Cold Calling The RIGHT Way

Cold Calling The RIGHT Way

what’s up everybody its BC this is your first video in my channel it’s your lucky day I’m starting a sales bootcamp you know recently I’ve been doing all kinds of videos vlogs my car I’m going to get back to the Nitty Gritty which is what I’m known for which is being a master and a professional salesman okay I am considered one of the best in my industry and these videos I’m going to call it the sales bootcamp I’m going to give you a lot of tips and a lot of gold now if you’re part of the winner’s circle already you’re going to get deeper knowledge there all right and if you’re not a part of it go to Brian Cassell accom sign up it’s 20 bucks a month if you are a part of close the deal you will get even more in-depth knowledge on sales that is another program and I offer for $97 a month go ahead and email me which you can find in the description if you are interested okay and again all my products services are on my website brian kocel accom so let’s get started I named this video why your cold calls suck okay I do know it grab your attention now a lot of you may not want to cold call or still have things that are negative or you have negative associations in your mind about cold calls or whatever it is this could apply to door knocking – now I wanted to just go over three or four things that I think are vital for you to have success when you’re cold call I’m going to tell you right now whether it’s cold calling or door knocking or active lead generation this is the best way to build a business okay now as you get huge it’s going to shift but from the beginning to intermediate to even advanced this is the best and most profitable way for you to get business alright I’m building a team right now in my real estate industry in might with my career I guess you can say and they are learning the sales skills and we are all doing this over and over and over to produce business which we are very profitable ok our costs are very low so why do your coke all suck number one every call that you make every sales call every time you knock on a door you must have an end goal in mind if you don’t it’s like a plane taking off with no destination every time I call somebody or knocked on their door I an appointment I want to set up a meeting with a buyer or seller of a home period right now do you always get it no however that’s always the focus because what you focus on you get if I’m just focused on talking to people with no goal I’m going to talk to a lot of people and I’m not going to get anything out of it if every person I call every single person I contact I have the end goal of setting up a meeting guess what the likelihood of me sitting up meetings is going to be exponentially higher than if I don’t have that end goal in mind all right number two why your cold calls suck you have zero energy I as a salesperson get calls on my cell phone constantly now if the person sounds energetic enthusiastic and I know they’re a salesperson I’m going to give them a shot just to test them out immediately I will hang up if they have zero energy because number one if you call me on the phone or you knock on my door and you’re not smiling and energetic the likelihood of me talking to you is going to be very very little now if you smile you’re energetic you seem passionate about what you’re selling or you have a good energy I’m at least going to entertain the idea of speaking to you right and I listen to dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of people make calls or go door-to-door and their energy and their enthusiasm sucks okay now I’m not saying go in there and be a clown super high energy but come in with a good energy I’ll give you an example somebody calls and they’re like hello this is Brian yes Brian my name is Bob I’m with XYZ company you’re done you lost at that point number one I feel like you’re reading a script and number two you don’t even seem happy about what you’re doing why the hell would I want to talk to you versus hey this is Brian Brian it’s John over here XYZ company just that subtle difference well alter your results by so much okay lastly I always say follow a script okay because it’s a guided conversation now the example I want to give is very important a lot of people are against scripts which I understand because when a person calls or knocks on the door they sound scripted here’s the thing you need to be so well-versed with your script that it comes out natural because when you do that you’re out of your head you’re listening to the client and the questions and the conversation just flows which is exactly what you want think of any professional especially in sports that has a routine that is a quote script they’ve just mastered it so it becomes choreography it becomes fluid it becomes natural that’s what you want that’s your goal okay very simple guys I will expand on this video but I want to hammer it into your head these simple concepts because it’s an accumulation of little things that are going to alter your results the Masters the people at the top have mastered these easy simple fundamentals without these you’re not going to make it very far I mastered them I’m passing them on to my team now and we continue to have more success watch this video again and again until this or these points really become cemented in your brain and I guarantee you you will have results if you like this video don’t forget to hit the like button shoot me a comment if you have any other suggestions on videos I’m going to be coming up with the series every two or three days you will be getting one of these videos I enjoy teaching this again join the winner’s circle if you have it join close the deal if you have it I will be putting all my social media handles in in the description as well again get out there Messer the fundamentals kick-ass and go make some money bc signing off i’ll see you guys

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  1. Hey huge fan! Though one question. As a fellow Realtor, why are you considered one of the top in the industry?

