Cost vs Price When Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Cost vs Price When Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Hi everyone. Your Tampa Bay Realtor Lance
Mohr and in this video I want to talk about cost versus price when it comes to
hiring a real estate agent do you know and understand the difference of cost
and price when you’re choosing an agent to work with and represent you all right so this comes from a question
I got the other day and a home buyer called me and we were talking and what
happened is he was working with another real estate agent and the agent was
showing him around homes they found a homie like and he called me and he said
hey you know I saw you on the internet I saw good things about you I wanted to
see if you could help me out I’ve been working with this other agent and I
found a home I like and I want you to present the offer I want to work with
you and I said well why do you want to do that I said what’s the reason
then he said well at the end of the day I just think you could probably get me a
better price a better net than the other agent can and I said look it’s not
really my makeup I don’t work like that you need to work with the other agent
one I don’t find it roulette achill to do something like that the other agent
was the procuring cost it was the procuring cause and you need
to work with the other agent I wish you the best of luck and he was this rayul
adamant about it wanting to work with me and not wanting to work with the other
agent and I just told him I said you know at the end of the day both of our
prices are the same we’re not charging you any money to represent you but the
difference is you already chose this other agent and the cost could be
different I said I can’t tell you and I couldn’t tell him am I going to save him
money am I going to not save a money negotiate better you know etc now I
probably can because that happens to be a strong suit of mine but at the end of
the day that was his decision to make when he hired that agent I’m not going
to sneak in and go around the agent right in a write a contract when this
other agents been working with them just to make money it’s something I’m not
going to do it’s not right to the other agent it’s not right to our industries
it’s not the right thing to do so I wish them the best of luck my point in all
this is when you’re hiring agent you need to think about these things before
don’t just hire an agent think you know they’re a nice agent I’m going to get
someone to drive me around looking at homes and then we’re just going to sling
mud against the wall and hopefully we’ll get it for what we
on so I hope this helps you if you have any questions at all let me know let me
know your thoughts what would have you done if you were in my position I’d like
to hear from you if you’re looking for an honest ethical agent to work with and
represent you in Tampa Bay give me a call I’d love to help you or if you just
have questions give me a call I wish you the best of luck thank you for watching
my videos you

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  1. You are right for sticking to your guns; Proverbs 20:7, thanks

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