whatever we’re gonna find
out in a second why are you renting your house this guthrie Castle in Scotland
for weddings I mean if I was worth a couple hundred millions I wouldn’t be
renting my house for weddings so I actually googled Dan’s wedding business
and apparently that’s what I came up with
apparently in 2017 his wedding business got into this horrible controversy one
of the guys he tired ran away with about 130,000 pounds
of other people’s money and just vanished there’s only one thing other
people’s money I mean then just to be clear had nothing to do with the scam
and he actually you know took the right approach and reimbursed everybody for
their damages then actually have nothing to do with it just to be clear again and
it didn’t remember all the couples but here’s what Dan actually said according
to this article form the telegraph then Pena The Millionaire American owner of
the castle in Angus has since paid out the same amount from his own pocket
closed and covered refunds and honor bookings and has told police he may have
to make his company bankrupt so hold on a second
if you worth hundreds of millions of dollars your company is in danger of
going bankrupt over a hundred and thirty thousand pounds I mean that doesn’t make
any sense now I found a later article where
actually Dan says he’s not gonna declare bankruptcy there just the fact that it
was considering it it’s kind of weird he just you have so much money I mean
it’s really really weird it doesn’t add up but again no way of knowing it just
the signals here are really strange just inputs no exports is an importer
exporter okay let’s go to Google and let’s Google who is then Pena so the
first thing that comes up that then is worth four hundred and fifteen million
dollars and the second question is what is then Pena’s businesses okay let’s see
a career launch of Dan Pena it was a global operation that involved drilling
onshore and offshore that had 22 coal mines at the height of his influence
Pena then used this experience to form an independent consultancy firm called
the Guthrie group in 1997 I mean I think he may be legit as far as you know
running a legit business but it just seems very vague at the best but ok
something that he did in the 90s and even then there’s not a lot of
explanation about it just just generally saying drilling onshore and offshore
it’s like saying I’m an importer exporter art vandal a vandal a would you
like to buy a computer dwelling in the five hundred and fifty
year old Guthrie castle again that castle goddamn castle Dan was originally
known for turning eight hundred twenty dollars into four hundred and fifty
million in the oil business in the 1980s I don’t know how much of an urban legend
that is but okay since then he has taken a break from business for about three
thousand years or 40 or whatever to focus on mentoring so pretty much he
hasn’t done any business since the 1980s and he’s still teaching you how to do
business in 2019 which is 40 years later and it’s a little bit strange but he
posts and networth creation of 50 billion dollars not to be mistaken for
net worth it doesn’t claim that he is worth 50 billion dollars but his main
claim is that he is worth 50 billion dollars as far as the value that he
created for his clients and mentees but okay I guess that’s a valid claim and
over the course of many many years but if you go to his website the website
clearly says the trillion-dollar man so his value to his clients just went
from 50 billion to 20 times more to the trillion dollar man the way he just
plays around with numbers and inflates steps you don’t go from 50 billion to 1
trillion that fast 1 trillion is like 2 times the budget of the entire United
States that’s crazy that’s a lot of money than if to create you created
1,000 times a billion for your clients based on what you claim in here but the
thing is even look at his website look at this then pania look at the logo on
the left-hand upper corner Dan Pena the 50 billion dollar man and then right
below that their trillion dollar man I mean you have to decide even his own
website is contradicting itself even the fact that his website is kind of just
easy with the numbers inflation since fishy to me but okay you know beyond the fact that people
really enjoy dance personality online and I think a lot of people are
attracted to dance personality because this is you know this alpha male the
straight shooter he doesn’t like snowflakes and he’s kind
of the father figure that a lot of people didn’t have and kind of want this
trick successful father that’s gonna tell them what to do what he does is
that essentially he funnels all this a personality cult that he creates online
into his program which is cells which is called qlae so what is this qlae the
quantum leap advantage that Dan pushes well the quantum leap advantage program
costs $15,000 you get to go to that castle that goddamn castle again you get
