Creating a Job Description for Administrative Assistants, Showing Assistants & Buyers Agents

Creating a Job Description for Administrative Assistants, Showing Assistants & Buyers Agents

We need to make sure that we have nailed down
job descriptions of what we want to do before we actually start really looking into the
job description of whoever we’re hiring we need to make sure that we have nailed down
job descriptions of what we want to do whether it’s your existing team and where they’re
going and what they’re giving away because what they’re giving away or you’re giving
away you’re gonna have to train the other person how to do it so then what are you gonna
be left with right and in theory let’s just talk about a solo agent giving away admin
or sales for the very first time with maybe hiring their first buyer’s agent or hiring
their first administrative assistant it’s really crucial to understand the duties of
that lead agent and typically those duties are to recruit new personnel like more sales
agents or more ministry of staff to lead generate to try to be a Rainmaker generate business
so doing those different business generation activities going on listing appointments if
you have buyer’s agents it’s going to stop there if you do not have a buyer’s agent working
with you you’re also going to be going on by our consultations and showing property
as well and then lastly they’re gonna write negotiate offers right they’re gonna actually
write negotiate offers after that an administrative staff member is going to typically take it
from contract all the way to closed if we take a listing they’re gonna take it from
listing to contract for us and handle that existing business all the way through if we
have a buyer’s agent the buyer’s agents can hold handle the the buyer follow-up buyer
conversion by our consultation appointment and showing the property later then if we
move to your sales agent job descriptions we got a few of those for you too we’re gonna
put the administrative assistant job description back up on the screen right now and you can
see it’s broken down into the sections we talked about before sections one is the listing
manager from listing the contract section two is the transaction coordinator taking
transactions from contract to close section three is going to be your marketing director
they’re gonna have all your marketing activities and four is your general administrative manager
and that that those sections are a little bit of a miscellaneous were there working
with our finances working with our bill payment are all of our general administrator duties
that apply to all aspects of the job as well see typically when we hire an administrative
assistant we want to make sure we focus on their training on sections 1 & 2 so remember
that sections 1 & 2 that’s listing to contract contract to close or listing to close because
that’s the type of job that we that takes up our time as a lead agent and and prevents
us from spending more time trying to get business so we want to try to give that stuff that’s
taking up our time first too many agents will often hire administrative staff and then instantly
try to give them all the work they haven’t had time to do and they don’t give away any
of their job themselves or enough of their job themselves they want to own that part
of the transaction and really are they’re concerned about giving away their client communications
this administrative staff member and then we don’t really free up much time ourselves
at all and we don’t really get the benefit the lifestyle benefit of giving our job away
and we don’t really free up much more time to generate more business so the administrative
assistant feels more like a cost and less like an investment that makes us money so
it’s very important to give away sections 1 & 2 first and then the other their section
on there I would say is the first bullet point under section number 3 under the marketing
director we do want them managing and plussing our management of our customer relations relationship
management system or CRM we want them actually working our database and all our leads so
that we do a better job of our lead generation and lead follow-up on the administrative end
as well that would be my focus on that and that’s a good thing to tell them later on
in the hiring process as well – then over the rest of the year we’re going to fill in
the rest of the Marketing Director position and the administrative manager position understand
that this job description is absolutely designed to be over inclusive right so you may have
seen a lot of things in this job description that you do not have your administrative assistant
do so you can always pull parts of this away if you don’t blend if you don’t plan on having
them write your blog or manage your blog for you because you don’t have a blog that’s perfectly
fine we’re not going to we’re not going to use that ok so then we’re going to move into
the sales agent Job Description so we just have a couple here for you to look at briefly
we have a showing assistant job description this person is primarily a door opener and
there’s lots of different ways to pay in compensate to showing assistant but that’s what it’s
showing assistant does they basically show property usually paid a very low Commission
amount anywhere from 10% to 20% of the the gross Commission income earned on the sale
they can set they’re typically used to support other buyers agents so buyers agents can sell
more on a-teams they’re not spending the majority of their time showing property which is the
most time sensitive part of a buyer’s agent job so as you can see a showing assistant
is a new tool it’s also great you can make a first higher with a showing assistant as
well too or you bring on a showing assistant as your very first hire before you bring on
a buyer’s agent maybe train them in that role for a year before they graduate to a buyer’s
agent position and get a higher Commission amount usually around 30 percent of your commissions
and the buyer’s agent role flipping over to the buyer’s agent job description we’ll have
that up on the screen for you as well to this buyer’s agent role can really be broken down
and you’ve got a little bullet points up there but it’s really broken down into six key key
items on there a buyer’s agent typically lead generates follows up and converts leads over
time until we set the appointment that may hold buyer consultation appointments they
typically show property and they might get the assistant of a showing assistant to show
additional property they typically write offers and negotiate those contracts to acceptance
and then they handle inspection repairs negotiations and appraisal negotiations that’s pretty much
it other way you’re otherwise the administrative staff member of your team should be handling
things from contract too close otherwise for them right but again we get very detailed
bullet points on there that you can adjust tweak and alter depending on your team structure
I do recommend getting the assistant of a coach to help you with that could that can
be very important how you set expectations up front is crucial because once you put them
in writing it’s gonna be very hard to add or change things later and if you’ve ever
ran a real estate team and you’ve experienced this is extremely difficult and that’s why
we have a productions standards section at the bottom of the buyer’s agent job description
where we implement our matching standard right it’s one of the most crucial things that I
must say that if you are bringing on a buyer’s agent that you do is that you implement a
matching standard where we always track and maintain and make clear the amount of business
closed that comes from the team versus the agent themselves so whether the team generated
the lead that was closed versus the agent and we want to be very clear with that and
we use the but-for test as explained at the bottom of the job description to decide that
but for the existence of the team would the lead have been generated that’s the question
we asked to determine in other words leads generated from the agent’s SOI versus generated
from the team’s listing or a referral lead from the team would determine whether it is
an agent generated lead or respectively a team generated lead we want to apply that
in our production standards so be very clear and present those upfront because they’re
hard to change later or their hat there are just hard to implement if you haven’t said
them at all so production standards are key should always be included in a job description
and that should wrap up our section on creating and using a job description in the hiring
process all right thanks again we’ll see you next video.

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