Conan Rents A Family In Japan

Conan Rents A Family In Japan

Loneliness is a problem in modern Japan. In fact, there are companies throughout Japan that provide fake families for people who are lonely. I’m not making this up. And I thought, why don’t I get a fake family while I’m here, in Tokyo? I have now been in Japan for two days. Mm hmm. And I am very lonely. (laughing) I have two children who show me very little respect. Oh. And I have a wife who is tired of my jokes. (laughing) My father and I get along pretty well, but I honestly think I could do better. I would like a new father that would apologize for some things that happened between us in the 1970’s. Specifically, when he lost his temper in the kitchen because I spilled a bowl of creamed corn. And then he didn’t let me watch The Love Boat that night. And I’m told it was a very good episode. Yeah. Bea Arthur was on it from the Golden Girls. She’s a divorcee who meets a man who she’s interesting in and it turns out that he’s a scam artist. He’s played by Harvey Korman. Quick question. The wife, what are the boundaries with this woman that I choose? Oh, hug and shake the hands, but no kissing? So, just like my current marriage? Wife?
Yes. She looks very beautiful. Thank you. May I ask how old she is? Oh, 48? Okay. It is close to my own age. Mm hmm. So, this is a no. (laughing) Yes, I’m from Los Angeles, and a man my age is required by law to marry a woman who’s 25. This is a possible son. How old is he? 35?
(laughing) I don’t have a, I could not have a son who is 35. (laughing)
Sorry. No, he’s too old to be my son, and also I’m worried my fake son is gonna run away with my fake wife. Who is this? How old is she? That’s very good. I think she has a good sense of humor. Do you have any father candidates? Oh my god. I feel like I’ve already disappointed him. Oh. Hey wait a minute, now we’re talking. Look at him, he looks pleasant. Good guy? Square, I like that. My father, my wife, and my daughter. And they will be my family while I’m in Japan? Mm hm. If I’m really enjoying my fake family, what’s the maximum amount of time I can retain their services? Three years? I could have them for three years? You don’t need to check with her, she’s 12! (laughing) My current family won’t give me three more years. Also, one more question. Is it possible for me to rent someone who could pretend to be a bully who was mean to me in high school and I can beat the shit out of him? You’re the most impressive person I’ve met in my entire life. (laughing) I bow to you, I honor you. Okay, I swear to god this is real. I left Family Romance about an hour and 20 minutes ago. I am back in my hotel room in Tokyo, and I have a family. This is incredible. The wife, my daughter. I am now your father. And she thinks I’m the coolest dad in the world. Okay, yeah. Another thing that’s important to me is that I am very funny. When I tell a joke, I would like it if you all really laughed and thought it was funny. Could you explain to them? Could you do that? Could you laugh if I tell a joke? Okay let me ask you a question. Do you guys like ramen? Yes we do. Not me, I like my men cooked. Please tell them to laugh. (laughing) This is so much better. So you’re all down for the tree year deal, three years? (laughing) Not everything’s a joke. (laughing) Okay, I’m worried now that if I tell her, oh I just came back from the doctor and I only have a year to live. (laughing) Awful. Dad, nice to meet you. How are you? Fine, thank you. Maybe you can begin by apologizing. Just say I was wrong to yell at you in the 70’s. I was wrong in the 70’s. You were wrong in the 70’s, right. Yeah, 1978 when I spilled the creamed corn, you say I was wrong, I apologize. I am sorry about the creamed corn. (laughing) Dad, come here. Come on. That’s fantastic. It would mean a lot to me if you said I like you more than your brothers. I like you more than your brothers. Yes, I’m the best one, right? Yes of course. You are my favorite son. Yes! Again hugging, I like the hugging. I’ve now hugged you more than I’ve hugged my real father. You guys wanna go see Tokyo? Yay! (playful music)

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  1. I guess you guys can say he was their

    American dad

    Please laugh

  2. Need a second installment of this

  3. We are living in a beautiful planet but an ugly world.

  4. Greatest talk show host.

  5. He said the wife is 48 but the paper says shes 51

  6. Rental family agent😂Conan is hilarious. Japanese man is very attractive. Awesome people

  7. Keeping up with the Kardashians? Sorry I only know keeping up with the O’Briens.

  8. So funny

  9. Japanese will sell their own children if they have too

  10. Why would you rent an entire family what the heck dude that’s slavery

  11. I died everytime the fake father repeat what Conan says. 😂😂

  12. Conan needs an eyebrow brush

  13. Wasnt funny, i dont find him funny at all. He is boring like mayo

  14. There are some strange stuff in Japan. They are very professional through.

  15. There's lonely people everywhere, but such a service is far out! Interesting to see how other cultures evolve..

  16. Video was excellent but it would be better if they put more servicrs on wife :))

  17. Family Goals

  18. This is so sad . This is what happens if society gets over organised and people get too disciplined, they start living in a box or cage rather. Now I can see why the phrase "think out of the box" is gaining popularity because even in western countries they follow rules very strictly. First of all why create a box and then try to think out of it. In India every thing is unorganised things seem like it shouldn't work but everything surprisingly work well .

