How hard would it be to build a half-scale version of the Cybertruck? Welcome to the Cybertruck unveil. Trucks have been the same for a very
long time like 100 years. Trucks have been basically the same, we want to try
something different. Ooooh you can put 3500 pounds in the back. There we go. Can you see it? Yes. I’m gonna press that button.
Order now. Due today. That’s $100 I’ll never see again. How hard would it be to build a half-scale
version of the cyber truck? You guys might remember an overpowered electric
go-kart that we made a while ago in partnership with my neighbors Stan and
his company Accelerated Systems Inc. Well we decided to give them a call and
it turns out their CEO Bill Jaeger he’s a big fan of Tesla. Which means he was
down to help us out again and provide the electric motors and drive controls
to build a half scale Cybertruck. These are the three biggest speed controllers you
guys make? What are these rated to? 72 volts? How much should we run these at? Can they take 72 at 800 amps? Cool, so it’s a half-scale model so we want a zero to thirty number you know? This test stand is basically what the front
end of our Cybertruck will look like. Excited? Oh yeah. It’s going to be so powerful and so fast! Having those motors and drives, that
gave us the green light to start designing. . This time we’re going for
a three motor design instead of one. To start we collected as much information about the real Cybertruck as we could. Luckily Elon Musk left a few tidbits in
his presentation including this slide showing the overall dimensions of the
truck. So we didn’t cheat in either width, height, or length. We’re able to
achieve much greater capability in the same dimensions, same weight. Using just this image we’re able to reverse-engineer the general shape of the truck. Once we had the rough shape of the truck done in SolidWorks. All we had to do was convert it to sheet metal. Which is easier said than done.
Luckily with only a few rage quits Bogdan managed to get it all folded into
sheet metal parts. Alright so we’ve got a configuration for each individual sheet metal assembly that we’re gonna use to to create the Cybertruck. So we have the truck bed as a single piece three folds. Sorry five folds. Look at that!
Beautiful. When we’re done we’ll export everything as drawings and see how much
space we’re looking at. Based on the designs it looks like we’re gonna need
over 300 square feet of 1/8 304 l stainless steel sheet. So we’re gonna get
that an order from metal supermarkets in the meantime let’s start building the
drive train. So James where are we? So we are in the middle of nowhere so this guy
apparently sells golf cart parts and things. So we need a rear axle and differential and apparently Stan our neighbor says this guy can hook us up. Look there’s a golf kart right there. Alright so we’re in luck we got the rear end off of a club car go kart. And it fits in the back of my stinger just barely. Also one concerning thing
there’s a small wasp nest underneath this. Rear end of a club cadet golf kart. Wasps! Oh God! That’s how you deal with
wasps. Alright so here we are picking up the golf karts. You got one loaded in
here, and the other one is in our trailer. Now I don’t really know if that’s
actually gonna work sticking out like that, but we’re absolutely going to try
and it came with so much free dirt. You wouldn’t believe how much free dirt we got. We just picked up a couple scrap Easy Goes and the nice thing with these is they’ve got some working steering racks. So we should be able to pull those out. That one should have a nice front axle, This
one will have extra spare components. Leaf springs, bolts, nuts
and hopefully we can make one working front axle. We’ve got the rear axle
now, model that up follow that up, cut some stainless and hopefully we’ll have a working Cybertruck. And now a word from our sponsor. Are you still using an old floppy leather wallet that’s probably getting you back pain from sitting on it all day? The ridge is a minimal front pocket wallet that’s a way better way to carry your cash and cards. With over 30,000 five-star reviews and a lifetime warranty you can’t go wrong use
my coupon code Hacksmith to save 10% and get free worldwide shipping. Hey guys what time is it? It’s almost midnight! All right so we’ve just about finalized
the mainsheet metal design but now we have to finalize part of the drivetrain and
suspension system. Which means we need a 3D model all these parts so we can
actually put them into SolidWorks in order to actually figure out how
all this will go together. No problem. -Ok, but it also goes like this- That’s fine. That’s the cheapest steel! -you know how much welding that’s gonna be?!- It’s the cheapest part of the project. -And I’ve never even welded stainless steel before!- We’re getting free motors, free speed control… and we’ve already had the batteries. Those are the three major things that cost money. And where are the holes? Everything you see.. everything is
rusted, and there’s crap all over it. This is what you’ve been waiting
for all day? -No, I want my steel!- This is turning into like a really big project. – I’ve only spent like 200 hours this week on it…- I think our stainless steel is
here let’s go pick it up! All right, Plasma cutting time! Ooooh All right! All the big pieces are cut now
we’re going to get these off the bed, clean them up, and then bending and
welding them. All right so we got all the stainless steel cut about two hundred square feet, yeah. and we’re ready to start folding so we’re gonna see how
that works Look at that! It worked! There’s the first bend how does it feel? Oh man! That’s gonna be exhausting we got a dozen more to go. I don’t know how we’re going to bend it the rest of the way. I didn’t think it would be this hard! We did it! I cannot believe we just made that. All right so those were the easy bends. Those are the only 90-degree bends,
everything else is a random number from Solidworks. Elon the actually design better
not be random angles that you chose. Oh look at that! The front steering wheel will be like this so we need to bend this that way for the right side. We’re like eyeballing these on point! 103 degrees Chris, 103 degrees. Pretty good, that is our front bumper so
the fancy LED’s go right here. Does it fit? Does it fit? Elon, Elon. It’s so pretty. So like this things
gonna be like, that big! You’re gonna be sitting like this. Dope. WAHOO! Alright it’s coming together! So
basically the next goals are we’re gonna put that thing on flat across here just
like the bottom one. If we are finishing now this will be the earliest I’ve gone home
since Friday. There ya go!
I think we’re adding a sunroof right? You can completely lie down inside.
It’s a two-seater! I can’t believe we did this James! We’ve got the final pieces of the
Cybertruck cut we’re going to make the base plate and the roof of it and then
we’ll be all ready to mount the motors When we welded it the frame is slightly
twisted and we think it’s just this one side piece so what we’re going to do is
we’re going to cut the welds, let it sit flush again, and then hopefully re-weld it
without the twist. The problem is if we leave this when we start welding more
stuff we’re gonna keep adding up the stresses and the whole thing might twist
even more which we definitely don’t want. We’re off by like an inch right there
Dave. It’s level! I think I think the unlevel was
literally our bed. It’s still a bit crooked but…
This is actually the most people that we’ve ever had working on one project while
I’ve been here. Dave you comfy? I am! All right so this marks one week since
we started this crazy project. I think we’ve made some incredible progress in a
single week it’s been a lot of long nights. We haven’t like left past midnight for the past like week. Yep!
But we’ve got all the stainless steel plasma cut as you can see it’s all tack
bolted together so we just need to seam weld all this which is a ton of labor.
That’s probably, it’s probably a solid week plus of welding. Yeah we’ve got more
people so hopefully we can get it moving quick. but next up! And then we got to do the
suspension, we got to do the entire drivetrain, the batteries, the
power system, and accessories, and a ATV. We can’t forget the ATV! So make sure you subscribe, hit that
notification Bell! You’re not going to want to miss any videos from this series it’s
the half scale Cybertruck. Lets build it! Do it again, do it again! Just gun it! It was at this moment that he knew he F*cked up. Oh my god!

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