Closet Organizer Build | Woodworking How To

Closet Organizer Build | Woodworking How To

I’m Scott and welcome to
Home Improvement Woodworking In this bedroom remodelling project
we’re going to show you how to add character and value to your home In a previous episode I took
old sliding doors out frame this in and installed these fixed doors to really
dress up the closet But what I realized is partway through is that the closet really needed some help in organization In here I’ve got a long shelf the
builder had put in this house and it’s sagging and it’s not really providing
optimal space I’m going to design a solution where I’ve got a lot of storage on the side here more depth on the top and really make maximum use of the space Here’s the plan. I’m going to keep this existing
support back here but I’m going to take out this middle and this bracket and I’m gonna
put a board from the floor all the way up here and that way I’ve got really
strong support for this shelf At the end here you can see I’ve got
additional space so I’m going to bring this shelf out more probably about 17 inches
right now it’s just under 12 so there’s not that much storage space on the top The material I have chosen to use for this is plywood and specifically plywood that
doesn’t have any formaldehyde glue in it Formaldehyde is something that can
off-gas over time and that creates indoor air pollution For a bedroom space I want
the air as clean as possible [music playing] Now I can mark my height of my up right
here and I just mark it here, cut that off and I should be good to go With this upright panel the right length I now need to notch it back here remove this old support peace and notch it at the baseboard In order for me to figure out where this
piece goes I have to put this shelf in first This allows me to get a nice tight fit
here and then this one I just make plumb So this shelf here is now level What I’m going to do is tag it in here with some screws and then on the other side I use a strip like this against the wall to build a little shelf and that’ll secure it in This is the strip I want to secure so I
need to find the studs [beep] [beep] What I do is I put the shelf in on
the brace that I just put on the wall and then I set it on top of the upright
and put it on top of the clamp That allows me to get it to the right height here Then what I’m doing is drilling it
from the end to put my screws in Now what I do is level this up so I’ve got it plumb, straight up and down
and then tag it in here with a screw With these two joined
here I’ve got a fixed unit The next thing I want to do is secure this piece so I’ve got the same
process I’m going to follow I’ve got two shelves to put in here first then I’ll secure that in and then I’ll take it
through the top a screw to the top A screw through the top here isn’t ideal but being a storage space I’m not that concerned about it And then the last part is putting a shelf here and then I’ve got all these pieces
measured cut and fit To tie this piece in securely I put two strips of the back and I’m going to be screwing this into those at the back and what that will do
is prevent this from wanting to wander back and forth This board here is tagging
at the top so it won’t be moving around on me I’ve now got everything
secured and in place so the last thing I need to do to prep these before painting
them is I need to finish the edge of the plywood I’ve labeled the front edges so
I know what they are I’ll take those in the shop and show you how that’s done Once I’m done finishing the front edges then I can go through and prime
everything and paint everything Again, I’m concerned about the indoor air
quality in this room so I’m using no-VOC paint, that’s volatile organic compounds Those are things that can create indoor air pollution So with no-VOC primer and paint on this I’ve got a shelving unit that’s as clean as possible for this bedroom Installing edge banding on plywood is a fairly simple process It’s really just ironing it on There are a few steps it’ll help make it
easier The first step is I use a sanding block and just clean down that edge and keep the sanding block nice and square Hold your hand here to help guide it and
just gently push this along That will get rid of any fuzzy marks that are on the plywood from when it was cut Then what I do is cut a piece that’s a little
bit longer than what I’m working with so I don’t end up with the spool I just spread this out along the whole length and then cut it with shop scissors With the iron set to a cotton setting and no steam – you want to dry iron Set this on here and make sure that it’s centered as you go I start at the very end and just slowly work my way, pushing down to help squeeze out that glue The iron activates the glue and it sticks to the edge of plywood Once the glue is dried here, meaning it’s nice and cool you can then trim the edge You can sand it off if you don’t have any tools to be able to plane down the edge A sanding block will work but my favorite tool is this and it’s actually meant for edge banding It’s spring-loaded and it’s got cutting heads in here so all I need to do is put
it over the edge squeeze it and then pull and it trims off the exact amount
that you need To cut the end I use a sharp blade and run it underneath and I put a scrap on top just to give it some support So now I’ve got all my edges ready I’m
going to sand these, prime these and paint these and I’m ready for the install I’ve got all the parts painted and ready to assemble so let’s get to it [music] Our next video is how to upcycle these
vintage water skis into a decorative shelf for a cottage Click on the subscribe link on over here and click on the bell icon to get notified as soon as this gets uploaded I’ll leave you some video suggestions below and until next time enjoy your time the workshop

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