to go to that castle for a whole week and then teaches you a bunch of classes
for $15,000 so in rough kind of calculation it’s about 2 grams per day I
mean not a bad business then the question is is it any good so what is
that qlae plan well I research it and let me give you the nutshell kind of
executive summary the idea is that you go out you research you find a
successful business with a positive cash flow and an owner who wants to sell the
business for any number of reasons you then go and find a bank that is willing
to loan you the money you need to buy the entire business based on that
business as the collateral for the loan you then take the money from the bank
you buy the business you buy out the owner and then you hire professional
managers to keep working in that business to keep generating money with
which you repay the loan to the bank and then the different goes to your packet
and essentially you make millions right it sounds great it sounds easy anybody
can do that right the problem is that this system used to probably work in the
1980s and even in the 1990s but it doesn’t work anymore here’s the thing
now even if banks were willing to give non-secure loans this is 20 19 going on
20 20 now the biggest and fastest growing businesses right now in the
Western Hemisphere are technology it’s high-tech right most of these companies
are funded by VCS what does the VC you may ask if VC is a
venture capital firm right the VC’s are very aggressive so they
tend to take a lot of your equity when they invest in you
especially if you’re a first-timer so usually you would see the founder of a
company that got some VC money probably with 10 or 15% of the company so then we
have the issue of you know revenue so beyond the fact that you don’t have an
owner anymore for these tech companies because the VC is pretty much on these
companies and not the actual founders the problem is that most tech companies
have a super high valuation with little to no revenue and a lot of R&D expenses
that’s just the way it works and some of them make it but most of them don’t and
there’s no Bank which will loan you money to buy a company with a negative
cash flow without any outside securities and that is assuming you can find what
you would consider an older given how equity is structured in these tech
companies now the thing about the whole system is even if you just disregard
this example and let’s just say you buying up factories not sure how many
factories there are in the Western Hemisphere because everything is now
made in China and in India but let’s say you want to buy something that you know
creates a positive cash flow a factor in North America assume you can find one
that’s positive cash flow that doesn’t lose to China
let’s say you find this imaginary business and then here’s the thing banks
after 2008 after the whole real estate crisis have become very risk-averse
almost to the point that they’re doing things that are counter business
productive just to be compliant with risk banks are not willing least now in
2019 which is when he’s teaching the system and in some countries are not
even allowed to provide loans without a valid external security collateral to
secure their payment of the loan the revenue stream of a business by
definition is an uncertain and unexpected thing company can go belly-up
it can face hundreds of thousands of financial legal and operational risks
that can instantly reduce its cash flow zero in some cases bring liability
personally to the owner of such company the problem is that since 2008 you can’t
get a loan without being personal lab without being at least able to provide
15 percent of the equity yourself and without providing outside collateral as
a security for the rest of the loan banks are not willing to take that
chance anymore you can’t just call the bank hey Bank
I’m gonna buy this business so the business is worth 2 million so you just
give me a loan for 2 million I’m gonna buy that business and I’m gonna repay
you the loan from the revenue stream of the business you know what the answer
from the bank is gonna be let me show you get the fuck off the phone and never
call us again come on that system doesn’t apply in 2019 and 2020 it’s such
an outdated system it doesn’t work in the current financial environment banks
are really really risk-averse these days it’s not gonna work in 2019 now beyond
the finance part even if you get the money to buy the company somehow
miraculously find a bank that is stupid enough to give you the money this method
involves cold calling and speaking with senior executives trying to convince
those executives to be on your board now I can think of a single person with an
interpretation which is his most prized intellectual property and his brand
willing to work with first-timer without any track record based on a cold call
that’s never gonna happen and even then let’s assume you find