  19. Asian Boss did an episode on this, apparently it’s possible to rent newborns in Japan.
    You are technically renting the mother and the baby is just coming along.
    This prevents any child labor laws from being broken.
    Japan sells some odd things…

  20. … i can not figure if you're funny or sick… take care of yourself…

  21. I'm sorry I was a cream corn.

  22. I would feel more lonely knowing I had to hire a fake family to hang out with me

  23. It's so painful to watch this

  24. 6:21 oooh Kizuna AI!

  25. Conan, you have to visit Sri Lanka

  26. Man this is awesome. Its a temporary resolurion to your daily sad and stressing routine in life.

  27. i didnt saw wrong rents a family…

    so how do i do that?

  28. China made fake products, Japan made fake feeling 😬

  29. He didn’t even know half the stuff Conan said I think

  30. 0:39 he was so confused

  31. 5:16 lmao

  32. It should be a sitcom! But only with Conan! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. I swear to god i like to get beaten alot LoL

  34. so how much was it?


  36. "How old is she?"
    paper clearly says 51

  37. Lol, Conan is crazy.

  38. Even so, Conan is still more respectful than Logan Paul

  39. You should make a show called “Keeping up with The O’Briens”

  40. Conan is the absolute best!!!!! Love him. ❤️

  41. "I was wrong in the Seventies."

  42. This is cringe on the next level

  43. This is actually very depressing

  44. What about the bully? Where's the bully??

  45. This is so uncomfortable

  46. I'm moving to Japan !

  47. that daughter is not 12

  48. Globalization is a problem

  49. I wish I can click more likes than only just once

  50. god damn japanese people live some sad lives wtf

  51. Do I see a Mac pro with windows? Ouchey

  52. If this is real imagine the things that go down to those kids

  53. i dont understand what im seeing? rent a family cant be a real thing..please, nippon…

  54. I didn't know you can rent a family. Lol i need this. Lol

  55. In Japan you can rent anything from what I know.

  56. I
    Watching this a year later. Does Conan still have this family?

  57. Lmao
    He mentioned Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls.
    Lol lol
    Telling the dude she was on Loveboat. Hahah

  58. That girl is twelve? She looks 16

  59. This video made me laugh like no other video i've ever watched every joke was Hilarious XDDD

  60. They all looked like they were legit having a lot of fun

  61. was this the funniest or the creepiest thing I have ever seen.


  63. Only Conan can make a fake family

  64. wow its really going down in this world

  65. Funny as heck but what? This is an acceptable cultural niche in Japan? That just sounds like prostitution with extra steps (Archer).
    I'm glad Conan did this because the concept of it is really dark and disturbing but Conan somehow made it comical 👌

  66. The end photo says it all, extremely funny, but now I want to do this bizzare thing

  67. Hahahaha
    Conan you the man

  68. Does Conan actually understand Japanese?

  69. When Conan stood up I was actually alarmed by how tall he is

  70. 2:33 expectations vs 4:04 reality .

  71. He actually looks resembles with them in the photo… Exactly like his own real family.

  72. Wth did I just watched 😂

  73. The CEO is very professional LOL

  74. Why Conan just has 7M subscribers? He's so funny

  75. This is definitely the funniest!!!❤👏👍😆

  76. 6:21 wow it's Kizuna Ai behind them

  77. mr. yuichi seems really nice

  78. Jesus conan, no spoiler alert before wrecking the plot of the love boat. I haven't seen it yet.

  79. We want full video of exploring Tokyo with a new family 😂

  80. “You don’t need to check with her, she’s twelve!?!”

  81. 6:21 Kizuna AI, what are you doing in Conan's show? XD

  82. This is just so many things wrong with this, but it’s just so funny.

  83. Theres ranks….

  84. Wtf did I just watch that's what I said when the video ended._.

  85. I'm sorry about the creamed corn

  86. You are a joke

  87. "Rents a family" wow the racism is real …

  88. 6:21 KIZUNA AI in the back!!!

  89. His laugh when Conan says he’s been there two days lol 😂

  90. So they lied when they said you can’t choose your family.

  91. Conan's hair looks terrible here

  92. This is nuts

  93. The daughter’s “special skills “ section says “crying and being naive-looking”. The first father candidate’s skill reads “sword fighting art”.

  94. Find a man who likes to be beaten

  95. God those teeth…

  96. I lived in Yokosuka Japan for 4 years while stationed on the George Washington. Japan was such a lovely country. I miss it quite alot

  97. Conan: I came back from the hospital and the doctor said I only have a few days to live.
    Fake family: laughs hysterically 😂

  98. You can rent my family Conan. It will be a real adventure and you won't even have to go as far as Japan.

  99. Lmfao!! Conan is perfect for these types of shenanigans.

  100. Lol i laughed so hard but ,im european in japan you can really rent a family ? ? ? 😂

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