Country Club Hills Arlington VA Neighborhood | Arlington VA Real Estate

Country Club Hills Arlington VA Neighborhood | Arlington VA Real Estate

My name is Matt Leighton and welcome to Country
Club Hills. We’re in north Arlington and this is one
of THE most sought-after neighborhoods in Arlington and in Northern Virginia. The houses are massive, the lots are huge. You can actually get a big yard. And you’re just a short distance away from
D.C. So it’s not like you’re in a isolated
corner of Arlington. It’s a convenient location. So let’s do this, let’s explore the neighborhood
a little bit and I’ll tell you more about the history. To first understand the neighborhood, we need
to know where we are. Country Club Hills is located just north of
Washington Golf & Country Club. You have Glebe Road on the west, Dittmar Road
on the north, and Vermont Street on the east. The neighborhood has about 500 homes. It’s not large in terms of number of homes. It’s large in terms of geographic area. The original plot of land for the neighborhood
was on 126 acres. The neighborhood was established from the
1920’s to the 1940’s. So you have a lot of homes that are 70 years
old. But the neighborhood is changing. Let me show you what I mean You’re seeing a lot of this. Brand new houses. Let me tell you this, the new homes are spectacular. They are massive homes. I’m a little torn because I like green space,
and a lot of these older homes were built on a quarter of an acre. And acres can be hard to judge just by looking
at a property. Who knows how large an acre is other than
farmer’s? So think of it this way, most lots in Country
Club Hills will be twice the size of other lots in Arlington. Broad generalizations, I know, most lots in
the neighborhood are going to be at least a quarter of an acre. While other homes in Cherrydale, Lyon Park,
will be about half that. So what makes Country Club Hills so prestigious? The neighborhood is constantly ranked as the
most expensive neighborhood in Arlington. Those tear-down homes turn into this. 6 bedrooms, 5,000 square feet. State of the art everything. But what’s unique about the neighborhood
is some of the oldest homes are also the most beautiful and the most expensive. Compare that to other neighborhoods where
the 1940’s homes are eyesores or so tiny that they have to be torn down, some of the
older homes in Country Club Hills have been maintained and remodeled and expanded throughout
the years so they’ll still command a high price. Obvisouly new construction homes will be much
more expensive but the average price point in the neighborhood is around $1.5 million. And that’s the average. That would be in the top 1% in some neighborhoods. So you kind of have this cool juxtaposition
of stately, older homes with colossal modern new builds. Now what’s it like actually living in the
neighborhood? Well first of all it’s quiet. Other than the occasional construction site
for a new build, there’s no commercial district. It’s all residential. This church is the only non residential structure. There’s no townhomes, there’s no apartments,
there’s just houses. You don’t have many busy roads. Glebe straddles the neighborhood, but once
you enter the neighborhood, you’re turning into Country Club Hills because you live in
Country Club Hills. There are no true cut-through streets to get
to other parts of the county like you would see in other areas. I grew up in Lyon Park near Clarendon and
many roads are cut-throughs, it’s just the way it is. Not so much here. If anything, the most traffic you will have
is from the construction workers getting lost going down the wrong cul-de-sac trying to
find the house they’re building. There are lots of rolling hills and dead end
streets. It is very easy to get lost. Ask me how I know. Ok we’ve talked about the neighborhood,
the homes, location, ambiance, geography. It’s now time for the top 3 things you need
to know about Country Club Hills. #1 – Washington Golf and Country Club. Many people that live in the neighborhood
are members of the country club. The club dates back to the 1890’s and is
the first golf club in Virginia. Now let’s get one thing straight, if you’re
not a member of the club, you’re not going to be ostracized from the community. You won’t be not invited to the dinner party
because you’re not a member. At the end of the day, if you are a member,
it is very beneficial to walk 5 minutes to the club or drive 5 minutes to play 18 holes. A few things to keep in mind is that I’ve
been told there is pretty long waiting list so don’t expect to join immediately and
the course is undergoing some pretty significant renovations. The Country Club also puts on a 4th of July
firework display. i’m standing in this exact spot for a reason. Back in 2015 I came here with some friends
that live in the neighborhood to watch the show. I have to say. Pretty impressive. Pretty impressive display by the club. Some of the fireworks got a little tilted,
so they were shooting off at an angle. It actually reminded me of some of my golf
shots. I used to play here in high school. I wasn’t that good. Let’s move on to number two. #2 – Large Everything. Large houses, large lots. Everything is just at a bigger portion. Many people have lived here for a long time. We’re starting to see that change in housing
inventory. The old homes are being bought and redeveloped. Furthermore since some of the older homes
sit on much larger lots, the developers are subdividing the properties into multiple parcels
to build multiple homes. And the reason that it’s so expensive is
because you have everything that buyers value all come together. Large homes, large yards, country club, fantastic
schools, convenient location, everything together vaults the neighborhood to the top or near
the top of the most expensive homes in Arlington every year. Scene 8 #3 – The Hills. Some neighborhoods are named for something
so far in the past. Maybe a railroad station or a stream and you
look around and there’s no railroad station or there’s no stream. Country Club Hills could not be more literal. You have the Country Club and you have the
hills. And I hope you don’t think this is a cop-out
answer. There are a lot of hills in the neighborhood. If you want a completely flat neighborhood
so your kid can learn how to bike, this isn’t the neighborhood. Put them on a hill, they’ll learn faster. I’m kidding . Don’t do that. Thats very dangerous. You can find flat land in Country Club Hills,
jus know that the terrain is hilly, and there’s steep grade, and lots of dead ends and hidden
driveways and winding roads. And it’s kind of cool, it’s what makes
the neighborhood have character and it’s what sets it apart from other areas. Okay there you have it the top 3 things you
need to know about Country Club Hills. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you learned something, hit the thumbs up
button. If you’re not already subscribed, be sure
to do so to stay up to date on the latest real estate video. And if you are looking to purchase a home
in Country Club Hills or in the area, I would be honored to earn you business. Please give me a call. Until next time, create a productive day. Take care.

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  2. It seems like a gorgeous area! Nice and quiet with beautiful homes. 😍

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