people that are stupid enough to do that even then you have to find motivated
sellers keep in the business that you understand convincing those sellers to
sell you what is they’re actually profitable business a good business with
a good cash flow plus you then have to run the actual business I mean that’s a
crazy crazy scenario I don’t see how anybody can think that this can work in
2019 this is a very outdated system but then seems to be you know capitalizing
on the system by just printing it again and again like money here’s the thing and again as always in
her videos let’s go back to coffee zillah’s video co facility oh we have a
fine example of how dan tends to exaggerate his own self-worth or his own
accomplishments let me show this story about how he killed the bear so
essentially in the first part you’ll see then bragging about how he wrestled a
bear to death and later on actually talking about the story talking about
how it was basically just a mercy killing of a dying pair that’s that for
you then it was just a brown bear or black bear Brown so we’re chasing this
bear down right on the borderline of Alaska and whenever the Canadian
province is up there so then he runs again and so I chase him some more and
make a long story short by the time I unloaded all five because it only has
five shells he’s he’s wounded he would have died piling in an hour or two hours
but he’s still you know dangerous so then I jumped on him and stabbed him so
he you jump on a bear so then I jumped on him and stabbed him 70 80 times Jesus
Christ 70 or 80 times but I mean I’m just you know I’m just jacked up and
where he’s stabbing him welp I’m I stabbed him in the chest
around the head the neck in here I try to hit him a main artery waits they stop
in the front the bear just gonna SWAT you you’re done if a bear tag trying to
fight you with a big claws you know but I’m staying under the clock I was in
he’s losing coordination he could have got me but he didn’t see you’re just
playing like bob and weave oh damn there okay so he says I jumped on this wounded
bear he’s stabbing it to death the Bears actually swiping at him
according to his story all right so that’s kind of whatever that’s never
happened so I thought that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard but then
Dan changes his maybe he realized how dumb it was he changes his story later
on to make it sound more plausible but it’s clearly not the same story anymore
talking to London the London guy who does not push back on anything
he says it’s unbelievable and you stab the movies no no no no no you go down
and you want to you want to jump on him from the back whoa whoa Dan whoa whoa
wait you jumped on him from the back now you
were up front stabbing him in here and he was swatting you and you were stuck
in weaving what happened to that Dan whatever to that mr. twenty-five hundred
testosterone okay our story straight here now beyond that here’s a clip I
want you to see that is them going off at a student calling him out for being
fake at some lecture that he gave in some university now having watched that I’m really
really really curious I mean imagine Elon Musk sitting in the
lecture if somebody says hey you’re a scammer you’re a faker he would laugh at
this guy he was probably just crack a joke about it or even ignore him I don’t
see any successful proven people like Gary Vee for example Barack Obama
anybody accomplished actually getting mad at some heckler from the audience
calling them fake or scam as a general rule I am just fine with a few hecklers but not when I’m up in the house you know my my attitude is that if
you’re eating the hors d’oeuvres I mean the fact that it actually annoyed
him can’t causes me to think that there might be something to it I mean that
shouldn’t annoy you that anyways fragile egos I guess shout out the coffee’s like
for phrasing that so now we come to the final conclusion
time our famous coffee Zilla coffee mug we have to rank down on a scale of one
to three three being a total scammer to being a bomb information provider and
one being a legit advisor we use garyvee as the benchmark for number one so based
on what I saw from this kind of mine research that at about Dan he’s
definitely not a scammer he does provide the actual courses that he actually is
selling online the actual seminars take place but having understood business and
having worked in business for the past 15 years that system that he’s selling
will not work in 2019 what it will do is actually take up 20 hours of your time
every day for about two years and gonna leave you broke so he’s definitely not a
number one and we have to classify Dan Pena at number two as a bomb information
provider however not a scammer now if you disagree with me for any reason let
me know in the comments below let me know who you want me to do next and I’ll
see you guys in the next video

