ClickFunnels vs Real Estate Websites – Which Is Better?

ClickFunnels vs Real Estate Websites – Which Is Better?

clickfunnels versus your real estate
website in this video I want to share with you the difference between
clickfunnels and your real estate website and help you make a decision on
which would be best for you my name is Stacia Kennedy and I am your online
marketing coach if you are new to the channel make sure to LIKE and subscribe
this video so you don’t miss a beat I love sharing new tools and strategies
especially when it comes to real estate marketing and making money online I have
been helping entrepreneurs real estate investors and business owners generate
more leads and sales online for over ten years I can’t believe it’s been a decade
so let me tell you my experience and you know at the end of towards the end of
this video I’m gonna actually show you an example of my favorite website and
how you can duplicate it by a click of a button so here’s the thing you know I’ve
had people spend $10,000 on a website custom built like branded come you know
logo beautiful website but did it generate leads and sales very few and
far between it definitely gave some credibility and it’s time when websites
you know I mean you have to have a website guys like you know when someone
asks you what what do you do for a living and they Google you you need to
have a website number two you need to have a Facebook page but that’s a whole
nother story but we’re talking about click funnels versus a website now most
people you know they you know you can have this beautiful branded website with
an ITX and for those who are really brand new newbies an ITX is basically a
pull pulling system that pulls the information from your local MLS so that
people can search for homes on your website now it was common practice where
people would actually block it so that you could only look at a couple of homes
and then you’d have to sign up to get their information people hated that
nobody wants to you know give out their information just to search for homes
because now they can go on Google or go to Zillow Redfin and find
out what the latest properties are are listed plus they can you know just drive
around their neighborhood and go and look up the address here’s the thing in
real estate you are marketing properties but really you’re actually not really
marketing you know homes you put part of your job is to market properties but
your real job is to market your stuff okay you need to brand yourself online
as the local expert that can get it done okay so you got kind of a you have a lot
of jobs as a real estate agent I know you’re very very busy so you have a lot
of things you got to do you have to market yourself online you have to get
yourself out there in so many different ways so that you are branding yourself
as the local experts so when people think of real estate or selling their
home or whatever your niche is that they are calling you now how do you do that
but one of my mentors asked me or actually one of my past clients called
me and said what is the latest website out there and I said there really is
there some nice beautiful websites there’s some luxury real estate agents
that have nice beautiful you know with beautiful looking websites but the
conversions from conversion hurting someone from a cold lead to a new
prospect or a buyer or seller not so sure that they’re getting generating
that many leads from the website a website really is just somewhere it’s
just it’s there you know and you have to still drive traffic to it you need to
create content and be able to have a reason for people to go there that’s why
I’m highly recommend clickfunnels even for real estate agents you might look at
it and say maybe it’s just for digital products or people who sell stuff online
but it’s also for coaches and consultants and people who are selling
themselves you need a brand you as the expert
you don’t sell homes I’m sorry to break it down to you you’re a real estate
agent who actually is selling themselves as the expert expertise the local expert
that knows how to market your property and getting from the right people who
are the right buyer who’s ready and willing and able and he did it done
quickly and for the most amount of money you’re the professional negotiator right
so you need to be able to no matter what still create content and drive them to a
very simple page doesn’t have to have all these things like search for homes
and and all these different buttons you want it to be very simple the only thing
that people are looking for is hmm I wonder what my house is worth okay
that’s like the first thing it’s kind of like cars right like obviously cars
depreciate but like that’s why in you know homes are so much more valuable
because they do appreciate and so when someone’s ready to sell they’re probably
looking for you know you know who what agent with the agent and their
credibility and what way to bring more credibility is to have a site that shows
testimonials that has an only thing they have to do is to opt-in or contact you
for more information so you can give away things that would help help them
either bring more value to their house or get their home evaluation and shows
credibility the homes that you sold some testimonials maybe a video and so I’m
gonna actually show you a site that I have have got got created through click
funnels and all you have to do I’m gonna actually walk you through the entire
process is click a button and you can duplicate this and put it right into
your account so if you sign up through my link below in the description or in
the info card I’m gonna send you a link here to click funnels and you can get a
free 14-day trial but you gotta see this website it’s mean
it’s not a website it’s a click funnel site but you can simply without being
stuck to a designer and not have very many tech school skills all you have to
do is click the link that I give you after you sign up and you can download
this right into your account so let me go to my screen and show you how easy it
is I’m literally gonna do this in like less than five minutes and show you
exactly what she do so you’re gonna click the link that I give you and it’s
gonna actually download onto your in your dashboard so let me go back to my
dashboard and show you where my shared funnels there’s a share funnel section
so it’s gonna start like downloading and then you just basically click on View
