Considering a Move and the Importance of Family

Considering a Move and the Importance of Family

Are you going back & forth on whether or not
to move, and you just can’t decide? Today I’m gonna share with you a conversation
I had recently with somebody who was in your predicament. Hi I’m Mary Anglin with United Real Estate
Los Angeles, your local San Gabriel Valley real estate expert. I publish new videos every Thursday, so be
sure to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified when my new videos are released. Now let’s get started! So I met with a couple who were considering
selling a home that they had bought and about 2 & ½ years ago and renovated. They did a
great job and it was really a beautiful home. But their job situations had changed, and
the husband was spending countless hours every day driving between their home, their grandparents’
house where their children had their daycare, and his work. And back again. Should they stay in the house that they loved?
And suffer the commute time? Which really meant sacrificing their time together as a
family. Or should they sell this beautiful home, and move in with family while they’re
looking for a new home that’s closer to their families? It was really too of hard
a decision to make. And while I understood & empathized with their
struggles, I really wish that I had shared with them my thoughts on family. At one time, my husband and I lived in the
Metropolitan DC area. We had four children age 5 and under. And we had a wonderful home,
a wonderful church community, great jobs, a great community around us and a wonderful
daycare system for our kids. But what did we not have? We did not have
grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins nearby for our children. So after a lot of contemplation
and prayer, we made the decision to sell our home, pack up and drive to Kansas. We lived
there 12 years. And it was the best time, the best place for my children to be when
they were young. They were with their family. And it’s a memorable time for them and was
a very positive impact on their childhood which brought them into such a healthy adulthood.
Being close to family while they were young was priceless. And now, we have 6 children and almost 9 grandchildren.
But three of our kids live in other states. And I can’t really express how much I cherish
the time that we can spend together. I live for those few weeks every year when my house
is full of my kids and my grandkids. I would say to any of you, give up the nice
house, give up the long commutes, give up the great jobs, give up the stuff that keeps
you from being close to your family. As I grow older, it’s the best piece of
advice that I can give. I hope this video’s been helpful to you.
Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or if you just wanna have a conversation about
your situation. I’m in The San Gabriel Valley, specifically
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29 thoughts on “Considering a Move and the Importance of Family

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