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  1. Dan Pena: 👎scam or 👍 legit? Comment your opinion below.

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  3. I think Both. Not Sure!

  4. Your work rate is crazy!🤣

  5. scammer

  6. Great video man… He seems angry to me..
    I say scum…. I mean scam… lol

  7. Definately legit… His stuff is free. He made his money in Oil in the 80’s. He does not sell courses!!! You only pay if you want to go to the Castle seminar otherwise it’s FREE.

  8. You seem to have an issue with people called Dan, Tom. First it was Dan Lok, now Dan Pena. Next, Dan Ackroyd perhaps. Don't take on Daniel Craig, though. Being James Bond, he'd make short work of you.

  9. Also business bankruptcy has nothing to do with personal wealth. You bankrupt a company if it needs the protection or to dissolve it. It’s very common practice. If you take money out of your personal finances to cover business debt now you are opening up a can of worms.

  10. Funny you uploaded this today. I've been spending the past few days researching Dan Pena (aka watch hours of YouTube videos, go through his sub Reddit, and dissect his past businesses). I'm doing Tai Lopez next then Dan Pena.

  11. Tom – what software do you use for your whiteboarding 9:08 – 9:30? I was looking at VideoScribe and would like to buy a membership to one of these.

  12. scamer

  13. Great video as always.

    I would, however, like to make a suggestion about your classification at the end. He definitely does hold the seminars as he promises, sure. But, I humbly suggest that selling information that is simply untenable and not grounded as a realistic strategy for $15K would be widely considered to be a scam and does not deserve a moderate ranking (even when labelled as having this score because of poor information'). I say this because the information IS the product and nothing else in the equation really matters.

    A person walks away from that event $15K poorer and with a blueprint that, as you said, MAY have worked decades ago, but has a snowflakes chance in hell of being replicated today. Lets put aside the fact that buying a positive-cashflow business with a distressed owner who is willing to sell at a discount is quite rare. Lets say they try it. It won't work. It simply won't work for the reasons you listed. They'll waste time, money and effort in seeking out such a deal, and there is literally no way they can make millions from this.

    I'll give you an example to further clarify why I think it's still scammy even if the event goes ahead. Lets say I rent out a hall and sell tickets to a wealth-building event where the speakers just tell the audience that, if they want to be a millionaire hard enough, the money will come to them without effort (yeah, I'm borrowing heavily from The Secret here). I've held an event, sure. The information provided has as much chance of generating wealth as Penas does. I'd still argue it's a scam because the information is worthless (I'd even argue worse than worthless, it's harmful).

    Aside from that, keep up the good work and all the best in the New Year.

  14. It's great that you have done this video, only last night I started looking into Dan (The Billion/Trillion Dollar man), as I to want to know how much of what is said about him is true. As I have worked as a Business Underwriter for the last 17+ years its good practice for me to look into all of the companies and other things he has been connected with over the years. That said there is a lot of information to make sense of so it will take me a few days of work to get more complete picture of his past.

    As I know you and others will be interested here is a little of what I have found (though as I have said I need to work on this more).

    It does seem like he was connected to he is currently the The Director of a company GUTHRIE CASTLE LIMITED Company number 03196600 this company was incorporated on the 9 May 1996, and has previously been known as DSP SEMINARS LIMITED 22 May 1996 – 07 Jul 2003, and RBCO 206 LIMITED. 09 May 1996 – 22 May 1996. And the SIC codes have the business activities down as 56210 – Event catering activities & 70229 – Management consultancy activities other than financial management. There is no doubt that this is the company that he originally bought, at a guess he purchased it from a formation agent in 1996, then just changed the name. Or the original company (RBCO could be the catering company) I need to double check that.

    Anyway a brief look at some of the accounts filed do not really wow me from the get go, in fact I am less impressed than I expected. The picture I am getting is that he purchased the castle with the intent of running the wedding business he set up with another guy (possibly an accountant/partner). But the wedding business did not seem to do so well (you mention the reason why in your video) so he seemed to stop doing the wedding venue business. As the company changed it's name to DSP SEMINARS LIMITED in May of 96 this seems around the time he would have started doing the famous seminars at the castle. In fact this date could match with the date the castle was made no longer accessible to the public but ill have to double check.

    Another interesting thing was a residential address for Dan 55 Crest Road East, Rolling Hills , California, 90274 which turns out to be one of those fancy gated communities with properties in the region of 3 to 4 million dollars. This makes me think he may actually have some real wealth in order to have an address like that, unless there is a way of using address's such as that again this needs more investigation.

    He has also been on the board of numerous companies which from the look of things he seems to have either stopped being on the board or the companies dissolved all around 2001-2002. I have not been able to find matches for some of the company names yet also but they may be registered elsewhere such as Jersey The Guthrie Group is one of the companies registered in Jersey for example, there are a lot of rocks to find and turn over with Dan so to speak.

    (some of the companies are below but there are definitely more for sure, maybe as many as 50)


    Then here is the company he is supposed to have built his wealth with as he was one of the founders but left when he had a falling out with the others (as the story goes). Apparently he invested $820 into Great Western Resources Inc (see below from www.astrogrowth.com/blog/dan-pena/)

    Pena took the foundation of his education to turn an $820 investment into a company worth over $450 million. Great Western Resources Inc. formed in 1980, provided natural resources like petroleum to the market. He served as the CEO of the organisation until he and the Board of Directors had a falling out about a decade later.

