Criminal Defense Attorney | Criminal Defense Lawyer | Yorktown NY | Joseph J. Tock

Criminal Defense Attorney | Criminal Defense Lawyer | Yorktown NY | Joseph J. Tock

I think what drives me in working as an attorney
is that I know that each and everyday we’re helping people. I’m proud to say that I was
born and raised in a courtroom. My first job after law school was working as an Assistant
District Attorney in the Bronx District Attorney’s office. I spent six and a half years there,
working my way up from Criminal court to Supreme court, ultimately handling homicide cases.
I’ve been in the courtroom for 31 years and I’ll continue to be there. I enjoy going to
court and the clients should know that most cases don’t ultimately end in a trial, but
they have to have an attorney who’s prepared to go to trial. In each and every case we
are prepared. My entire team works on each and every case. I have tremendous paralegals,
an associate attorney, Peter J. Reynolds who’s been with me for over 15 years. Our clients
know what’s going to happen before they walk into the courtroom.
There was not a time that we were not walked into court without a brief interview saying,
this is what’s been put in place, this is what you can anticipate, that it didn’t go
to the letter exactly how we had been prepared. We meet with our clients, we meet with the
prosecutors, we meet with the insurance defense lawyers all in advance. We don’t want our
clients to experience any surprise. We know what questions to ask and we know how to handle
and get the results we get. The insurance company was giving us a hard
time and Joe went right at him. He didn’t even give them a chance and they were ready
to settle right away. What sets us apart, I believe, from other
attorneys in this area is that we’ve been in the courtroom longer than anybody else
and we’ve tried more cases than anyone else in this immediate area. We handle criminal
defense cases include DWI, personal injury cases involving automobile accidents, on-the-job
accidents. We also handle estate planning, wills, trusts, and estates. We do a tremendous
amount of real estate, both residential and commercial, and we also represent about 50
or 60 small businesses. We’re not only here to defend them on the criminal charge. We’re
here hopefully to help them in their life. Joe and the staff definitely held our hand
through the process. It was definitely very personal. They cared at the end. We weren’t
just clients to them. Helping clients, talking to a client, understanding
the problems and the issue, and then analyzing them in coming up with a solution is the most
rewarding part of my business. The Law Offices of Joseph J. Tock, your criminal defense attorney
serving Yorktown, New York.

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