funnel and I’m gonna show you here so it kind of looks like this and once it
starts loading then I will say view funnel this is not the right one but I’m
going to I just wanted to show you what it would look like once you started
downloading it into your account and I’m gonna show you my homepage funnel
because this is part of my bonuses and please stick with me to the end because
I’m going to share with you more bonuses that I have if you’re not interested in
this homepage funnel I have a ton of other funnels that I’m giving away as a
bonus for people who sign up through my affiliate link so look at this awesome
homepage funnel and I mean this is gonna give you credibility in your your
marketplace you have a picture of yourself or me you have a picture of
your team your logo and this can be totally switched out like obviously most
people want to know what their homes worth but maybe you give away something
else this see this is the difference between click funnels and a website is
click funnels creates a sales process for you so you can simply click a button
and build this nice beautiful website that acts like a website and you can
capture leave this is all you don’t have anything messy and you
don’t have anything confusing it’s like one call to action yes I want my free
appraisal or comparative market analysis so you can change out all these words
obviously this is like just fake text below here they enter their name and
email address the thing was websites is you want to
make sure that whatever you want them to do the call-to-action it’s above the
fold and what they mean by above the fold is when you’re looking at a website
all the important stuff is right above before you have to scroll down so if I
have to scroll down to get to the important stuff that’s like one more
action someone has to do is to scroll down so if you have it right up and
above and then right there that’s all I need to do and then below here you can
have like a video that you maybe you have of the community maybe the the farm
area that you are working in you put some local information there why you
work there and maybe you have a video about the team or whatever you also can
put some testimonials and you can have more than just to this is just an
example but it’s super easy to like duplicate and change out all this text
also one more last call to action all this stuff can be be changed out you can
give away other things you know it doesn’t have to be a home analysis maybe
it’s a things to do maybe you market yourself as the local expert in San
Diego and so you maybe you want to give away this month you know events for the
month whatever you want to do as a giveaway once someone opts in to their
information there they go to a thank you page this is genius
okay so this is thing with consulting because your I want to say that you’re a
consultant you’re like me you like you have to create an appointment right you
want to have it so that you create value online and then you get them to a point
where they’re giving you their information you don’t know who you are
and you know what you’ve done so you have to train them and teach them and
educate them on the belief that you are the one to get the
job done so the Thank You page looks like this see you happy
your logo and maybe you give away a video like see I love video and that’s
why here I’m on I’m you I’m on YouTube but if you don’t have someone has
someone else do the video for you if you’re not comfortable with doing video
and you would do something where you have something some kind of giveaway so
this is this is a perfect example six proven ways to increase your property
value again I highly recommend you’re branding yourself to do your own video
but you can certainly hire someone or get a video done like with characters or
somebody else to do the video for you you don’t have to give away a video you
can even make a little checklist or like a PDF version and just get rid of the
video section and just have a link they’re going to the Google Doc or the
PDF let more testimonials you can even change this out where you maybe you do a
video and say hey at this point you know I given you I’m sending you over the
information you requested and maybe you embed your calendar or calendly links so
that they can set up an appointment to sit down with you you’re having them set
the appointment with you instead of you chasing them how amazing is that so
that’s some ideas this is my homepage funnel giveaway funnel share funnel and
you can simply click a button and after you sign up for click funnels and I can
download that in there and you can make all the changes yourself you don’t have
to be a tech guru I just wanted to share with you through that cool funnel it’s
very easy to put together all you need to do is sign up for Mike that’s my home
page funnel if you want access to it all you need to do is sign up for the 14-day
trial and then email me and I will send it over to you as well as a full
training course technical or course on how to set it up and I just wanted to update you guys I
did a recent video about my bonuses but I keep wanting to add more so I have the
technical course that I’m gonna give away your real estate branding homepage
funnel that you just saw today here featured listing funnels a video video a
seller lead how to increase how to increase your value as for a seller lead
funnel with the videos another one with a PDF to sell help sell your home fast
cash buyer just try seller leads we buy houses funnel a real estate buyer lead
funnel a homes list by early funnel and exclusive listing so you can feature
your exclusive listings I also had a wholesaler who wanted to use click
funnels for featuring the home that they have so I have all these funnels that
you get just for signing up for click funnels through my affiliate link total
total disclaimer and then as an added both bonus coming soon I’m creating a
real estate traffic hacks course with YouTube marketing Facebook marketing
Instagram Adwords I’m also to giving you all of my facebook ad examples that I’ve
been stealing from other people that you can go ahead and duplicate and making
your own cuz we always want to model and not copyright you also get added to my
private Facebook group for coaching and you can always email me anytime as well
to if you have any questions let me know in the comments below otherwise I’ll see
you on another video much love and aloha we’ll talk to you

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