    It was a global operation that involved drilling, onshore, and offshore that had 22 coal mines at the height of its influence.

    Pena then used his experience to form an independent consultancy firm called The Guthrie Group in 1997. He is still active as the Chairman and Founder.

    So on the face of it there does seem to possibly be some basis of wealth, that said the castle company seems to have gone from being in the red to making a turnover of over 2 million (maybe this is 100 or so people who bought his course?).

    All that said there are still a few things about Dan which make me want to find out more as they seem so out of place. As you shown in your video he is very confrontational when being called out, no one else so wealthy would act like that. Why is he not just retired and enjoying what little time he has left as he is in his 70's. If he is so successful and wealthy why is he even wasting his time selling his mentoring courses? as surely he could do something else that would provide more value. And why does he associate with other know scammers such as Dan Lok? whats the gain.

    Don't forget if he's a billion dollar man that puts him in an elite group of people such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, to name but a few. Why have we not heard of him before now? and if he's a trillion dollar man he's worth as much as Apple and Amazon!

    Something just seems off with him.

    Everything I have mentioned is publicly accessible.

    I'll let you know more when I have done more research.


  15. Great video man! The fact of the matter is this. There is no easy way to becoming rich in this world. Buying some material from a Youtube guru whether Pena or anyone else isn’t going to make you rich. I know someone who became rich @ 24 & asked him about YouTube gurus & he laughs. Do you see real billionaires like Bill Gates or Elon Musk giving HYPE seminars how to become rich? No!

    ps: The easiest way to become rich is inheriting it or marrying into it. Simple as that. In addition 70-80% of businesses fail in reality leaving people broke.

  16. Dan is da man! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to one & all😃!

  17. You forgot his testosterone level is at 1800!!!

  18. I personally think Pena is talking bs from videos on YouTube. One video online he says he coached 25 billionaires? What billionaire would pay someone who is worth less than them to begin with lol Also taking credit for someone else’s success is ridiculous & delusional. That’s my honest opinion.

  19. Dan Pena/Dan Lok both major scams lol

  20. He's making you say to yourself "wow this guy is hardcore" only insecure little boys look up to him a real man, listens and learn and shows respect but shouldn't take no shit from no man, especially a guy who said "I'm the alpha father you never had"
    Uses bully tactics to get you hyped, he never actually taught anything about business, none just straight screaming on bunch of wannabees

  21. He had one company group, and to be honest there's no proof I can find in anything else. It just seems to be selling a lot of "education". Id says he's someone who enjoys the position of an ego teacher, but with little substance other than that, I can't actually find any real business achievements.

    Registration number: 83594
    Registration date: 09-Jul-2002
    Dissolution / Ceased date: 09-Mar-2011
    Law: Companies (Jersey) Law 1991
    Business Code: RCD
    Business Type: RC – Registered Private Company
    Status: DISSOLVED

  22. My educated guess – showman with little substance

  23. Even if he is a scam, what does it matter? It is entertainment! If you think listening to a business course, training course, selling course, public speaking course is going to turn you into a billionaire or millionaire… LOL. I don't think so! LOL! I've never seen one book that tells you everything. I hear Security Analysis: Sixth Edition, Foreword by Warren Buffett. 700 pages. Is pretty good. Almost there … but someone like Dan Pena? LOL. How did he become wealthy? Trading oil shares or something. Stop right there. There's a secret. Commodities trading and investing. Save yourself the $15,000.

  24. Most of the rich gurus is a joke. They got no idea how much they have. They got nothing but a scam idea.😂

  25. his wedding business might be a separate entity that could be only turning over smaller amounts. It might be the tax write off for the house

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  27. In my opinion 95% of Youtube gurus are BS artists! Ask a real millionaire or billionaire about YouTube gurus & they will laugh.

  28. Make a video on Mike Vestil. He scammed many people.

  29. I like the way you say Dan pèna is NOT a scam and you MADE shure you kept that really clear.

    Good choice. Good answer.

  30. 15k?? Wow and people really go all out and pay that kind of money when they could of used that money and invest it into something like a small business that'll grow overtime , and that's 15k USD , that's a lot of cash smh

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