  2. Hi Bryan I'm going to be opening my painting business, and going to be going door to door selling my service to people whom might want to paint. I've modeled some scripts and added my own, now when i'm speaking to a client and if I start to stutter or pause in between my sentences…. does that discourage the person that I'm trying to sell my services to? Even though I'm certain that my services are excellent and i'm highly energetic.

  3. Hey Brian. I work in a very cut throat industry "Transportation" and was wondering if the field you work in would alter your script in any major way? I know you're supposed to form your own script accordingly and add your own zest to it but a lot of times if you appear flashy or perhaps "scripted" they are pushed away. What could you do to prevent this?

    LOVE the content. You're my go to for business insight.

  4. Is this the first video with the new camera ?!

  5. love the quality of the new camera.

  6. Hey Bryan, I'm a fairly new agent at Keller Williams NYC. Extremely happy to be part of this agency learning as much as I can but no deals yet. NYC is another great but competitive market as you should know. I would love to get some more personal advice and pointers on prospecting, cold calling etc as well as chat, text or email and possible build a friendship over time. I've had plenty of my friends relocate to California over the years so it would be great to have a solid referral in your area.

  7. Great video Bryan!

  8. Dude you got small hands.

  9. I can immediately tell the difference in quality of the new camera! Love it and thank you for the excellent tips. To reciprocate, a small tip to make your shots more beautiful and put greater focus on you is to minimize the distance between you and the camera, and maximize the distance between your back and the background. Use the "Aperture Priority" mode on the camera and set the F-stop value as low as possible (the number after F, such as F2.8 / F5.6…) It will have the effect of blurring and compressing the background and put more focus on you (unless you meant to show the background)

  10. im waiting to take my test here in nor cal, love the videos! i watch every morning for motivation, wish i was in so cal so i could be a part of your sales team 😭

  11. Great content bro. Been in the business 3 months and have a couple deals goin, but I need to skyrocket my business. Sticking to the basics is helping and content like this solidifies my thought of not getting off track. Thank you!! -Manny

  12. I like the fact this is new material because some YouTube channel videos are outdated….THANK YOU!

  13. Getting my real estate license at the moment. Been watching Bryan since day 1 and hopefully I can do business with him one day. I found him through Loida's video how to pass your real estate exam and Bryan has really taught me a lot!! I just turned 18 and I've been looking for someone with the info for a while before I came across him and Loida's videos and they are thee best realtors on YouTube!(after Kevin ward) lol.. So informative and genuine!

  14. Practical! Simple! Awesome! 🙂

  15. I'm currently the #1 mattress salesman in the United States, and I'm looking into converting my skills and assests into a much more profitable business like real estate. Idk what it is about you, but you remind me of my early mentor who was very good at what he did when it came to selling, not great, not legendary, but good. And I don't mean to offend you on this statement – but something about you reminds me of him, and that 'something' drove my will and want to beat him every month on that salesfloor while doing it with honesty, integrity, and adversity. Perhaps it's your success, but I've always been very competitive with a passion to be the best at whatever I pursue, and in the near future once I have obtained my certification I will be better than you, and I promise you that I will be more successful than you. With all do respect. Maybe once I've gotten my feet wet I'll reach out to you and we can talk business, but until then I would like to conclude this by saying thank you. Successful sales people like you add an appetite to my hunger for success 👍✊! Happy selling.

  16. I utilized one of these videos yesterday and listed a 1.1 million dollar home in South Lake Tahoe. I really appreciate what your sharing.

  17. Good stuff BC…

  18. I plan on leaving my current electrician job, and starting a small electrician business with my uncle.
    But instead of door to door knocking or phone calls. Would business cards and other items with first time discount codes be a good start? Or be in anyway useful?

  19. Thank you

  20. great points BC.. thanks

  21. Where did you get the STOP signs? Thanks.

  22. great stuff man! Just getting into the business and learning. Got hired at Keller Williams as an ISA and starting my RE classes next week! Really excited and really enjoying your videos! Keep rocking

  23. I like how you build in these small pauses in between your sentences. It helps me to absorb the meaning of your words better. Greetings from a fresh Belgian callcenter agent.

  24. Hi Bryan. I am new to Real Estate and love your videos. Are you using specifically the Mike Ferry program? I was at a seminar and almost signed up for coaching. Any recommendations or opinions on that? Thanks, Steve

  25. For as much as you talked yourself up in the beginning, sure didn't deliver.
    Good tips nonetheless.

  26. Great video! I'm a new agent in Springfield Mo. struggling with making the calls. This video was had some really good info I going to use. Thanks!

  27. Hello, is cold calling or calling a potential lead that you spoke to see once bad to call on a Sunday?

  28. Very good advice thank you

  29. srsly youtube is just one giant fucking opening into somebody's sales funnel

  30. Great stuff Bryan thanks!

  31. Hey BC…that was really good advise. I so agree regarding your focus, I hadn't really given that much thought until you bought it to light. I am going to put your 3 suggestions into practice and get back with you.

    Thanks alot!!!

  32. Hi @Bryan Casella can someone please tell me what adding people to sphere is? How can I add people to my sphere and what does it do? I am assuming it's some sphere of influence thing, but I am not quite sure.

  33. Thanks Bryan. I realized that my energy was off on the phones. Its the most important thing especially at the intro of the conversation. I listened carefully to this video and everything you say seems so simple but their the things we often dont see or hear. I lsitened to my recordings and have realized I need better energy and need to flow naturally with the script. Thanks again.

  34. Hi Bryan, I can't figure out the right thing to say when cold calling. The Mike Ferry scripts are specific to certain scenarios like FSBO or just listed/just sold properties. So I end up saying "Hi, my name is Jason I'm from <brokerage>. Are you planning on selling your house anytime soon?" All I hear back is a chuckle and then "No, we're not planning on selling". I don't understand what to say in this scenario…… please help?

  35. Im in merchant sales setting appointments cold calling and it's tough but God bless the many YouTubers like yourself who post helpful tips

  36. Wow. Try to be concise and rehearsed first if you are telling me how good your speaking skills are. I hope this isn’t your cold call approach.
    This is a rambling message and doesn’t seem thought thru. Just FYI.

  37. You’re the man Bryan!

  38. What are your favorite Scripts? I haven't found any I love would love to know your prefernce

  39. Bryan, hello! I have a couple of questions about how I should get started with real estate. I am only 17 but I will be able to get my real estate license in 4 months. A few pointers on how I should prepare myself to get my feet going would really help. Thanks if you read this comment!

  40. video with all LINKS TO PRODUCTS, SERVICES and AFFILIATE opportunities

  41. Is it a waste of time to leave a message for a non specific non owner occupied cold call? I hit an hour of calls and nobody is picking up.

  42. You missed that video opening man. I had to stop watching after that first 30sec.

  43. You're on the money on this one, I got the personality of rock lol…

  44. Nice video. Very motivated. Thanks for sharing Rryan

  45. Cold callers should get a life sentence. Assholes, all of them.

  46. Simple process that gets easier with practice as long as you’re committed. I appreciate your videos in turning me into this directed. I started up with a new team and coach as of 2 months ago and already I can feel and see the difference. Sure I’m still in process but I’m thankful to see your videos to transforming me into this new tradition! 💯

  47. You should sell a shirt that just says, "Okay?" ~ BC

  48. Can you do a video on what to do AFTER you get the appointments ? I’m new to real estate however I have a strong background in sales and marketing and being on the phones cold calling and setting appointments. What’s your script for after you got that appointment? What do you do ? Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated

  49. you said we need energy in the cold call which I agree, but at the same time in other videos, you said we must mirror the other person in the call. so If we start high energy but the other guy has low energy what we do them?

  50. Where do find people to cold call?

  51. Best advice — 3 simple points to take to heart.

  52. Thank you for this video. Great tips. I'm starting a new job that requires a ton of cold calling, and this really picked me up.

  53. I utilize those 2 techniques when I cold call and i try to connect as much over the phone and pre-qualify ,then go for the close the appointment.

  54. Be enthusiastic and know your script, I just save 6 minutes. Good video btw

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